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Sparkle!!! Your Wedding

She floats down the aisle…..a bridal vision in silk and tulle. The radiance of little lights shimmer, falling about her like an aurora of shooting stars. Tiny faceted rhinestones sparkle from her veil. Around her waist, she wears a sash tied with a sheer chiffon bow, adorned with a beautiful array of sparkling rhinestones. On her wrists she wears rhinestone ornamented silken cuffs. Her bridal bouquet is sprinkled with rhinestones and her shoes, peeking from under her gown, sparkle with dainty rhinestones. She is a dazzling princess bride in a fairytale wedding.

The use of crystal rhinestones in wedding accessories, flowers and bridal attire is a beautiful and modern addition to any bride’s trousseau. Rhinestone design can be done elegantly and easily if you are a DIY bride working within a budget.

There are several online retailers who sell rhinestones in bulk which helps keep your wedding costs in line. You can find an assortment of free vector designs online to start your design process – just google vector ornaments or flourish designs.

The most secure way to apply rhinestones to your bridal creations is to use E6000 glue with a toothpick for application. Be sure to spread a dot of glue, smaller than the diameter of the flat back rhinestone on both the rhinestone back and the material/paper/whatever item you are adorning. Wait 5-8 minutes and then join the two glue areas. Let the glued item set undisturbed for 24-48 hours (48 hrs will give the strongest bond). It’s a good idea to only spot clean your rhinestoned items, as dry cleaning solvents will dissolve the glue bond.

Another way to add rhinestones is to sew them onto your bridal pieces. You may buy point back rhinestones in metal settings for this application. Check your fabric stores and hobby craft stores for this type of rhinestone.

**If you’re not a DIY kinda girl, take a look through the stores of the Wed Eclectic Team. There are a number of artists and designers who offer rhinestone accented wedding items.

Wedding Rhinestone Ideas:

  • Wedding Invitations and Save The Dates – add their sparkle here.

  • Guest Book and Pen – encrust the pen in rhinestones.

  • Hair – broach headband, rhinestone hairvines, hairpins, rhinestone dotted silk flowers

  • Wrist, Choker, Waist, Garter, Shoes – accent all of these with rhinestones.

  • Bouquets – flower accents and bouquet wraps.

  • Boutonniere – bling him, too.

  • Earrings and Necklace – pair vintage rhinestone costume jewels with rope pearls.

  • Veils and Wraps – use masses of tiny floating rhinestones.

  • Flower Girl – give her a rhinestone fairy wand with flowers floating from ribbons.

  • Ring Bearer – add rhinestone decoration to the ring pillow.

  • Reception – incorporate rhinestones into your cake topper design, centerpieces, garlands.

  • Pets – rhinestone necklaces and collars.

  • Favors and Bridesmaid Gifts – sparkle it, girl!

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