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Wedding Inspiration – For an Element of Nature

Element of NatureSee the full collection here.

For indoor and outdoor weddings, there are so many ways you can incorporate nature into your big day.

In fact, it can be the underlying theme, and you will not run out of beautiful options.

Here are some favorites of mine to inspire you:

 Natural Wood Wine Glass Charms

BoutonniereWild Berry and Feather Boutonniere

Flowe rGirl CrownFlower Girl Crown

Flower CrownBridal Crown

Moss BasketMoss Flower Girl Basket

place cardsPlace Cards

Click here for more!

By Keri O’Hara from Delaney Jewelry Designs

Featured WedEclectic Shop — ClayBouquetShop!

Continuing our feature of the winner for each month’s Team Treasury Challenge, here is our second interview: held with Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop!  (Jennifer’s winning treasury for October can be seen here.  To vote on November’s treasury challenge see this post!)


How did you start your shop? 

I didn’t know it at the time, but preparing for our DIY wedding laid the groundwork for my Etsy shop. I didn’t seriously consider continuing the creative work I was doing until after being strongly encouraged by every one of our wedding vendors to create bouquets and accessories for other brides! I started creating items for my shop the day after we arrived home from our honeymoon. : )

How did you come up with your shop name?

Since I made the wedding bouquets and boutonnieres out of clay flowers, and I thought that the shop would be comprised mainly of those creations, I named it “Clay Bouquet Shop.” Little did I know that it would grow to include brooch, beaded and feather bouquets, sashes, hair accessories, and jewelry. : )


Tell us about some of your favourite items in the shop.

I love to make clay bouquets, but have to limit the number of contracts I take on due to the time it takes to make the flowers by hand after my full time job. My husband brags about them to others whenever given the chance, which I find quite funny as he protested quite vehemently (for months) when I told him I didn’t want to carry fresh flowers. He finally changed his mind when he saw them arranged, the weekend before our wedding. And he’s even commented that the fresh bridal bouquets he has seen at recent weddings don’t look as good as the ones I make, as they tend to be a bit wilted by the time wedding party pictures are taken.

I also love the brooch bouquets that I have designed for brides…and if we ever renew our vows (which he brings up all the time…and we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary : ) I’m making one for myself!

IMG_20120905_153636 (1000x955) IMG_20121020_181143 - Copy (1000x730) IMG_20121101_131547 (1000x820)

And I have a few favorite sets…

The Amanda, bridal sashheadband, and earrings:



The Colette, bridal sash, headband, bracelet, and earrings:


What inspires you?

The brides I work with, one on one…their themes and details provide a framework for their bouquets. : )


What is your favorite wedding trend (now or past)?

I really enjoy seeing weddings that incorporate the bride and groom’s passions and favorite things. It becomes less of a traditional cookie-cutter wedding and more of a unique celebration of the couple’s lives coming together.


Given the opportunity, which celebrity would you like to see wearing your designs?

I am tickled pink whenever I see photos of brides wearing or carrying my creations, so I would love if any public figure wore or carried anything I made for them!

The Vivian, crystal headpiece and earrings:


What is your unicorn – that is, what is an object or skill that has eluded you so far?

If time is an object…I wish I had enough time to fill my current orders, maintain my life/home/business and to accept last minute orders. I’ve had to turn away a number of brides this year due to my busy production schedule, and wish that I could help every bride that contacts me. (I’m currently booked through March of 2013 for bouquets.)


What do you think the future holds for you / your shop?

We’re moving early next year, and my plan is to have a devoted room for my shop…and I look forward to be able to display my creations and have a bright, spacious room to work in!


Summer Circus Wedding

Over the summer the Artisan Maskers collaborated with a whole team of amazing artists to put together a fantasy Circus-themed wedding shoot.  Here’s a quick spread of the carnival madness that ensued!


First, we have our Tightrope Walker bride.  She preps for the big day with a gorgeously bizarre assemblage of bridesmaids (below): a Clownette, a Lion Tamer, a Fortune Teller, and even a mustachioed Ringmaster!


Next up, our Clown of a Groom and his fabulous Groomsmen: the Magician, the Roustabout, and, okay, the “Lion”, too…


A few choice shots of the Bride and Groom…


And, then, the gang’s all here!  Time for the party to START!

So, what do YOU think?  Could a Circus be in your marital future?  ;D



Please, have a look at all of the incredible artists that made this shoot possible!

Mini Top Hats, Clownette Ruff, Dog Ruff, Feather Bouquet – Because It Sparkles

Crystal Bridal Headband and Belt – Clay Bouquet Shop

Bustle Skirt and Groom/Best Man Jackets – DAS

Little Miss Muffett Garter – Never A Plain Jane Designs

Corsets and Petticoat – Period Corsets

(Not pictured:  Wedding Streamers – Extravagant Exits )

August Giveaway!

This month’s WedEclectic giveaway is hosted by

Just look at keepsake flowers she creates! If you are looking for a way to make your wedding unique, her shop would be an ideal place to look for possibilities!

For brides’ and grooms’ floral accessories…and she caters to same sex wedding couples!

Her stunning bridal sashes are certainly “Statement” pieces!

She creates flowers and veils for your hair as well!

Krissy is offering shoe clips for this month’s giveaway…a $35 value!

This giveaway will run until midnight, August 31st, but don’t wait!

Entries will be accepted for:

Commenting, including your favorite item from MakeBelieveN‘s shop.

Commenting that you hearted MakeBelieveN‘s Etsy shop (and your Etsy name for verification).

Commenting that you follow MakeBelieveN (@MakeBelieveN) on Twitter (and your twitter name for verification).

Commenting that you friended MakeBelieveN on Facebook (and your FB page for verification).

Follow @WedEclectic  on Twitter.

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The giveaway is open worldwide.  Includes 1st class postage in US. International postage is the responsibility of the winner.

The winner will be chosen randomly, verified, and contacted on September 1st via email with the good news!

Tips for a Less Expensive Wedding – #6 Do it Yourself

By ArtisanMaskers

Doing it yourself seems the obvious choice when trying to cut back on expenses.  BE WARNED, though, that sometimes going  “DIY” doesn’t save you enough money to be worth the extra headache!  Jennifer, from ClayBouquetShop, wrote a fantastic article about this very topic.  She offers some great tips if you are planning to take some elements of your wedding day into your own hands!  That being said, if you are artistic or good with your hands or just already know your own talents and limitations well enough, it can be a great way to save some money!  So go ahead and ponder the possibilities, just know that you personally won’t have the time to do everything.  Pick and choose wisely.

My real-life example, Julianna, wanted her bouquet to last beyond the wedding day.  She also wanted something that was uniquely her.  With a little craft-store savvy, she rounded up the elements that fit her vision, and came up with this gorgeously unique bouquet for around $20.

Looking for some more DIY inspiration?  Check out these fabulous posts right here on the Wed Eclectic blog!

Mercury Glass DIY

DIY Photo Booth (with Props)

How to Edit Your Own Photos

A bit of inspiration from a fun, alternative bridal photoshoot : )

By ClayBouquetShop

I have planned to include alternative brides in my advertising for awhile, and finally had the opportunity to include models willing to have fun with this idea earlier this year. Here are some photos to enjoy…and possibly use as inspiration. : )

We had multiple outfits available for models, some more traditional than others, so many models appear more than once. The models had loads of fun in the wardrobe room changing from one outfit into another, accessorizing their attire, and wandering around Turkey Hill Inn for photos by the different photographers. : )

Bouquet, haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Veil by Chaos Couture 

Haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Jacket by Blooms In The Night

Bouquet, haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Gloves and lace neck wrap (eye mask) by KVO Design

Bouttonniere by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Hair Flower by Chaos Couture

Jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Bouquet and Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Fascinator by Chaos Couture

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Fingerless gloves and Lace neck corset by KVO Design

Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Bouquet and accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet and Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Layered skirt by Blooms In The Night

Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Bouquet and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet and accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet, haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Lace eye mask and cuffs by KVO Design

Bouquet charm by DelaneyPhotoJewelry

Skirt handcrafted by the model (Elderberry)!

(Yes, I told her that she should open up an Etsy shop, too!)

Thank you to all of our participants!

(listed alphabetically)


Hair Stylists

Allison Tegano

Make Up Artists

KimmV  MM# 2357138

SK Faceworks Makeup MM# 2213330












Regal White Wedding

White on white and absolutely wonderful!  Our newest treasury was created by WedEclectic team member Janice at neveraplainjane.  Her description says it all “White weddings are classic, timeless even. But there’s no reason they should be boring. Give your big day a hint of Wonderland with just a kiss of black – compliments of the White Queen.”


An Enchanted Affair with an Eclectic Flair

Check out this shimmery sparkly spectacular treasury created by Wed Eclectic team member Keri O’Hara from Delany Photo Jewelry.  It’s a collection of beautiful items for the eclectic bride.


December Giveaway with ClayBouquetShop

This month’s WedEclectic giveaway is hosted by: ClayBouquetShop!

Jennifer handcrafts wedding bouquets and accessories created from clay, crystals, brooches and feathers (cruelty free whenever possible), as well as jeweled ribbon headbands and sashes.  Just look at the gorgeous detail of her clay flowers and the stunning sparkle of the jeweled accessories!

Enter this drawing to win $25 for use towards any one of her gorgeous pieces!  The $25 can be applied towards custom bouquet orders and local candy buffet rentals (NE NJ), or any other item listed on her etsy shop or website.  Jennifer is willing to customize items and ships worldwide.
Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the winner, and NJ sales tax will be added for NJ residents/shipping addresses. The gift certificate is not transferable, does not expire, and is not redeemable for cash.

This giveaway is open worldwide and will run until midnight, December 31st, but don’t wait!

To enter, simply leave a comment including your favorite item from Jennifer’s Shop:  ClayBouquetShop  (Please include your email, handle, etc., for verification & contacting you when you win!)

Additional entries for comments indicating that you:

Heart her etsy shop
Friend/Like ClayBouquetShop on Facebook
Follow ClayBouquetShop on Twitter

Follow @WedEclectic on Twitter

Become a fan of WedEclectic on Facebook

Posted this giveaway on your Facebook page.

Posted this giveaway on your blog (make sure to give us a link to it in comments!)
Posted this giveaway on a wedding/social network.

The winner will be chosen randomly, verified, and contacted on January 2nd via email with the good news!


Congrats to the winner, chosen by Comment 14 – Melissa! Please contact ClayBouquetShop via Etsy to discuss how to claim your gift certificate!

Alternative Bouquets

Many to-be-wedded couples are searching for an alternative to carrying fresh flowers for many reasons, whether it be the cost and availability of the flowers they desire, the uncertainty of fresh flowers arriving on their wedding day, allergies, wanting to be unique, being green, or wanting to keep their bouquet long after their wedding day. No matter the reason, the WedEclectic team offers a myriad of selections to choose from!

Field of dreams - Wedding Bouquet

Searching for the perfect accessories for a rustic wedding in a barn or field? Check out this grain bouquet by MyHaleyGirl!
Farmland FEATHER Boutonniere by The Boutonniery

And a coordinating boutonniere from TheBoutonniery!

Wedding Flower Bouquet Satin Fabrics - Alternative New Years Eve Black White and Silver

Love the elegance of satin? Krissy167 offers satin floral bouquets, boutonnieres, hair accessories and sashes!

Spring Blue-Tsumami Kanzashi Inspired Bouquet

Love origami and Asian-inspired touches? Kittykanzashi offers folded fabric bouquets, boutonnieres and hair accessories!

Custom Paper Bridal Bouquet

Searching for beautiful paper bouquets? MelinaMejiaStock creates colorful and whimsical bouquets and boutonnieres!

Crepe Paper Wedding

And RanunculusMarket offers classicly elegant paper flower bouquets!

Feather Brooch Bridal Bouquet - Tuxedo Edition

Looking for fabulous feather bouquets? LaChicFemme offers glamourous hollywood-style bouquets and fascinators!

Ordering Info for Custom Clay Floral Bouquets and Accessories

ClayBouquetShop offers bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and hair accessories created from clay flowers, crystals, feathers, brooches and more!

No matter what you are looking for, the WedEclectic team will be able to create the perfect bouquets and accessories to match your personality and wedding theme!

This post courtesy of Jennifer of Clay Bouquet Shop