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Summer Circus Wedding

Over the summer the Artisan Maskers collaborated with a whole team of amazing artists to put together a fantasy Circus-themed wedding shoot.  Here’s a quick spread of the carnival madness that ensued!


First, we have our Tightrope Walker bride.  She preps for the big day with a gorgeously bizarre assemblage of bridesmaids (below): a Clownette, a Lion Tamer, a Fortune Teller, and even a mustachioed Ringmaster!


Next up, our Clown of a Groom and his fabulous Groomsmen: the Magician, the Roustabout, and, okay, the “Lion”, too…


A few choice shots of the Bride and Groom…


And, then, the gang’s all here!  Time for the party to START!

So, what do YOU think?  Could a Circus be in your marital future?  ;D



Please, have a look at all of the incredible artists that made this shoot possible!

Mini Top Hats, Clownette Ruff, Dog Ruff, Feather Bouquet – Because It Sparkles

Crystal Bridal Headband and Belt – Clay Bouquet Shop

Bustle Skirt and Groom/Best Man Jackets – DAS

Little Miss Muffett Garter – Never A Plain Jane Designs

Corsets and Petticoat – Period Corsets

(Not pictured:  Wedding Streamers – Extravagant Exits )

Offbeat Spotlight Featuring Krissy Cartwright

Welcome to the WedEclectic Offbeat Interview Series!  Here, we invite you to absolutely pay attention to (wo)man behind the curtain. And lucky you because they are all amazing artisans making amazing things in their fabulous shops.

Today, we’re chatting with Krissy Cartwright, Atlanta based owner of Make Believe’N Alternative Weddings LLC and captain of the wonderfully offbeat WedEclectic team on Etsy.

Krissy Cartwright, owner and designer extraordinaire at MakeBelieve’N

How did you come up with your shop name?

My shop name came from my theory that we should be the most authentic people we can be.  No make believin’ to fit someone else’s ideal version of you or your wedding. Being able to fill my days designing and daydreaming about ways to buck wedding traditions is awesome!

And what exactly are these tradition-bucking designs?

I take high quality fabrics and embellishments and transform them into personalized keepsake bouquets and accessories. Each flower is individually handcrafted out of satin, chiffon, organza, crepe, and tulle, and centered with any embellishment that can be imagined. My desire to create non-traditional wedding bouquets and accessories has enriched and fulfilled my life in ways I never could have imagined. My “art” allows me to focus on the style and personality of my clients. Every custom order is a window into a life I never would have known otherwise.

Rockabilly-inspired fascinator by Krissy Cartwright


How’d you get started?

A few years ago I started making hair doodads for a friend and the business snowballed from there.

Who would you say has had the most influence over your craft?

Etsy has influenced my work profoundly. Finding the right niche, and building my shop all came from learning from Etsy admins and my fellow Etsians.

Makebelieve’N collage postcard featuring photos by Darling Studios

What is your favorite wedding trend (now or past)?

Unique and quirky wedding details that represent the couple instead of the masses.

What would you like to see at more weddings?

I would love to see more programs that give additional background on the couple…how they met, favorite foods/songs, etc.

Which celebrity would you like to see sporting your designs?

If I had to choose a celebrity to work with it would be someone eclectic…a Katy Perry maybe.

A woman should always carry…?

Women should always carry a cell phone.  Keeps you safe and connected with those you love.


Krissy with her son, Brennon, in 2010.

What is your unicorn – that is, what is an object or skill that has eluded you so far?

My unicorn…so many things, but the biggest is web/graphic design.  Just ticks me off that I don’t have a clue how to do this!!!

If you are interested in bucking a few traditions of your own, Krissy is at your service.  Feel free to browse her shop on Etsy for a gallery of her offbeat designs, ready to purchase or to serve as inspiration for your custom order. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Interview by Janice J. Bear of  Never a Plain Jane Designs

>Getting down with the groove!

So you are Mr and Mrs xxxxxx and it is time to celebrate.

Your reception is decorated and the food is served so what is left apart from the evening entertainment?
Now most venues will have a list of DJ that they recommend but if you are feeling a little bit more adventures then why consider the following.
Brought to us by the Japanese, this craze has sweeped the world for good and bad reasons. For all you good singers out there, there is nothing better then belting out your favourite song to all your friends to hear. Unfortunately you will get the occasional embarrassing moment but those are the moments you will remember.
So if you have brave friends and family who love to be centre stage then this is perfect. And rather then having a first dance how about a first duet?
Friend’s Band
Everyone know (or heard) of a friend who is in a band so why not support them by inviting them to your wedding? This was an idea I got off a friend who got married over a year ago and got his own band to play at this reception.
We all have them and it is a notebook (or laptop for you oldies) with your entire music collection. This is a collection of music that you love so if the venue has the facilities why not just hook up your hardware to the system and put it on random play.
Of course if you are a fan of Apple products then an Ipod can be used in the same way.

>Member Feature: Robot In Bloom


Like any bride, you have an idea how you want your wedding to look- especially the flowers. Today’s feature is on Offbeat Etsy Weddings Team Member RobotinBloom, whose specialty (and we mean SPECIALTY) is handmade paper flowers.
Now, paper flowers have a HUGE benefit over flowers from a florist:
  1. They don’t have to be kept in water (or cooled), and will not wilt
  2. You can keep them forever
  3. Many look so realistic, nobody would ever know (unless you wanted them to)
  4. All the stress of working with a florist is completely gone- you can have full control over how it looks, and availability
  5. You’re no longer limited to the range of typical flower colors
  6. You don’t have to worry about your favorite flower being in season, or the prices for them!
I think in situations like this, a picture is worth a thousand words:

This Pink Swan bouquet is lively and bright- just the thing for a summer bride, or your bridesmaids!

And this Peony Daisy bouquet has a gorgeous, bright cascade of flowers down the front- it’s hard to believe it’s paper!
This Custom Paper Flower bouquet has such a retro feel, it would go well at any offbeat bride’s event.
This Bridesmaid Bouquet has just the right colors for a summer or fall wedding.
She does gorgeous custom work, and comes highly recommended by her previous customers! Swing by her shop today, and try not to drool all over the flowers- remember, they’re paper!

>Prying through the veil


The history of the veil stretches back many years and it is used to symbolise many things.
In the Roman times, the bride would wear a brightly colourful veil to ward off evil spirits whereas nowadays it is used to show modesty especially in religious ceremony.
Whatever are your reasons for wearing one, just make sure it reflects your personality.
For those of you who want a long flowing veil clearly you are after something dramatic. This beautiful veil by delightworthyn is full of theatrical styling.

However maybe you are a bride who is looking for something mysterious? What about this masquerade inspired veil by SEAMS.

And finally, for those of you who just want a hint of veil then this birdcage veil by rtisan will add a touch of glamour effortlessly.

>Want Candles at Your Wedding? Plan Ahead!

>Historically, candles have always played an important role in wedding ceremonies and their celebrations afterward.

Whether today’s wedding couples want to use candles for meaningful cultural rituals, personal symbolism, or simply to create an enchanting and romantic atmosphere, the desire for their use remains strong.

As a candle artist who provides candles for weddings all over the country, here’s some critical planning advice: Ask the venue if they allow “open flame” candles! If they do, be sure to ask: Are there any restrictions on types of candles or how many are on each table? Is a city fire permit required and who is responsible for applying for it?

Just so you know, none of this is difficult to do, you just want to be sure you’ve done your homework ahead of time. When it comes to candles at weddings, early preparation = less stress + more fun!

Because of the risk of fire with open flames amongst lots of people partying, many cities require venues to comply with local fire dept regulations about candle use in public gatherings. You don’t want to buy 5o pillar candles, only to find out as they’re being placed on the reception tables that they have to be in hurricane holders or you can’t light them!

Many locations allow any type of candles as long as they are in glass or other type holders that completely shield the flame from coming into contact with flammable items (the holder usually needs to extend 1-2″ above the flame).

Shown throughout this post are some excellent candle holder choices from artists on Etsy. Just click on a photo (linked to their shop) to see the variety each artist offers.

In future posts I’ll give more wedding candle tips and advice.

I’ll share info on candles for your ceremony, reception, gifts to your attendants and family, and in decorating your new home.

Help me plan my articles to readers’ needs! Please tell me your personal experiences or send me questions you’d like answers to. You can do that by commenting here, via convo to ForestCandleStudio on Etsy, or via email to ForestCandleStudio [!at]

Best Wedding Wishes!
Marcie Forest


The royal wedding is on everyone’s lips…and Mistress Kate is leading an inspiring trend back toward the millinery arts with her daring toppers and fascinators.
Now – the everyday bride will go for safety with her topper but the offbeat bride will add a lil something of her personality to go off the beaten path and make it her own – whether it be a dash of colour, a sprinkle of John Waters, or a cup of joe.
Take inspiration from these fabulous Milliners of Etsy as they bring fashion, flair and fun to the offbeat etsy bride…

Stephanie Farley
La Coco Rouge

>Hen Night fun!


You spent so much time on your actual wedding day so why not have a break and indulge yourself on your Hen/Bachelorette Party. I mean you are about to get married and leaving your single life days behind you.
Now you could just go out and dance the night away but we at offbeat like to think differently so why not have a vintage slumber party?
Bring out the cupcakes and your china tea service and celebrate your life in style!

And no slumber party would be complete unless the girls are playing with their hair and makeup so why not hire a vintage stylist to give all you girls a vintage look.
If you are a UK readers then one such stylists are Lipstick & Curls.
Based in London, these lovely ladies specialises in vintage hair and make up and regularly hold workshops around London to show you that the vintage look is for everyone. They are also available for Hen parties where you can try out some vintage hairstyles for your wedding day.

>Get the vintage look – Gloves


Throughout the history of fashion, gloves have been part of integral part of any fashion-conscience male or female.
Certainly no well-dressed lady would be without her gloves if she was out and about.
Therefore why not apply the same theory to your wedding!
Whether they are a vintage pair from LaChicFemme
Or an upcylced pair from MoonshineBaby,
why not introduce a pair to your outfit which will be very handy if you are planning a winter wedding ^_^.

>A Warm Natural Glow



Want to have a warm natural glow on your wedding day but don’t want to expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun/tanning bed or get that fake sprayed look….. Then here is your Eco/Green Tip of the Day, Eat your YELLOWS, ORANGEs, and REDS.

It is a best to get a rainbow of colors in your diet but foods that NATURALLY have yellow, orange, and red (no M&Ms don’t count) will add a great warm color to your skin. You will not only look healthy for your special day, but also, these veggies have beta-carotene which is a type of pigment found in plants, especially carrots and colorful vegetables.


Here are some more great benefits you will get from beta carotene:

~ Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A which  is needed for good vision and eye health, for a strong immune system, and for healthy skin and mucus membranes. 
~ Beta-carotene is an antioxidant, It protects the body from damaging molecules called free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to cells through a process known as oxidation. 
~ Studies suggest that people who eat 4 or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene may reduce their risk of developing heart disease or cancer.
~ Studies suggest that high doses of beta-carotene may decrease sensitivity to the sun.
 Post by Beccijo of TheEnchantedCupboard ~ Enchanting Wooden Toy and Cake Toppers