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Wed In Red

By MoonshineBaby

Although the ethereal grace of white weddings in the West has always been a favorite adopted by many,  it does not quite equal the passion & romance of marrying in red!

In ancient Rome, the first bridal veils were worn, and were usually an intense red flame-like color which shrouded their entire bodies, called a Flammeum. This early veil would also vary in fiery shades of yellow & orange among the ancient Greeks, but all were intended to protect the bride and the union from evil spirits. Here is an early Roman bride wearing her Flammeum veil:

Perhaps the most opulent of Red Weddings has to be those in both China & in India, who prize the color and believe it attracts happiness, luck & good fortune. In fact, the Indian bride traditionally wears a red dress & veil, but will also have red henna designs with hidden romantic messages or auspicious symbols for her husband to read during their wedding night painted all over her body.  Instead of being carried over the threshold, the bride will partake in a ritual in which she dips her feet in red colored water and then walks barefoot through her new home – a custom symbolizing her new role as a married woman.

The Chinese bride will change three times into one red dress for the Tea Ceremony,  another red dress for the actual Wedding Ceremony, and finally a third red dress for the Wedding

Reception.  Some even have changes of gowns during the reception just for fun.

Inspired by these traditions here are some Red Hot creations by the Wed Eclectic team to set your wedding day ablaze!

“Adored” Veiled Headpiece by MataHari’sDaughter

Masquerade Masks for Two by Artisan Maskers


Personalized Monograms for Wedding invitations by WeddingMonograms


 Red Feather Headdress with Roses & Silver Pheasant Feathers by LaCocoRouge


Paper Flower Bridal Bouquets by TheLittleRedButton


Red Sunflower Fascinator by MySmittenBoutique

Hand-painted Wine Glasses by PureBeautyArt

By MoonshineBaby of WedEclectic

>Wonderful World of Kanzashi


In the west, a traditional wedding is a white affair however in the multi-cultural world that we live in today this is no longer the only option. Recently I was commissioned by a bride to make two hana kanzashi because she was getting married in a kimono.

Hana kanzashi translated from Japanese to English means “flower hair ornaments” and are worn mainly by Maiko (apprentice geiko). However they are also worn on special occasions such as weddings or the “coming of age” ceremony in Japan.

Here is a picture of Maiko Koyoshi wearing a momiji (Maple Leaf) kanzashi.

(copyright Onihide – Flickr)

So which kanzashi did my bride commissioned me to make? In the end she choice to customize Cherry Blossom Crescent and Mellow Pink and the end result was as follow.

I really enjoy fulfilling custom order as it allows me to create kanzashi which I wouldn’t have otherwise made due to storage constraints. Also the thought of creating an item which the bride will treasure makes me very happy.

However for all you brides who are planning a white wedding do not despair since I am able to customize all of my kanzashi designs to suit your colour scheme.

If you are interested in any of my designs then visit my shop.

>Warm Hues For Fall Weddings

>Gone is the need for the traditional white wedding, now is the time to splash a little color… a little you into your wedding. Fall is such a fun explosion of dark rich tones and your weddings can be too…if you dare to be a little offbeat!!

Here are some great finds for your Fall Wedding:





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