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Featured Team Shop

We like to feature one of our team member’s shops each month…

Here is an interview with Julie, owner/designer at OddLotEmporium, and one of our most active new team members. She won the February Treasury Challenge. : )


How did you start your shop?

I have been an artist and an online artist for years. I got my start at a popular POD site and then heard about Etsy through some friends and decided hey why not!?


How did you come up with your shop name?

I have an offline website and blog that goes by the name of Odd Lot Weddings and my Etsy shop Odd Lot emporium was suggested by some friends b/c I offer so much more than jsut wedding printables. I do handmade wood blocks also!


What has the response been like from the (local/online) community since you opened?

Oh man, I really just thought it would be slow and Id have to build, but the response has been overwhelming! I have had my offbeat wedding invites in a magazine, featured on Offbeat Bride and been asked to exclusively design for 2 online stationery stores. So this year has been great! And of course my brides are amazing and I feel so honored that I get to create amazing design for their weddings!


Tell us about some of your favorite items in the shop.

Man, some of my favorite are my sugar skull designs, s much so that hubby has actually gotten one on his leg tattooed while we were on vacation in Mexico! Another is my Gothic skeleton wedding suite. I just LOVE offbeat weddings!


Who or what would you say has had the most influence over your craft?

I would have to say that just comes from within. I have always been told I was “unusual” and most people think I’m a little quirky. That’s fine with me!!! lol. I am the type of person that can be inspired by almost anything, especially the weird! I love a challenge!


What inspires you?

The funkier, more unusual and just weird the better. I will often be walking and have to do a double take to stop and capture an image with my phone. I just get inspired by everything and have to take notes that very second so I don’t forget it.


What is your favorite wedding trend (now or past)?

Oh man, I have always loved gothic steampunk all the way.


What would you like to see at more weddings?

I’d just like to see Brides not be scared. Take your wedding to the next level and be unusual, be yourself. Its your day and you shouldn’t live up to anyone’s expectations except your own. Let your personality shine through in everything you do and it will be a very memorable day full of fun.


Given the opportunity, which celebrity would you like to see wearing your designs?

Bah! Dita Von Tess absolutely! She would rock it!


What is your unicorn – that is, what is an object or skill that has eluded you so far?

Marketing, lol. I am good at designing but really need to learn how to get my name & what I do out there to the public.


What do you think the future holds for you / your shop?

The future is great. With hard work and dedication to being the best person with a great attitude for my brides, it can only grow! Because when it comes down to it, my designs are great but I am offering not only those but also my compassion and helping hand to my clients to make their day special and memorable.


Wedding trends for 2013

By DelaneyJewelryDesigns


(Part 1 of 3)

Here are some of my favorite trends topping the charts. If only I could do it again.

#1        Wedding Dresses with Pockets.

Of course, pockets. And it’s about time. Why didn’t I think of that? Okay, that wasn’t exactly my first thought. It was more like: What? Wedding Dresses with pockets? Well maybe just a little one for lipstick, or money, but wedding dresses are heavy enough without bulky pockets. That is what the maid of honor is for. But seriously, look how clever this is. Nothing like what I had imagined when I first read about them. I love this gorgeous dress by PureMagnoliaCouture:



This one I found on The Art of Weddings almost completely hides the pockets. It’s amazing!



I realized that pockets in a wedding dress can be completely invisible with the right designer. They are nowhere near as obvious as I had originally imagined.  I would probably have a hard time not loading them up with miscellaneous stuff, so mine would need to be small. But this one by PantoraBridal is what made me realize you can hide them on almost any dress.



#2        Lace, Lace and more Lace

Everything I’ve read states that lace will not only maintain its very large presence in 2013, but it will continue to grow in popularity. I now see it everywhere, but some of these designers are clearly trend setters paving the way.  Lace is nothing new when it comes to shoes, but now there are so many options. In fact, even if you have already purchased shoes for your big day, but you’re not loving them as much as you did when you first spotted them, or if you have a favorite pair of shoes that you wish you could wear down the aisle, this shop will help you redesign and decorate your shoes to give them a new look!! Check out this makeover by Something thine wedding shoes:



You absolutely have to spend time perusing this shop! You will fall in love with so many designs. I love the platform heels on these gorgeous shoes by DesignYourPedestal:



One place I didn’t even consider incorporating lace was on my invitations. This elegant design by Vintage Lace Wedding Cards makes me want to plan another wedding:


#3        Reality Wedding

Technology can play a larger part in weddings as live streaming becomes more popular. It’s a great way to share your special day with loved ones who cannot attend. Broadcasting your wedding to anyone anywhere is a fun way to include more people in your real life event. Check out “I DO” Stream to broadcast your wedding live. They offer a D.I.Y. package and they even allow you to share it on Facebook.


Owner/Artist: Keri O’Hara

Wed In Red

By MoonshineBaby

Although the ethereal grace of white weddings in the West has always been a favorite adopted by many,  it does not quite equal the passion & romance of marrying in red!

In ancient Rome, the first bridal veils were worn, and were usually an intense red flame-like color which shrouded their entire bodies, called a Flammeum. This early veil would also vary in fiery shades of yellow & orange among the ancient Greeks, but all were intended to protect the bride and the union from evil spirits. Here is an early Roman bride wearing her Flammeum veil:

Perhaps the most opulent of Red Weddings has to be those in both China & in India, who prize the color and believe it attracts happiness, luck & good fortune. In fact, the Indian bride traditionally wears a red dress & veil, but will also have red henna designs with hidden romantic messages or auspicious symbols for her husband to read during their wedding night painted all over her body.  Instead of being carried over the threshold, the bride will partake in a ritual in which she dips her feet in red colored water and then walks barefoot through her new home – a custom symbolizing her new role as a married woman.

The Chinese bride will change three times into one red dress for the Tea Ceremony,  another red dress for the actual Wedding Ceremony, and finally a third red dress for the Wedding

Reception.  Some even have changes of gowns during the reception just for fun.

Inspired by these traditions here are some Red Hot creations by the Wed Eclectic team to set your wedding day ablaze!

“Adored” Veiled Headpiece by MataHari’sDaughter

Masquerade Masks for Two by Artisan Maskers


Personalized Monograms for Wedding invitations by WeddingMonograms


 Red Feather Headdress with Roses & Silver Pheasant Feathers by LaCocoRouge


Paper Flower Bridal Bouquets by TheLittleRedButton


Red Sunflower Fascinator by MySmittenBoutique

Hand-painted Wine Glasses by PureBeautyArt

By MoonshineBaby of WedEclectic

Meet Poptastic Bride

Wed Eclectic has become close friends with Poptastic Bride over the last year.   Cynthia is this uber talented designer and she makes some of the coolest invites on the market (and T-shirts).  I say this because I have seen every kind of invite and often I am underwhelmed.  Letterpress is classic and if Wed Eclectic stands for anything it is to be yourself in unexpected ways.  Let me show you what I mean:

And then just recently Cynthia started a FREE printable line.  YAY!!!!

I think you see what I’m talking about.  ORIGINAL goodies that you won’t find at every wedding you attend this summer!

Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gifts with us and supporting Wed Eclectic like a true friend!



Make Believe’N

>Carnival Themed Weddings – A Break from the Traditional


It’s summer time and you know what that means!

The carnival is coming to town and you have a wedding to plan 🙂

Themed weddings can be a break from the traditional church going crowd.

Imagine having a Pie-in-your-Face stand instead of the traditional smearing of the cake all over your significant other. Or how about fresh popped popcorn as a welcome munchie? We know the birdies like it better than rice.

From the invitations to the person who pronounces you husband and wife (or ringmaster and ringmistress) you can have a themed wedding to fill your carny desires!

Fabulous Hair from PuppyCatMeow

Carny Masque from ArtisanMaskers

Exotic Snake Charmer/Queen from MoonshineBaby

Tiny Topper for the Ring from DelightWorthy

Stephanie Farley

>Have an Inexpensive Offbeat Wedding


     Like most brides out there, one of your major concerns is probably making your wedding memorable and unique while staying within your budget.  You can actually have a unique yet cheap wedding by saying goodbye traditional type of wedding and daring to be different.  Here are two easy tips for you:

1. Make Do-It-Yourself handmade invitations. If you’re artistically inclined then lucky you! You can design them and personally select materials to use. Making your handmade invitations make them extra special because they have your personal touch. But, if you’re someone who isn’t so creative person yet wants a handmade invitation that is not a problem!  There are several websites that can help you with that. The best example is EARMARK Invitations.

Would you believe that the price of these beautiful handmade invitations ranges from $1 to $3 only? There are not just ‘pocket friendly’ but certainly eco-friendly too.

2. If your mother insists that you wear her wedding dress, give in to her request. If you find her dress downright ugly then beautify it! Bring new life to that old dress by having it restructured, or use some of its fabric to make a new dress. You can also buy a ‘pre-loved’ wedding dress.

      If you really want a brand new one, then research on the internet. If it is possible pick a dress that you can probably wear again on a different occasion. A practical bride-to-be wouldn’t spend so much on something she can only use once.  Have you heard of Chameleon Dresses? They are simply convertible dresses.

This elegant wedding dress by Isadora Clothing can be worn as a one shoulder style and can be converted to a halter neck. This single dress can be converted into different ones! They can provide convertible dresses even for your bridesmaids.

The best thing about these gorgeous reversible dresses is that they are very affordable.  Did you know that the average cost of a wedding dress is $500? Yikes! But these Chameleon Dresses are below $300! Isn’t that fantastic?

     Your wedding dress does not have to cost a lot.  What matters is you like it and look gorgeous in it.A tight budget shouldn’t restrict you from having a beautiful wedding. Tradition should not hold you back from turning your dream wedding into a reality. After all, it’s YOUR day, celebrate it the way YOU want it to.  🙂

>Designer Invites and Programs


QUINCY Mustache Wedding Invitation and RSVP Set

DIY can be one of the most stressful elements in the wedding preparation process.  As fun as doing it yourself can be, it also requires a ton of time, patience and more money than you would expect.  If you are like most couples about to be married, these may be in short supply.  An alternative to the wholesale store looking printed invites, RSVP cards, programs and thank you cards, is using a designer that is willing to do custom work.  Grey Dog Designs loves custom work that is tailored to a couples personality and style.   This is professional work printed with a giclee printer.  No home printers are used.  They use super high quality paper products and inks to ensure an amazing product.  Samples are available at a very reasonable cost.
LENORE Wedding Invitation and Response Sample Set

>Eco Chic Wedding Ideas

>I can totally understand why my carbon footprint is important, even if I haven’t done everything I can to reduce it.  For the wedding couple that is making every effort in having the most Eco friendly wedding…..

These tumblers were originally wine glasses that are now reused and created into a set of glasses anyone would enjoy.  Perfect for the entire wedding reception as favors or as a gift to the Eco conscious wedding couple.  Bottlehood has vision!

Set of SIX TUMBLERS made from Recycled Wine Bottles

10eisha is one of the originators of cruelty free feather wedding products.  All of the feathers in her amazing items are collected without any harm to the birds.  She can also go vegan and recycled at a clients request.  Her Eco friendly supplies can be purchased for your own DIY wedding adventure at

LaurenLoweDesigns takes the time to do Eco friendly invites right.  There are no new trees used the the production of these invitations.  All of her designs are original and super chic!

Eco friendly - Spring Mist - Wedding Invitations

>Weddings gone buggy! For the lovers of the six legged.


You know that person that shoos the flies out the door or picks up a spider with a piece of paper and takes it to the flower bed.  Well, that’s me.  I don’t typically kill the little fellas.  I don’t want them in the house, but I think they have a place in our world too.  For the bug lovers out there, this collection is some fun buggy finds.  Maybe you’re an entomologist (big word, so had to look it up) and love to study the big eyed critters.  Or maybe you were that little girl that sat in the garden and loved watching the bees (me again).  Anyhoo, this is a sweet version of what I imagine a bug themed wedding could be.  Enjoy!
Honeycomb Love Wedding Invitation
Gossamer  Winged DRAGONFLY garter HAND PAINTED a PETERENE original design
Lovebug Wedding Cake Toppers
Dragonfly Place Cards