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Steampunk bride captures color trends and the beauty of the peacock!

By SteampunkWedding

Eclectic weddings are individual, distinctive, and often a singular moment for the bride to the focus of the fanfare, especially if she’s starring in a steampunk wedding!  Our first blog about steampunk discussed some of the basics: literature, Victorian-era fashion, and the finest craftsmanship in metals, leathers, and fabrics.  Today I am lucky to share gorgeous dress created by seamstress Lisa Sauter with photography by Ian Danziger.


Our steampunk bride’s unique dress is made from many different fabrics in metallics of jewel tones.  When blended together they reflect all the varying colors in a peacock feather.


In fact, peacock feathers are found in our bride’s fascinator.  Many different styles are available so steampunk wedding parties have several from which to choose.

photo 3

Peacock feathers are exotic and reminiscent of some Victorian society’s love of things ‘Oriental’.  According to enthusiasts peacocks are native to southern Asia and Malaysia.

 photo 4

These colorful birds were “kept for centuries by people first in China and then in Europe and America. The Phoenicians brought the peacock to Egypt more than three thousand years ago. Historical records indicate that Solomon kept several peacock species, among other pheasants, with the India Blue being his favorite peacock.”

photo 5

Peafowl were extensively raised by the Romans and in medieval Europe, explains Laurie M. Johnson, editor of This look can be found today in current artisans.

photo 6

The deep blue colors in the feathers are reflected in many other steampunk accessories.  Steampunk embraces science and nature quite often, which is sure to enhance the eclectic bride, groom and wedding party.  Don’t shy away from butterflies or even eye balls!

photo 7

photo 8

Our bride is obviously setting fashion trends ahead of her time, since PANTONE’s color selections for spring and fall 2013 include her signature hues.


“With the changing season, the greens from spring evolve and develop. Multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate, bringing luxury and elegance to the palette, while yellow-toned Linden Green brings a lightness and brightness to the deeper shades of fall.”

photo 10

“Try pairing both with Mykonos Blue, a bold, meditative blue, for a classic and relaxed fall look,” see PANTONE link below.

The bride’s dark black hair is stunning, however, many brides may want to add classic braids for the appearance of length.  Again, looking to our fashion trends for 2013, we can turn to elegant deeper shades.

photo 11

photo 12

Last, but certainly not least, are a few more steampunk wedding details, but these are for the tables!  First, the ‘key’ to a good start is to be sure family and friends find each other and mingle at your events.  This is easily accomplished with personalized key placecards.

photo 13

Another definite ‘keeper’ is this pillow box – perfect for tea, poems, or even gift cards!

photo 14

I am so very grateful to Ian Danziger for his generosity, information on the seamstress, and hope his work is as inspiring to you as it has been for me!



Seamstress who created the dress, Lisa Sauter:

Photographer, Ian Danziger:

Peacock historical information, Laurie M. Johnson

Color trends by PANTONE:

Pinterest Board:

Etsy Treasury:

Handfasting Ceremonies

By WeddingMonograms

You’ve probably heard someone refer to marriage as “tying the knot” or “giving one’s hand.” But have you ever wondered why we say these phrases?


What is Handfasting?

Handfasting is an ancient roman and Celtic wedding tradition which involves tying the bride and Groom’s hands together to symbolize coming together and remaining together. During the Roman Empire, the couple’s hands were tied together with grape vines and rope which explains the origination of the phrase “tying the knot.”

Handfasting was also later used as a form of marriage in the British Isles during the early Christian era. The couple’s hands were tied together with a cord in front of friends and family and were then considered legally married. They would have a formal wedding ceremony later when a priest was available to officiate.

Handfasting has seen a modern day resurgence especially in Ireland and Scotland owing in part to the royal wedding in London. Prince William and Kate Middleton had a handfasting incorporated into their marriage:

How to incorporate handfasting into your wedding

Handfasting can be added to any wedding ceremony regardless of religion, as “tying the knot” is a universal wedding theme. The handfasting ceremony is highly customizable and can be the perfect way to incorporate special themes into your wedding day.


Many couples choose to incorporate colors in their handfasting ceremony to symbolize words of commitment to each other.

Red – will, love, strength, fertility, courage, health, vigor, passion

Orange – encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, plenty, kindness.

Yellow – attraction, charm, confidence, balance, harmony

Green – fertility, luck, prosperity, nurturing, beauty, health, love

Dark Blue -for a safe journey, longevity & strength

Light Blue – tranquility, understanding, patience, health

Purple – healing, health, strength, power, progress

Black – strength, empowerment, wisdom/vision, success, pure love

White – spiritual purity, truth, peace, serenity and devotion

Gray – balance, neutrality

Pink – love, unity, honor, truth, romance, happiness

Brown – for healing , skills & talent, nurturing, home & hearth, the earth.

Silver – for creativity, inspiration & vision, and protection.

Gold – for unity, longevity, prosperity, strength.

Involving your Guests

Some hand fasting ceremonies involve the couple’s friends and families writing well wishes or bits of advice onto ribbons. These ribbons are then used to bind the couple’s hands together.

Every one of the ribbons used in the ceremony has a well wish or bit of advice from friends and family written on it.


Handfasting Materials

A wide variety of materials can be used in the handfasting ceremony, making it even more customizable. Here are some commonly used items for handfasting:

Grape Vines



Rope (yacht lines for nautical weddings or a lasso for cowboys/cowgirls)

Monogrammed or embroidered cloths

Scottish Tartans
Cherokee wedding beads:

Handfasting charms, memorial tiles (like those created by our lovely team member Kari of can be added to the fringes of the handfasting ribbons or cloth.

A Simple Handfasting Ceremony:

Officient Stands in front of the couple while they clasp each other’s hands.

Rebekah and Thomas have chosen to use a hand fasting in their wedding ceremony to emphasize their eternal bond and reinforce the feeling that they never wish to be parted from one another.

Hand fasting is an ancient tradition symbolizing the binding together of two people in love.  Tying the Knot.  This cord was created with the ribbons, on which are written the thoughts, hopes, well wishes, and blessings of friends and family for Thomas and Rebekah as they begin their union as husband and wife.  It will bind Thomas and Rebekah together with the strong bonds of love.

With the entwining of this knot, I tie all the desires, dreams, love, prayers and happiness wished here in this place to your lives.

“THESE ARE THE HANDS” –author unknown

These are the hands of your best friend, young, strong, and full of love for you.
These are the hands that are holding yours on your wedding day as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow, and forever.
These are the hands that will work along side yours as together you build your future.
These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years and with the slightest touch will comfort you like no other.
These are the hands that will hold you when fear or grief wracks your mind.
These are hands that will countless times wipe tears from your eyes, tears of joy and tears of sorrow.
These are the hands that will tenderly hold your children and grandchildren.
These are the hands that will help hold your family together as one.
These are hands that will give you strength when you need it.
These are the hands that even when wrinkled with age will still be reaching for yours, still giving the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch.

Remember then, as your hands are fasted, these are symbols of the relationship you share.

Bride and Groom’s hands are bound and the officient follows with a prayer.

Build A Bride’s Bracelet

By DelaneyJewelry


As a child I learned to make beaded jewelry from my mother.  When I was old enough to work in her book store I spent a great deal of time reading and learned a lot about the meanings for crystals and stones. Once I had started selling my jewelry, I felt it would be helpful for the recipient to know the meanings, and I tried to include it whenever possible. This knowledge was very beneficial during a period of time that I worked as a Certified Childbirth Educator for Swedish Hospital in Seattle. I noticed soon-to-be mom’s really connecting with one another by the end of the class series. Occasionally, on the last class, women would even bring gifts for the other expecting mom’s. These gifts were always something that was intended to welcome their baby, give them strength in labor or to use as a focal point during their labors.  I was moved by this gesture time and time again, as were the recipients of the gifts.

This happened often enough that I started using a Birthing Bracelet idea for each of my classes. I asked every couple to bring one bead for each of the other expecting mothers in the class.  I would bring the supplies and we would string the beads into bracelets that they could keep forever.  Each participant handed out their beads and shared the reason for the bead they chose.  Many times it was the color, or the healing properties of the stone, and often it was a charm that held a special meaning.  Over the course of many classes I learned the properties of stones that I hadn’t even heard of.  One day I ran into a woman that had taken my class years prior and she told me that she wore the bracelet on her second pregnancy as well, and that her youngest daughter occasionally wears the bracelet.

You can use this same idea to build a bride’s bracelet. A sweet gesture and a fun moment for a wedding shower. All the attendees could bring a stone or bead to contribute to the bracelet? One with a meaning, or a wish for them to take into their new married life. Whether they wear it, or keep it tucked away in a safe place, your wishes will be with them always. What a fabulous ‘something old’, or ‘something new’ to give a bride. You can add charms to an existing bracelet like these below:

Or suggest a color scheme, or a theme such as Vintage, or Pearls as in these next two.

If it ends up being something that doesn’t fit the bride’s style or color scheme, just make it long enough to be worn as an anklet under her wedding gown.

Here are some of the meanings I have discovered (Alternate stones are listed in parentheses):


Zodiac Stones

Capricorn (De c 22 – Jan 20) – Ruby
Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 21) – Garnet
Pisces (Feb 22 – March 21) – Amethyst
Aries (March 22 – April 20) – Bloodstone (Jasper)
Taurus (April 21 – May 21) – Sapphire
Gemini (May 22 – June 21) – Agate
Cancer (June 22 – July 22) – Emerald
Leo (July 23 – August 22) – Onyx
Virgo (August 23 – Sept 22) – Carnelian
Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 23) – Chrysolite (Peridot)
Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 21) – Aquamarine
Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21) – Topaz

Stone Meanings

Amazonite  – prosperity
Crystal quartz  – harmony
Jasper  – grounding
Lapis lazuli  – intuition
Onyx  – balance
Pearl  – purity
Peridot  – health and wealth
Rhodochrosite  – love
Serpentine  – clarity
Sodalite  – wisdom
Tourmaline  – strength
Turquoise  – peace

Modern Birthstones

January – Garnet
February – Amethyst
March – Aquamarine
April – Diamond
May – Emerald
June – Pearl
July – Ruby
August – Peridot
September – Sapphire
October – Opal
November – Topaz
December – Turquoise / Blue Zircon / Blue Topaz

Traditional Birthstones

January – Garnet
February – Amethyst
March – Bloodstone
April – Diamond
May – Emerald
June – Alexandrite
July – Ruby
August – Sardonyx
September – Sapphire
October – Tourmaline
November – Citrine
December – Turquoise

Wedding Anniversary Stones:

1st           Gold (Peridot)
2nd         Garnet
3rd       Pearl (Jade)
4th       Blue Topaz (Blue Zircon)
5th       Sapphire (Pink Tourmaline)
6th       Amethyst (Turquoise)
7th       Onyx (Yellow Sapphire, Golden Beryl)
8th       Tourmaline (Tanzanite)
9th          Lapis Lazuli (Amethyst, Green Spinel)
10th     Diamond (Blue Sapphire)
11th         Turquoise (Citrine, Yellow Zircon)
12th      Jade (Opal)
13th      Citrine (Moonstone, Hawk’s Eye)
14th        Opal (Agate, Bloodstone)
15th        Ruby (Rhodolite Garnet, Alexandrite)
16th        Peridot (Red Spinel)
17th      Wristwatch (Carnelian)
18th      Cat’s Eye / Chrysoberyl (Aquamarine)
19th      Aquamarine (Almandine Garnet)
20th       Emerald (Yellow or Golden Diamond)
21st      Iolite
22nd     Spinel
23rd        Imperial Topaz
24th      Tanzanite
25th      Silver (Tsavorite, Green Garnet)
30th      Pearl
35th      Emerald
40th      Ruby
45th         Sapphire (Cat’s Eye)
50th      Golden (Imperial / Golden Topaz)
55th      Alexandrite
60th      Diamond (Star Ruby)
65th      Blue Spinel
70th        Sapphire (Smoky Quartz)
75th      Diamond

80th       Ruby

Sign Me Up

Wedding signs don’t need to be typical.  I love the idea of using the couples personality to make a wedding unique.  Here are some sign ideas that can be customized to a couple.

Retro Inspirational Quote Giclee Art Print - Vintage Typography Decor - Customize - Chocolate Answer UK

Rustic "LOVE" white sign made with wood and junk from here and there.

Wooden The Key is Love Sign unique

Custom Bridal Wedding Gift, iron, steel words, good luck, name sign, marriage, anniversary, horseshoes, MADE TO ORDER

save the date, magnet, hollywood clapper sign, unique, set of 12

WEDDING SIGN - Personalized Handpainted Keepsake - Custom Made Wood Wedding Sign

Listing for a UNIQUE 36" x 10" Sign - Custom Engraved Pine or Red Oak Signs - Any Shape, Style, Stain, Font, or Images

Wedding Pets

By EdenGallery

Pets are part of our family.  It’s only natural to think of including them in your ceremony.  If you have made the decision to have your fluffy family member there on your special day then I’m sure that your pet will happily agree to fill the role.  First, learn whether or not your ceremony location is a pet friendly one.  Then, you can decide on their responsibility.  Pet friendly roles can include Ring bearer, flower pet, or bride announcer.  I’m sure there are others that you can imagine as well.  Keep in mind that you’ll need a leash and a caring friend or family member to make sure you fuzzy (or scaly!) loved one stays their calmest and gets where they need to go!  I’ve found a few items to help spice up their apparel and help them look their best on this extraordinary occasion!

Happy Blooms Flower Dog Collar by Pecan Puppies

polka dots,flowers ,pet collar,wedding pets,Wed Eclectic

Rustic Chic Weddings Old Barn Wood Hand Painted Here Comes The Bride Sign For Dog Pet Photo Prop by bragginbags

Dog Bow Tie and Neck Tie Double Shirt Collar Set Blue Checkered and White Reversible by furkidscloset

Eden Gallery

The Something Blue You’ve Never Heard About


The day after…

I can’t remember now if it was one or two days after my reception celebration, but I went mildly off the edge of sanity. It was a combination of a few things that set me off.

I found myself very hurt by the large number of “no-shows”. One of these people was someone that I considered a very best friend and though I had become accustom to her bailing on me, this time it hurt. I wanted to share this party with her. I wanted to treat her to a wonderful dinner.
Then the finances of the whole thing hit me. My husband and I had carried the majority of the expenses for our celebration. The cost of this party hit me the day after and I realized we were never going to recoup it. (He had to sell his motorcycle to help pay for it. I still regret that very much.)
I think that more than anything though, it is so easy to fall into “The Blues” because you have been preparing for the event of your lifetime at a frenzied pace for a year or more and all of a sudden the sleepless nights come to a crashing halt, your days are no longer spent on the phone confirming details, there are no decisions to make about colors, flowers, no more shopping trips, no more bridal shows spent with friends.

I thought I was alone in how I reacted after my reception and felt very off balance until I saw it happen to a close friend of mine. It clicked – I was not alone and this was not uncommon. For her it happened during the latter part of the ceremony. She started balling her eyes out. She was so sad about not having our fun wedding preparation parties to bond over and was worried that we wouldn’t be getting together anymore. I am remorsed to say that she was right, we don’t find reasons to get together as often, but only because we have needed to make room for some of the other joys that our new adventure through life has brought us. I can honestly say that my affection for her has not changed. For this, I am glad.

Prepare yourself and give yourself some breaks and a landing cushion. If I could go back and do it again the first thing I would do is read this and educate myself about how you may feel the day after. Then I would plan a couple of days after the reception with some fun and pampering to extend the end, thus slowing things down before it comes to a crashing halt. Finally, don’t do anything without thinking it through. I deleted all of my gift registries and made it impossible to receive the completion discount that many stores offer if you register with them. Ouch! That hurt.

This post courtesy of Dionne Simone

of My Smitten Boutique

Wonderland Wedding…Part 2

By NeverAPlainJane

I don’t care what you say, you’ve dreamed about a fairy tale wedding.  Even if it was just once. And even if it wasn’t your typical fairy tale.

Over the next few months I’ll draw inspiration from the combined genius of Lewis Carroll, Walt Disney, Tim Burton, and a score of other Alice fanatics to bring you a series of curiouser and curiouser Wonderland Wedding ideas.

Today, forget all about a white wedding.  If you are going to be queen for a day why not make it

The Red Queen

 (via LA Weekly*)

I’m not saying you have to have heart-shaped red hair (although that would be awesome!), but you could definitely set the tone with this amazing ring-bearer pillow from My Haley Girl.

(Hold my Heart Ring Bearer Pillow**)

Sweet, isn’t it?  But why stop at sweet, when you can go sassy.

(links below ***)

Of course, we can’t forget your partner in passion.

(links below ^)

I adore the steampunk touches in this reception décor mood board that refer to the Red Queen’s Victorian roots.

(links below^^)

What about you, my darlings?  Are you a bold ruler of Wonderland or does your wedding fantasy take you down another rabbit hole?



***Clockwise from top left:

^Clockwise from top left:

^^Clockwise from top left:

Kitty Kanzashi – Big Day!

I never thought this day would happen but on the 17 of October, 2011, I, Kitty Kanzashi married my lovely partner of 11years!  We both wanted an intimate wedding because neither of us enjoy being in the limelight, and we wanted to ensure that we took the time to talk to our guests and make sure they were enjoying themselves.  Apart from the hectic half hour where we had to get photos of us with all our relatives, it was a lovely day.

Since both our families live near Southend on Sea, what better place to get married then at a cozy seaside hotel?  We chose to get married in the lovely Roslin Hotel right on the seafront because (1), the food there was fab and, (2), we wanted a place where we could have the ceremony and reception in the same place.


My wedding dress was made by the brilliant Bound By Obsession, while my partner looked very dashing in his TM Lewin suit.


Of course, the wedding would not be complete without a few kanzashi for me, my partner, the immediate family and my matron of honour.


After the ceremony, I set aside some time for a tea ceremony which was an element of my Chinese culture popping in.


Oh, and here is a fun shot of my friends and I showing off our shoes!


This post was brought to you by Kitty of Kitty Kanzashi

>Throw away the bouquet


As an offbeat bride one must think outside the box and how about this for one, replacing the bouquet?

But replace it with what you may ask? How about the following?


A staple for all us ladies whether we are going out for the night or just to work. So why not take one down the aisle? It will come in handy for storing little items such as tissues, lipstick and compact. A perfect example is from Roselani Jasmin shop.

Of course your bridesmaid can not be left out so about getting some matching ones from Norakaren.


For those are getting married in chilly climates then discard the bouquet and opt for a shrug to keep your shoulders warm.

This lovely purple shrug from Vintage Frocks of Fancy should get you all the attention and more!

And this capelet from Liaison is full of glamour and fashion.


If your wedding theme is masquerade then walk down the aisle with a mask instead. Artisan Maskers creates a whole range of mask that will tickle your fancy.

In fact why not get the whole congregation to have mask?

I hope this has given you offbeat brides of some ideas of breaking the mould.