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What is a Fascinator or Fascinator Hat?

By La Coco Rouge 

Now that Kate Middleton has taken the world by storm with her fabulous styled hats, I am asked less often “what is a fascinator?”

Fascinators and fascinator hats are setting a new trend for fashion on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.  Europeans have always had a special love for these dainty and bold headpieces and it looks as though the US is falling in line.

Mata Hari’s Daughter

There used to be a discernible difference between the term “cocktail hat” and “fascinator” but like all true melting pots the terms are merging to become one.  I rarely hear the term cocktail hat anymore and wonder if the term may be falling into disuse due to its upstart and trendy “new” cousin.

Today a fascinator and fascinator hat is attached to the hair via combs, pins, clips, headband or elastic.  If it requires fastening to stay on the head – chances are good it’s a fascinator.  If it has a brim or sidewalls it’s a hat.


Most fascinators and fascinator hats, not all, will start with a base of some kind and then other materials are added such as feathers, flowers, pearls, sequins, ribbons, brooches, etc.

It used to be that these were worn for formal occasions but today you can see them sold in stores as daily accessory wear.

These hairpiece accessories can be used to complement a fancy hairstyle or to dress up a simple and casual look.  Note that the more elaborate the headpiece the more attention will be focused on it so style light on the rest of the outfit and use accent pieces sparingly.


The flapper generation spawned a delicious flurry of headpieces and hair wear.  Their short hair styles and simply cut dress fashions encouraged elaborate hair accessories.

Visit the team member shops of WedEclectic to find your own beauty for your upcoming wedding…or just for fun!

A Cultural Wedding

As a designer, to hear that your work has been featured somewhere; well, it’s the icing on the cake. Whether it’s traditional or non, exotic or more familiar, it doesn’t even matter; it’s simply delicious. And I love to share, so feast your eyes on this……

Maharani Weddings: Southern California Wedding Ceremony by Grand Design Photography

Rajeev and Shavreen

Her jewelry was made with stunning diamonds and rubies.




 There are so many special touches for this wedding; every detail is custom and personalized.


 And for my contribution…..

The memorial charm that dangles from her bouquet, in honor of her father, whom she lost 7 years ago.

If these exquisite images leave you wanting more, simply follow this link to Maharani Weddings to see the rest of this beautiful event:

Keri O’Hara


Ring Shots Out Of The Box

A collection of out of the box ring shots for your

unique and personalized wedding day.

Details-Not Food or Drink




Collection courtesy of Krissy – Make Believe’N


Team Treasury: Eclectic Dreams of Turquoise and Electric Blue

I had some fun putting this dreamy treasury together. : )


Find unique wedding and everyday items from the WedEclectic Team. Just search for “WedEclectic” to explore the many possibilities! : )

Team Treasury: Gift Guide for the Bride

A lovely and bold treasury by Keri from DelaneyPhotoJewelry

Simply Red
Exquisite items from the Wed Eclectic team:

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Wonderland Wedding…Part 2

By NeverAPlainJane

I don’t care what you say, you’ve dreamed about a fairy tale wedding.  Even if it was just once. And even if it wasn’t your typical fairy tale.

Over the next few months I’ll draw inspiration from the combined genius of Lewis Carroll, Walt Disney, Tim Burton, and a score of other Alice fanatics to bring you a series of curiouser and curiouser Wonderland Wedding ideas.

Today, forget all about a white wedding.  If you are going to be queen for a day why not make it

The Red Queen

 (via LA Weekly*)

I’m not saying you have to have heart-shaped red hair (although that would be awesome!), but you could definitely set the tone with this amazing ring-bearer pillow from My Haley Girl.

(Hold my Heart Ring Bearer Pillow**)

Sweet, isn’t it?  But why stop at sweet, when you can go sassy.

(links below ***)

Of course, we can’t forget your partner in passion.

(links below ^)

I adore the steampunk touches in this reception décor mood board that refer to the Red Queen’s Victorian roots.

(links below^^)

What about you, my darlings?  Are you a bold ruler of Wonderland or does your wedding fantasy take you down another rabbit hole?



***Clockwise from top left:

^Clockwise from top left:

^^Clockwise from top left:

A Pretty January Calendar

Thank you to Polkadile  for such a lovely calendar option!