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November Giveaway with Polkadile

This month’s WedEclectic giveaway is hosted by: Polkadile!

She creates handmade jewelry, including rings and wedding bands, cuff links, earrings, necklaces, and more! They would be perfect accessories for your wedding, or for wearing everyday.  And it is all made from recycled silver (from computer motherboards and film!), making them eco-conscious!

Take a close look at the designs…many are created using impressions from natural surroundings. : )
Gentleman Leaf, set of handmade silver ringsStrong Oak  handmade fine silver ring setMarks of Time, set of handmade silver ringsVenus Connection, silver and copper hammered ring set
And for some designs, you could get matching cuff links. : )
Oak and I, fine silver cuff linksLichen, fine silver cuff links
She has graciously offered a $50 gift certificate to her shop to use towards your wedding necessities or to indulge in your favorite piece of jewelry.

This giveaway will run until midnight, November 30th, but don’t wait!

Your initial entries will be accepted for:

A comment including your favorite item from Polkadile’s shop

Extra entries for comments indicating that you:
(Please include your email, handle, etc for verification & contacting you when you win!)

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The giveaway is open worldwide.

The winner will be chosen randomly, verified, and contacted on December 1st via email with the good news!

Just Between The Two Of You

You’d love a traditional wedding, but there’s a PROBLEM: deep down you’d also love to express the side of yourselves that isn’t traditional at all, without calling everyone’s attention to it!

Don’t worry, this can be SOLVED: To get you started, here are some great items  from Etsy artisans. Private treasures for wearing on (or under!) your wedding clothes, or carrying in your bridal clutch and his jacket pocket, a secret for just the two of you on your special day…

For skulls aficionados:

Skull Cufflinks
sexy SKULLS and HEARTS TATTOO thigh-high socks light mocha xs/x/m

For steampunk enthusiasts:

In Bloom Ankle Corsets - Tatted Lace Accessories - Ivory

Silver and Wood Timeless Fashion Mechanical Pocket Watch, Watch Chain Fob - Victorian Steampunk - Item MPW28

For nature lovers and sci-fi fans:

Glow in the Dark Solar System Underwear Womens

For Lord of the Ring devotees:

Lord of the Rings Elvish Pocket Mirror - 2.25"

Map Of Middle Earth Liquor Hip Flask Fantasy Stainless Steel 6 ounce

Best Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest
Forest Candle Studio

>Confessions of a Seam Ripper



Consider this a very brief primer on upcycling /recycling dispelling a common misconception..

Recycled items should cost less.

This is probably one of the most common. You can go the DIY route then and yes it will be smaller cash outlay.Upcycling ,however, is a labor intensive process and as we’ve all heard ‘time is money’.

If you are working with textiles the amount of ‘woman hours’ that go into finding what you need is staggering .I go to my local thrift stores sometimes several times a week because good stuff gets purchased right away.(okay I like going too!) Usually I have a mental list of what I am looking for but keeping an open mind if I see something worthwhile. For me this tends to be any silk garment with an interesting color and sometimes pattern, though I usually go for the solids. For someone else it might be lace, or broken jewelry but you get the idea.


Once purchased and after cleaning you sit down with the most important tools in your arsenal-the very high tech seam ripper. And a good pair of scissors. If you have ever had to take out stitching then you know how tedious it can be. It is a time suck to be sure but there is no way around it. Again-time is money.

It is easier to buy yard goods and cut your pieces from a nice flat consistent width fabric but they just don’t make fabrics like they used to or if they do they are prohibitively expensive, possibly milled in sweatshop conditions and spewing chemicals in to our environment.(Moment of gently preaching here)

So you see how much time and care goes in to preparation for an upcycled garment. I haven’t even gotten into the design process and the making process so you see that this is a large amount of labor. A labor of love.


>Who’s the Boss?

>Wow. Maybe I live a little too close to Jersey, but these cufflinks just rocked my world a little today.

Original cufflinks from Nostaliclinks

After all, doesn’t the groom deserve at least that little space at the end of his shirt sleeves to stake his claim, after all that girlie (let’s be honest, ladies, I don’t care how fresh and offbeat you are…) so-often-bride-centered ‘he-just-wants-to-get-on-with-the-party’ wedding planning…

Nostalgic Links has captured in these little man-ccessories an amazing humor that my ramblings can’t even begin to do justice. So go ahead and hop on over to her shop and see all she has ‘in store.’