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>Giveaway Winner!


Our first Offbeat grab bag Giveaway winner is Ginny!!!!!  Ginny hold tight for an email explaining all of the juicy details.  Drool.  Slurp.
She will be receiving a $30.00 gift certificate to Puppycatmeow for amazing custom hair extensions, fantasy wigs, and fun hair pieces.
A set of four satin fabric boutonnieres from Make Believe’N in her custom colors and style.
A custom ornament from Weddings and Wire.  Made of guitar strings and enamel sure to become a favorite keepsake.
Stay tuned for a new giveaway starting tomorrow!!!!!
The Newlywed Ornament- CustomizableLarge Rosette Barrette wig over 20 colors hair extension clipWedding Boutonnieres and Corsages Contemporary Black White and Silver

>The Dress Edition – Unconventional Custom Wedding Gown Tips


If you are the sort of person that follows the Off beaten path, than you probably already possess a distinctive sense of fashion and personal style.

Your choice of wedding gown and accessories will also celebrate your sense of uniqueness. If you decide to have your gown custom made, it is always a good rule of thumb to speak with the designer at least 9 -12 months before the wedding date – particularly if you have distinct and unusual elements incorporated into your gown.

If you are using expensive material to have your gown custom made, it is important that you seek the advice of a professional who will first design the dress from a toile or mock-up (a muslin template of your dress pattern, used for fittings before the expensive material is cut and sewn into a dress). The importance of this process is to ensure a proper fit before your gown is finalized.

Collect fabric samples, colour swatches, design ideas clipped from bridal magazines and be sure to save them before approaching your wedding dress designer. You will have visual examples to show your dress designer, enabling them to better customize your dream offbeat wedding gown!

>Who Says You Need a Diamond Engagement Ring?

>Perhaps the most enduring tradition of the modern bride today is the ring.  In particular the diamond ring and in recent years coloured diamond rings for those with an extensive budget.  Remember J lo’s super fabulous fancy pink ring designed by Harry Winston?  Yum J  But really…who says you need a diamond ring or even a ring at all?

The tradition of the engagement ring is a relatively recent phenomenon within the past 500 years.  It is popularly held that its origins began with the presentation of a diamond ring from Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.  Google it and you will find a wealth of info.  

Since then through 500 years of famous marriages, marketing (thanks DeBeers) and the tweaking of the romantic notion – today’s bride normally wouldn’t think twice about a diamond ring being part of the marriage ceremony.  It’s romantic, there’s always a story to be told about the presentation of the ring and the ring itself is a symbol of commitment that you belong to each other.
Okay – but what about those of us who choose NOT to have a diamond ring…or even a ring at all?  What other choices remain?  
Julie Stout & Doug Matthews of Austin, TX chose to go with a painting for their engagement.  Being avid art collectors and less purveyors of the jewelry domain – they chose to seal their promise to each other with a work of art that sings of joy and passion.  At their wedding, the painting was displayed at the front door for each guest to see upon arrival.  Today it hangs proudly in their home for all to see and they each wear simple matching white gold wedding bands.

Jennifer & Helme Calfee of Atlanta, GA went with a blue sapphire engagement ring (fyi – sapphires come in all the colours of the rainbow except for red. When red, they are referred to as rubies).  Jennifer loved the tradition of having a ring but has no liking for diamonds.  Her passions, next to her husband and step-daughter, are the colour blue and sapphires for they represent strength and protection.  

As for myself…I neither require a diamond ring or even a ring at all.  For me, something I have to wear everyday would drive me crazy;  however, something to wear on occasion might be nice.  My fantasy dream piece of jewelry?  Padparascha sapphire ring.  I have a refined yet eclectic taste.

So what other ring options are there?  Check out these funky options from these Offbeat Etsy Wedding Sellers – whether it’s for that special day, everyday, or special occasions there’s a ring sure to delight your offbeat senses!

And remember  – it takes all kinds to make an offbeat bride whether it’s your ring, the colour of your dress , the theme of the celebration, etc.  Go be your funky self and dance outside the traditions to make your own!
We would love to hear from you regarding your choice, or not, with a ring.  If you have a story to tell, please share it with us and other prospective brides!

>Potential Blog Badges, Opinions?


Which do you prefer for a button/badge for this blog?  Please vote here!  Thanks for your input!

>Man-cessorize Your Wedding!


Accessorizing for the men in your wedding can be a challenge, but there are a lot of options out there, if you know where to look!
Cravats are available in almost any fabric, in any color. They take the place of the traditional bow tie, or neck tie, and look fantastic with a white shirt! These silk cravats by ElegantAscot are an excellent alternative to a tie, and are easily customizable to your colors!

Cufflinks add a flair of the formal to your event, and men’s shirts with french cuffs are not difficult to find. Cufflinks of nearly every style can be found on Etsy, and most artists are willing to make matching sets for the groomsmen, like these from NorthwykeCreations.

And how about avoiding the traditional flower boutonniere, and try something new? Many options are available to allow you to spread your wedding theme a little further.
What better choice than the summery pinwheels made by Rule42?

We at Offbeat Etsy Weddings are here to help you make your day everything you hoped it would be. Let us know if you’re looking for something, and we will be thrilled to help you find it!

>Take our advice…


…and take a minute to remember what it’s all about…

Love Letters Paper Garland from Earmark

Blue Joy Paper Flower from momichka

Congratulations from your friends at the Offbeat Etsy Weddings Team!

>Get your wedding day face on!


Makeup on your wedding day can be daunting.  Hiring a makeup artist may not be in your budget or finding one to go on location for your destination wedding may be a challenge.  I have some easy steps for you to create a beautiful look.  A little practice and the right tools will make all of the difference.

                    Makeup Makeovers: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations 
Makeup Makeovers

You can see how makeup can completely transform a face from beautiful to drop dead stunning with this book of tricks.


Coastal Scents Contour and Blush Palette
Coastal Scents Contour Blush Palette video for contour powder application.  Easy to watch.  Only nine minutes long.  Tiffany uses this exact palate to create contours.  A great value at only $18.95 on  

Every makeup artist I know has always said if you have the money buy Laura Mercier foundation products.  This is a small starter set perfect for your big day.  $65.00 at  I cannot stress to you enough how important a good base is to your wedding day makeup.  Perfection only comes in these expensive bottles.  If you have flawless skin I would still recommend the tinted moisturizer for a more uniform tone.
Oil Free Flawless Face Kit ($159 Value)
Laura Mercier starter kit
If you have been using sponges or your fingers you may not be getting the best results and for sure are losing money on the wasted foundation.  In my opinion foundation brushes are CRITICAL to a well applied base.  They allow the foundation to glide over fine lines and blend evenly along the jaw and hair line.  Your fingers will not provide a seamless blend.  This brush is only $5.99 and it is eco friendly to boot!

Ecotools Foundation Brush
Ecotools Foundation Brush

Stay tuned for my next makeup post on wedding day eyes.

>Hi from Flower of the Dead (Seth)

>Hey everybody! We’ve got a new fun team member, Seth with Flowers of the Dead!  He is excited to join us!  Please check out his shop:
Here is me:

>The Dress Edition – Offbeat Bridal Gown of Color


With so many brides wanting to express their unique individuality, the truly Offbeat bride is making headway in forming new traditions as alternatives to old ones.

As your wedding day is a momentous time, the importance of choosing a bridal gown that not only reflects your individual style but one that also makes you feel comfortable enough to stand, dance, laugh and shed tears of joy in!

You have been planning this day, dreaming of walking down the aisle with the man you love – all eyes will be gazing on the beautiful bride as she recites her vows. This dream wedding is reflecting your style as a couple, and the wedding gown reflects your individual style as a bride.

A newer tradition offered to the Offbeat bride wanting to express her individuality is choosing a gown of color! Be it your favorite color or one that makes you feel happy in, you have more choices now with the advent and availability of custom services from independent designers and artists on the internet. Particularly popular is Etsy, where so many unique designers, who understand your needs meet under one venue.

And we at Offbeat Etsy Wedding Team are here to serve you, aiding in any advice you may need for your upcoming Offbeat nuptials, so please feel welcome to shout out to us if ever the need arises.

And may your dream wedding be filled with romantic bliss and happiness!

xoxo – The Girls and Guys at Offbeat Etsy Wedding Team

>Get Organized!


Black Bird DayPlanner by doublehappiness

It’s the start of a new year, and this offbeat bride’s resolution:  

 Get Organized!!

Planning a wedding is an incredibly exciting and sometimes completely overwhelming undertaking. No matter how large or small, formal or informal, offbeat or traditional, your wedding, there will be more than a handful of decisions to make along the way – not mention numbers to keep track of, appointments to keep, and people to coordinate.

If other offbeat (read “creative and inspired”) brides out there are anything like me, they are masters of scheming, and dreaming, and bookmarking, and “to-do”ing, and sketching and scribbling, and “favoriting” all over the place!


Resolution for the new year: get all those names, and numbers, and ideas in one place!

Bonus: With a little help from other creative people, like the shop owners at, organization doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, your wedding planner, should be the first thing you purchase or create for your wedding that radiates the oh-so-in-love personality you hope to capture on the big day.

~ * ~


Custom Wedding Planner Binder by Pick Me Paper Designs
By far the most comprehensive planner out there – custom-designed to match your wedding colors and motifs; chock-full of check-lists, logs, and organizers; includes pockets for vendor materials and weekly and monthly calendars as well as available customized add-ins.

Custom Weekly Planner and Notebook Set, Handwoven with Satin Ribbons
by PriaVanda 
Great for a bride who wants one place for dates and “to-do” lists and another carry-everywhere notebook for jotting down ideas. Available in all colors!!
Oilcloth 3-ring binders by rbtbags on Etsy
Or for the true DIY-er, there are loads of wedding planning printables available on the web to help you get organized in any beautiful book or binder that you choose!