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Engagement Inspiration – Thank You Cards

by ForestCandleStudio

Congratulations – you’re engaged!! Here are some wonderful cards to thank your guests after your engagement party or bridal shower.

All are handmade and customizable from shops on Etsy. Two of them are pdf files so you can print out however many you need for yourself. Clicking on each photo will open a new tab to that shop’s listing for information about each item.

steampunkthankyoucardpdf stripethankyoucards personalizedthankyounotecards patchworkthankyoucards kissingcouplethankyoucardpdf kissingbirdsthankyoucards graciasthankyoucards filigreethankyoucard chevronthankyoucards bigthanksnotecards

Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

July Giveaway!

This month’s WedEclectic giveaway is hosted by

Just look at the memorial charms she creates! If you are struggling to find a way to include the memory of someone special in your wedding, this would be the perfect way to do so!

For brides’ and grooms’ floral accessories…

For bridal, anniversary, or everyday jewelry…

And for a keepsake ornament or decor…

Keri is offering a small personalized bridal bouquet charm for this month’s giveaway…a $55 value!

This giveaway will run until midnight, July 31st, but don’t wait!

Entries will be accepted for:

Commenting, including your favorite item from Delaney Photo Jewelry‘s shop.

Commenting that you hearted Delaney Photo Jewelry‘s Etsy shop (and your Etsy name for verification).

Following Delaney Photo Jewelry’s blog.

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The giveaway is open worldwide. Shipping is the responsibility of the winner.

The winner will be chosen randomly, verified, and contacted on August 1st via email with the good news!

Toast in Style!

By ForestCandleStudio

The wedding couple may share a drink from their very own “loving cup” during their ceremony. Then during their reception, glasses are raised in toasts wishing health and happiness to the newlyweds, praises all around, and thank you’s to the guests. Many wedding couples want their own ceremonial cups and toasting glasses to be meaningful to them, to commemorate their special day. Whether you drink wine, champagne, beer, sparkling juice, tea or coffee, here are some wonderful drinking vessels (all found on Etsy) to help you find a style that suits you just right!

Loving Cup aka Quaich (Scottish tradition): Handmade by Page Pottery

Hand-carved Vintage Wedding Cup (European): available from Bedouin

Vintage German Bridal Cup: available from Saltsman Soap

Custom Porcelain Cups, Hand-carved Design, Personalized: Handmade by The Celadon Studio

Handcrafted Wedding Goblets: handmade by BB Woodturnings

Beer Glasses Personalized Engraved: Handmade by Glass Girl Jen

Hand-painted Personalized Wedding Cups: Handmade by WanderSketch

Hand-painted & Embellished Champagne Flutes: Handmade by Pure Beauty Art

Champagne Flutes Custom Engraved & Personalized: Handmade by Brad Goodell

Vintage Glass Lover’s Cups: available from Parkledge

Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

Sign Me Up

Wedding signs don’t need to be typical.  I love the idea of using the couples personality to make a wedding unique.  Here are some sign ideas that can be customized to a couple.

Retro Inspirational Quote Giclee Art Print - Vintage Typography Decor - Customize - Chocolate Answer UK

Rustic "LOVE" white sign made with wood and junk from here and there.

Wooden The Key is Love Sign unique

Custom Bridal Wedding Gift, iron, steel words, good luck, name sign, marriage, anniversary, horseshoes, MADE TO ORDER

save the date, magnet, hollywood clapper sign, unique, set of 12

WEDDING SIGN - Personalized Handpainted Keepsake - Custom Made Wood Wedding Sign

Listing for a UNIQUE 36" x 10" Sign - Custom Engraved Pine or Red Oak Signs - Any Shape, Style, Stain, Font, or Images

>Love knows no barriers


We live in a big wide world and people fall in love from all different backgrounds. This means when it comes to the wedding day one may have to jump over some cultural difficulties.

This can come in many forms, for example, the brides’ family may want a traditional white wedding in a church while the grooms’ family could be Buddhist. Or maybe you are in an inter-racial relationship and you have two families’ culture from different sides of the world.

However rather then viewing this as a complication, you should use your cultural differences as a way of making your wedding offbeat and get the best of both worlds!

How can one do this? Well here are some steps that one could use.

Step 1 – Planning stage

Before you pick up any magazines, books or looking at websites, sit down and think about what cultural elements you wish to have and where. Maybe there is a custom that you wish to follow or wearing a specific wedding colour. Try and list all the things that are important to the both of you and then assign an element of the wedding to them.

Step 2 – Compromise

Time to think about your family and friends. It maybe your wedding day but unless you are not having any guest you must consider their feelings. Most are more then likely to be happy with your decisions but there will always be someone who will try and throw a spanner in your plans.

Therefore you may need to compromise in certain areas so it is best to sort this out as soon as possible to avoid future upsets and stress.

Step 3 – Research, research and research

Now it is time to look at magazines, books and websites to find what you want. Do not feel that you will need everything to be custom-made. You may be surprise with what you find from mainstream wedding suppliers. Remember it is what you do rather then what you buy that makes you offbeat.

However don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track in your research. Find suppliers from the country that your culture originate. Ask family members and friends for recommendations as it isn’t always obvious especially if you are not fluent in your cultures language.

If you still can’t find anything then consider custom-made. Etsy has an array of designers and artists who are capable of making your dreams come true.

Step 4 – Timing

Now it is time to start ordering especially if you wish to order from overseas suppliers. You may think this is an obvious thing to consider but you will be surprise how fast time flies once you start getting things together. Placing your order for overseas suppliers early is important as it will give you time to receive the items and inspect them. If they are not suitable then you will have the time to get it changed or find an alternative. Of course some things are not possible to receive ahead of time like the wedding cakes but it is a good idea to discuss your ideas with supplier to make sure they understand your requirements and importantly deliver it on your wedding day!

Hopefully with these steps you will help you with your multi-cultural wedding issues and remember if everything doesn’t go according to plan. Just run off to Las Vegas and get married by Elvis! (Only kidding)

>Working With Custom Vendors


Bridal Season is heating up and now is the time to start contacting vendors for your custom pieces! I have put together a few tips to help you get exactly what you have envisioned for your big day.

When you contact a vendor about making a custom piece or set make sure you mention the important stuff up front.

  • Your wedding date is of course important but also letting the vendor know about any hair trials or other “need by” dates.
  • Let the designer know if you are considering a bigger set and not just one item. Some vendors, like myself, will give a discount for bigger sets!
  • Your budget. I know, I know – you feel like giving someone a budget is like letting someone rip you off (what if they were going to say way less!?) I felt the same way when I was planning my wedding. But here is the thing, if you let me know how much you want to spend I can find materials and sources to make the best piece possible for that amount of money. I may even throw in something extra because i know it will make your wallet happy!
  • Pictures, Ideas & Inspiration. Nothing will help a vendor give you a quote faster than pictures of what you are looking for. Your idea of medium may be way different than mine – but a picture of what you think is medium will help me to know exactly what you expect. Pictures are the key to success. Send pictures of your dress, your shoes, something you like, your hair, whatever. Every picture helps.

Other things to consider:

Color Obsessed: Go to Home Depot and grab some free paint color swatches that match your theme – ask your designer for their mailing address and send them off!

Pressed for Time: Let the designer know up front if you are super stressed out. Even if your wedding is 8 months away – if you mentally need something done soon, please let us know!

Not happy with the final product?
Talk to your vendor! If a comb, a fit, a size, a whatever, is not working for you, just let the designer know. They will most likely be happy to try and fix it for you. Even if your wedding is 3 days from now – your designer can talk you through a simple fix that you or a loved one can do at home. If you don’t let us know, we cant fix it.

Good Luck and Congratulations!

>Thrilled to be a new member….

>I found this team on, when one of your kind members added my shoes to a treasury and I was blown away and absolutely charmed.Not a minute after I wanted to be part of this wonderful group of designers, artists and people like me who understand the “Offbeat Bride”.

I look forward to meeting Glenda (from Midnight Boudoir ) in person, as she will be coming down in January to Florida to visit family.  I admire her store and I can’t wait to wear one of her exotic hair pieces…I guess we both love Peacocks!

>Wire Art = Amazing Cake Toppers


The Dragonfly and Daylily Wedding Cake Topper (custom)  by WeddingsAndWire on Etsy

Sometimes you are smacked with something amazing.  Something you wish you had thought of first or something you wish you could do.  That is how I feel about this artist’s work.  Eric from WeddingsAndWire is so creative and original it makes me envious!  These cake toppers blow my mind.  Each one is created to the clients specifications.  Like off the wall?  Super personalized?  Then this is your guy.  Giant birds, fast motorcycles, and bugs are his specialties.


Hand Painted Placecard Dishes for Your Unique Wedding
Simply pretty prints wedding gifts

I can think of a hundred things to do with these shallow bride and groom dishes.  They are perfect for setting next to the bathroom sink.   What a great place for the newlyweds to place their cherished rings when bathing.  This would be a great wedding gift.  Simply pretty prints can also do custom work so bride and bride or groom and groom plates for our gay and lesbian community are available.