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A Little Texture Goes a Long Way

Textures add the extra ‘something’ to any event.  Wear it on your wedding day and your photos will always have dimension.  All of these lovely finds are courtesy of our sister team : Etsy Wedding Team.Sea Kelp Collection - No.1 - Organic Cotton Crocheted Lariat (Necklace, Scarf, Belt) - Ready to Ship

Sexy Black lace Garter Set on Ivory Satin

French fantasy beaded flower hair clipTwig Rings- 2mm wide - Available in Shades of GoldRing Bearer Birds Nest With Tan Eggs

Just a Girl……….

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Dolce Diana

Communicating In Color

When speaking over the phone or via email, communicating your color preference can be a mighty challenge.  Is that white, ivory, cream or ecru?  Is it grey, graphite, charcoal or smoke?  See what I mean?  The real bugger is that two people can look at the exact same color and call it something different or hear the name of a color and visualize an entirely different shade.  Etsians struggle with this particular issue frequently.  So many consumer complaints are due to a miscommunication about color.

 I use a couple different techniques with my clients to make sure that we have the exact shade they need.

 First, if the client is able I request a swatch. Often I will send swatches to the client.  Easy but this can be costly if you include the material costs and shipping expenses.

Second, searching with keyword Pantone and a color works wonders.  If you are both web savvy use the internet as your color wheel.  I’m looking for the perfect shade of warm pink…Pantone – Honeysuckle.  The issue I have here is the color resolution on home computers.  I have no way of telling what you have yours set to.  But, you and I will get the gist 😉


Third, send me to your bridesmaid dress designer’s web site.  I can review your exact color choice.  It is even possible that I will have that designer/store in my local area and can visit it if need be.   If you are super lucky the designer will already be using Pantone.  

So if in doubt about the shade, double-check with one of these methods for a great match!

Pantone Weddings - Inspiration for your wedding

Black White Party with the Wed Eclectic Team

Mad T Party NeoVictorian Coat

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Art Deco Done Richly

Art Deco (1920’s) style is a favorite of many Wed Eclectic team members.  Here are a few rich visuals to get you in the loving mood too! Art Deco Bezel Set Old European Cut Diamond Engagement  Ring 2.01 Carats Circa 1930's

1920's Flapper inspired Wedding Gown

Art Deco Antique Bracelet 1920s, High Art Deco JewelryAntique Vintage 20s Ivory-Creme Silk Scalloped Floral Net Lace Flapper Wedding Dress, Silk Rosettes, Old Hollywood Art Deco, WOW

GLAMOUR AMORE Deco gown REDUCEDCirca 1920's Pendant Earrings









Wedding Beach Attire – Part 2

For those who enjoyed the first in our series of ‘Beach Attire’ and have been anxiously awaiting more……here is Part Two!! And for those just joining us…..WELCOME!!

Part Two will focus on the more formal beach wedding. That might seem to some quite ironic that the beach could be formal but if your dream has always been to marry by the sea and sand and at heart you lean towards dressing up and wearing a white gown on your wedding day then by all means mix the two! After all, this day is about the two of you and down to the smallest detail it should reflect your personalities.

So here is to our formal wedding on the beach. Part Three will be a tribute to a jewel tone seaside wedding!

Wedding Day Memorials

Bridal Bouquet Memorial Photo Charms for your FamilyMemorials and tributes are becoming an increasingly popular trend during wedding ceremonies. A memorial, an object which serves as a focus for memory of someone who has died, can come in many forms.  Whether it’s in a large fashion for every participant to share in, or something small, that maybe only the bride and groom are aware of, the range of options is large. A wedding is so much more than just the union of two people, it’s about family, and it’s a completely appropriate time to remember the lives of loved ones who have passed on. How they are remembered is ultimately up to the bride and groom. Some couples will choose to have a memorial table with a framed photograph present, or they may light a special candle. Some will choose to place flowers on the seats that their loved ones would have sat in, or have a poem read, while others may have their officiate ask for a moment of silence in memory of the loved ones not present.

 For brides who are concerned about creating a depressing pause during such a happy time; a popular trend is the bouquet memorial charm. They are a great way to help take any sadness away from her big moment, since conversations about the memorial charms are likely to happen after the ceremony. Unless she shows off the charms prior to the ceremony, no one will be able to see them until she is walking down the aisle. If the person who has passed on was a family member of someone in the wedding party other than the bride, there are memorial charm pins designed specifically for them, such as a
brooch charm pin for women, or a boutonniere charm pin for men.
Lg. & Med. Bridal Bouquet Memorial Photo Charms - Double Dangle - Handmade Photo Tiles Note from the artist/owner of Delaney Jewelry:
Prior to getting married, my husband and I lost our fathers to cancer within a year of each other.  We’ve had to support each other through unbelievable heartache and loss.  My husband and I were married the following year.  As it turned out, we were married on Father’s Day & my Grandfather walked me down
the aisle.  All of this happened before I ever even dreamed of creating my photo tiles, but my experiences have brought me to a place of deep understanding for brides who wish to honor/ remember their family members on their wedding day. I can tell you that every memorial charm I make helps in my own healing process.  I love my job; it’s what I do when I’m not working. My heart goes into every order.

3 Lg. Bridal Bouquet Memorial Photo Charms - Handmade Photo Tile Accessory

In Loving Memory

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You’ve spent countless hours and have no doubt made innumerable lists to remember all of the important details.  Let the WedEclectic team relieve a little of your burden on the day of your wedding.   We’ve made an emergency list for you!
Bottle of water – So you stay hydrated
Tissues – For “day of” tears and noses
Bobby pins – For stray hairs
Tylenol – For “day of” headaches and other pains.
Safety pins – For pinning dresses to undergarments and tucking in pieces of dresses that should stay in
Double stick tape – For sliding dresses
Dental floss – To clear all remnants of the “day of” meal (also seconds as strong thread)
Sewing kit (with needle, thread and mini scissors) – If anyone’s dress needs a last minute hemming or taking in
Mints – Make lovely day of the wedding breath
Straws – So you won’t have to re-do your lipstick after it’s already been done
Smelling salts – In case nerves get the best of anyone in the wedding party
White chalk – If you have a white dress chalk can cover smudges
Band aids – For “day of” boo boos and blisters
Hair Spray – To make sure everyone’s hair stays lovely
Golf umbrella – In case of a day of torrential downpour
Eye drops – You never know if the tears of joy will ruin your peepers for the pictures
Baby powder – Covers up spills on your white dress
Deodorant – It is inevitable that you will forget this and this would be and emergency!
Instant ice pack – For when you start to sweat from the nerves
We’ve even found a few Etsy vendors that have done most of the work for you!
Wedding Day Bridal Survival Kit With Customizable Label

Unpredictable things happen even on the day of your wedding.  With emergency items you can know you’ve done your best to prepare for anything!

Wedding Beach Attire – Part 1

Perfect!! You’re having your wedding on the beach! Now that your venue is decided the next big decision is what to wear.

In our ‘Beach Attire’ Series we will give you collections to inspire you, make you drool and hopefully help you decide what you want to wear on your special day. We will add the small things too that make it an even more personalized wedding.

Part One will focus on the casual sea and sand wedding.

The 80/20 Rule of Weddings

Whenever you are dealing with any sizable crowd you can expect only 20% of people to get involved.  Only 20% are going to shake it on the dance floor.  Only 20% are going to get silly with the photo props.  Only 20% will stick around to the very end.  The other 80% will sit quietly on the sidelines absorbing the atmosphere.


I don’t know about you but these numbers have never sat well with me.  I’m always a part of the 20% doers and really appreciate it when others get involved too.  So what are you supposed to do to get the reception hopping?? 


Hire excellent event entertainers first!  If your entertainers are mild mannered or not super qualified for weddings, expect a ho-hum response from your guests.  There is nothing worse that an event where there is no chemistry between the entertainers and the crowd.  I would even go so far as to hire one or two professional crowd pleasers.  You know the people that walk around getting everybody hyped (think cruise ship director).  If you need to save some cash ask an outgoing friend or relative to take on this task, just make sure to have them introduced to the crowd first.


Activities are a great way to inspire people to get off of there rears.  The typical guest book can be transformed into more elaborate spectacles.  Right now there are a ton of new options for unusual guest books.  Fingerprint trees get everyone excited about the visual outcome.  Receipt box guest books invite people to write more than their signature. Have you heard of a cootie catcher?  These area really fun interactive way to educate your guests on your quirky habits and tid bits.

Wedding Guest Book (Medium) Birds of a Feather Fingerprint Tree Canvas THE KIT (guestbook, ink pads, pens) Wedding Word Search Cootie Catcher (PDF - DESIGN ONLY)Prompted Message Guest Book - Hitched & Happy - Set of 200

Remember that no matter what, this day will be amazing because a couple has decided to become one.  Even if no one jumps up to the Electric Slide or shoots off finger pistols with the photo props this is going to be one of the very best days EVER!


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