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The Something Blue You’ve Never Heard About


The day after…

I can’t remember now if it was one or two days after my reception celebration, but I went mildly off the edge of sanity. It was a combination of a few things that set me off.

I found myself very hurt by the large number of “no-shows”. One of these people was someone that I considered a very best friend and though I had become accustom to her bailing on me, this time it hurt. I wanted to share this party with her. I wanted to treat her to a wonderful dinner.
Then the finances of the whole thing hit me. My husband and I had carried the majority of the expenses for our celebration. The cost of this party hit me the day after and I realized we were never going to recoup it. (He had to sell his motorcycle to help pay for it. I still regret that very much.)
I think that more than anything though, it is so easy to fall into “The Blues” because you have been preparing for the event of your lifetime at a frenzied pace for a year or more and all of a sudden the sleepless nights come to a crashing halt, your days are no longer spent on the phone confirming details, there are no decisions to make about colors, flowers, no more shopping trips, no more bridal shows spent with friends.

I thought I was alone in how I reacted after my reception and felt very off balance until I saw it happen to a close friend of mine. It clicked – I was not alone and this was not uncommon. For her it happened during the latter part of the ceremony. She started balling her eyes out. She was so sad about not having our fun wedding preparation parties to bond over and was worried that we wouldn’t be getting together anymore. I am remorsed to say that she was right, we don’t find reasons to get together as often, but only because we have needed to make room for some of the other joys that our new adventure through life has brought us. I can honestly say that my affection for her has not changed. For this, I am glad.

Prepare yourself and give yourself some breaks and a landing cushion. If I could go back and do it again the first thing I would do is read this and educate myself about how you may feel the day after. Then I would plan a couple of days after the reception with some fun and pampering to extend the end, thus slowing things down before it comes to a crashing halt. Finally, don’t do anything without thinking it through. I deleted all of my gift registries and made it impossible to receive the completion discount that many stores offer if you register with them. Ouch! That hurt.

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