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Sentimental Style

Being sentimental with a bit of pizzazz is ideal for the eclectic bride or groom.  Here are some finds to make your special moments even more memorable.

Wedding Puzzle Guest Book (A guest book alternative) 40 piecesi heart Africa- Bamboo.A couple and a dog are at the white sand island in a tiny bottleCustom Vintage Map Cutout Two Hearts Beat As One Original Design by PaperCutWorks


Make Believe’N

Equally Beautiful Love



You may already know this but just in case you don’t the Wed Eclectic team is pro GAY,  pro LGBT, pro be you and flaunt it no matter what it looks like.  I’m a HUGE fan of beautiful ‘gay’ photography because it is a rarity.  For every ten thousand beautiful hetero wedding pics there is one homosexual picture.

During our recent photo shoot we asked our gentlemen to pose with one another for this striking image.  They being wonderful professionals, obliged without any issue.  Thank you to Derek and Eastyn and Jannelle of Darling Studios for making my day complete.  I swear this needs to be framed or turned into a post card 🙂

Wondering how we added the cool Nat King Cole song lyrics???  It isn’t Photoshop.  That is a chalkboard wall!  Tony of Darling Studios did an amazing job with the alignment…it took twine and tape to make sure everything was exact.   Turned out perfectly!

With love (always),


Make Believe’N



August 2011 Digital Calendar

Click on the picture to DOWNLOAD

Adaleta otherwise known as Polkadile is going to be contributing a monthly digital download.  This month we are sucking the very last drops out of summer with sunshine.

Sorry for the late post…only a few days in August left 🙂


A Perfect Pairing

If you are a regular reader you already know that the ‘team’ recently collaborated on an impressive, hugely scaled, styled photography shoot.  I wanted to take this time to share with you my very favorite image from the entire day.  Jannelle of Darling Studios has a magical way with the camera and her editing skills are truly amazing.  Emerald Dove our model is wearing a perfect pairing.  Her stunning headdress is courtesy of La Coco Rouge and that necklace was created by Smitten Boutique.  All of it was topped with a cherry kiss like the most perfect sundae with ruby lips by Amanda Moyo and Blasina Salam.

I consider this the crown jewel of the whole shoot and I bet it makes you drool a little.

ps: You can’t tell but Emerald sports an entire head of dreads.  WHAT!!!!!????  Erin Sillesky and Candice McCamman rocked her wild hair into 40s style perfection.

Killer huh?


Make Believe’N Alternative Weddings LLC



Do You Like It HOT?

It is sometimes very very hard to get up the courage to use hot colors on lips.  Personally I stick to the tawny colors so when Amanda Moyo put hot HOT pink lipstick on our model Sirena Bordoy we were surprised.  And then….delighted!  I suggest giving a hot hue a try next time you swing by the makeup counters of your favorite department store.  Look at what can happen.

Photos by Darling Studios

Dress by Bel Fiore Bridal

Belt by Make Believe’N






Meet Poptastic Bride

Wed Eclectic has become close friends with Poptastic Bride over the last year.   Cynthia is this uber talented designer and she makes some of the coolest invites on the market (and T-shirts).  I say this because I have seen every kind of invite and often I am underwhelmed.  Letterpress is classic and if Wed Eclectic stands for anything it is to be yourself in unexpected ways.  Let me show you what I mean:

And then just recently Cynthia started a FREE printable line.  YAY!!!!

I think you see what I’m talking about.  ORIGINAL goodies that you won’t find at every wedding you attend this summer!

Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gifts with us and supporting Wed Eclectic like a true friend!



Make Believe’N

Groomsmen Gifts That He Will Want



This selection of must have/I want now groomsmen gifts is from Jennifer of Nostalgic Links

Marry the Nerd


You make a lot of decisions for your wedding day, but the most crucial is …… choosing the groom!

Do you choose the cool guy, the good-looking guy, or how about the adorable bad boy?  If you want a great husband, a man who will adore you forever …… marry a nerd!  You know that shy, funny, brainy guy who relates to “Big Bang Theory”and never pushes himself on people ….. he is just always there for you!  That’s exactly the guy I married …. in fact he refers to himself as the “king of the Nerdesians”.   However, he always makes me laugh, he is unfailingly encouraging, he puts me first and his children adore him.  On our 30th anniversary he took me to Paris!  This April we will celebrate our 40th anniversary!   This wonderful man has given me a truly happy, well-traveled, beautifully-lived life!!!  Marry that nerd!


This post is courtesy of Mrs. Michel Smoley

Broach Bouquet, Feathers- Tuxedo Edition

La Chic Femme



DIY or Not to DIY????

Ah, the dilemma of “to DIY or not to DIY?” Many couples decide to take on wedding items as DIY projects to save money and personalize their weddings. But before you jump in with both feet (and your wallet), make sure to know what you are getting into. Follow these tips, and you may find yourself a little less stressed on your wedding day.

Have you got the skills?
Would you consider yourself an expert seamstress/tailor? If so, creating your wedding attire, and possibly your attendants’ attire too, may be a great way to showcase your talents and save on some of the expense of your wedding. However, if you can’t hem a pair of pants or a skirt, creating your dream gown or suit may be a bit out of your reach. Look at your recent creations and accomplishments to determine if you can tackle any given DIY project in your timeline.

Free time? Where did it all go?
Any DIY project takes time…whether an hour or two, or most of your waking hours. If you are already overwhelmed by work, your family, and planning your wedding, chances are that you may not have the time or energy to tackle a number of wedding projects. To get an idea of the time it would take, look at DIY threads on your favorite wedding community or blog, and search for DIY tutorials. Ask how long it took them to create their wedding flowers, invitations, etc. You’ll have a clearer idea whether your estimate is accurate if their experience matches your expectations, but you may end up revising your estimates based on the their answers. Take an honest assessment of how much available time you have, and if you would have the energy to work on it, before taking it on.

Money, money, money…
DIYing does not necessarily mean that you will save money creating an item for your wedding yourself, though it may save some expense. Price the ready-made items that are offered elsewhere, then price the supplies you need. Increase your total estimate by 1.5 or 2 times to address mistakes, change of plans, and revisions after showing trusted friends and family members your drafts. And make sure to count your time in your estimates…

If you still want to take on the project yourself, accounting for the cost and time to create it, you should be ready to take it on! Purchase a few supplies and try it out before buying everything you need, in case you need to redesign it or decide to go plan B (or C…).

It’s my creation! Or…is it?
Chances are that if you have an idea in your head for something you would like to create and look for examples on the internet, you’ll find a few similar items, if not something that matches what you envision. Just as you wouldn’t want the next bride and groom in your family or group of friends to copy your ceremony, attire, flowers, etc., be respectful of other people’s creations.  “Inspired by” creations are flattering, but a copy of a unique or custom item could lead to trouble later on.

Start early…really early…how about *now*? : )

It’s never, ever, too early to start your projects. You will feel much better if you have your bouquets done 3-4 months in advance, rather than rushing to finish them a few day before your wedding…as I did. : )

Make a project plan and try to get things as quickly as possible. I would estimate that you would want to start your invitations at least 2 months prior than your planned date to mail them, and any reception/ceremony items would be best to finish 1-2 months before…or you may find yourself finishing up a few projects the night before your wedding, after your rehearsal dinner (been there, done that), or on the fly while setting up your reception hall. 🙂

You’ll find your DIY experience will be remembered fondly if you have things well planned out, if you are able to create everything early enough to not cause additional wedding stress, and if you are satisfied with the results, especially if your family and friends complement your work.

And if you try to DIY and it doesn’t meet your expectations, reach out to someone who can lend a helping hand or provide advice, or if needed, create what you envision for you…like many of the WedEclectic team members, who specialize in bride and groom attire and accessories, alternative bouquets, invitations, ceremony and reception décor. We’re always here to help you!

Jennifer Ferencz – Barato

Clay Bouquet Shop

“Jeweled Bridal Accessories and Clay Floral Bouquets”


The Corsetry Tales – V.1

The Corsetry Tales – V.1 byLa Coco Rouge 

 The Anatomy of the Corset

Custom Romantic Victorian  Ivory Satin Brocade Corset

There are many details to the anatomy of a corset but we are going to cover the main foundations for what makes a corset a solid and well-made item of clothing.

First off – what the heck IS a corset?  Good ole provides us with this answer:

COR-SET   [kawr-sit] noun

1. Sometimes, corsets. a close-fitting undergarment, stiffened with whalebone or similar material and often capable of being tightened by lacing, enclosing the trunk: worn, especially by women, to shape and support the body; stays

Super sexy and alluring this garment lends an hourglass figure to every woman emphasizing the waist, hips and sometimes the breasts.

A popular choice for weddings, a corset will assist in ensuring the bride will sit and stand straight (no hunching ladies!) as well as giving the groom a run for his money with quiet fantasies of getting his bride alone and how to stop the drooling from his mouth 😉

Drab Gray Steampunk Victorian Corset

So what makes a corset just that?

MAIN FABRIC – This material should be made of a durable, non-stretch fabric.  Coutil, leather, silk, satin,  canvas, linen, and cotton are all popular choices.  Velvet can also be used but is preferred as an accent than a main fabric choice.

BUSK – This is the front closure of the corset.  Most often constructed of a metal panel with hook and eye closures it can also be fastened with a zipper.

BONING, STAYS OR RIBS – This is what keeps your corset straight without bending and is used to help the garment keep its shape.  Cheap and inexpensive corsets will use plastic boning which causes the fabric to wrinkle and lose its shape.  Quality corsets will use flat or spiral steel to keep the garment looking smooth.  These were originally made out of whale bones which give us the term “boning”.

GROMMETS – A metal eyelet through which the laces of the corset are passed through.  Use of the grommets will prevent uneven pull and wear to the corset as well as preventing ripping and tearing from the lacing.

LACES – Made of non-stretch cotton or ribbon the laces are what ties the corset in the back.  Note that the tighter the laces, the smaller the waist.  The laces are what will give the corset its ultimate hourglass shape.

PULLER LOOPS – This is the part of the laces where the tying takes place.  The best corsets will have these.  They are located in the middle of the back of the corset and are as the name implies – loops.  Working from the top and the bottom towards the center, pulling on the loops will give the corset it’s beautiful shape.

MODESTY PANEL – Located between the two back panels with the laces, this material serves a dual purpose.  One – to prevent the laces from digging into the back and Two – to finish the overall look.

eco-concious  bridal corset natural cotton

Now there are many more details and items that go into the style of corset that you are wearing but when shopping for a high-quality and well made garment you will need these items in place.

If choosing between two corsets and you are on a budget, you could possibly go without the modesty panel or the puller laces.  My recommendation is to find a corseter that uses all of these elements as you will then have a garment that will last for generations and be fit for comfort.

Canada shoppers – Visit LaBelleFairy’s shop on Etsy to peruse her fabulous collection of soft and romantic corsets.

USA – shoppers – Feeling a bit more dangerous?  Ms. Martha’s Corset Shoppe has what you need from Steampunk to Fetish.

UK Shoppers – Handworked leather corsets

Zahira’s Boudoir