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Team Treasury: New Year’s Wedding…A Black and White Affair (with a bit of Whimsy)

I’ve been getting the treasury bug…here’s a new one featuring treasures from the WedEclectic and SmittenSoiree Teams. : )

Team Treasury: New Years Eve, wedding of the year, gifts for her

Check out this festive treasury by msformaldehyde

A WedEclectic Treasury – Softer, Softest

 By crankypants

 A pale color scheme can be both edgy and sophisticated, and the members of the Wed Eclectic Team show you how to do it in style. Variations on white, cream and ecru form a color base, rustic pastels like rose-tinted beige or golden-ecru add depth, and textural details like ruffles add visual interest. By mixing cool and warm shades of softly-tinted pale neutrals, you can create a warming and inviting palette perfect for winter and spring weddings.


One Day In December – The Charity Wedding

The TWIPS (Twitter Wedding Industry Pals) are a group of wedding bloggers dedicated to supporting each other.  This month…all month different wedding bloggers will be taking a little break from the wedding pretties and focusing on things they are grateful for or highlights from 2011.  A series named One Day In December.

Yesterday you got to read all about the highlight for Wed Eclectic, but today I want you to go check out Alicia of The Charity Wedding.  Alicia is a foodie that has a HUGE passion for the philanthropic.  You’ll get a dose of feel good every time you read her blog.

One Day in December – Wed Eclectic

One Day in December is the courtesy of Orly Lyndon of Intimate Wedding Photography UK for the TWIPS.  Each TWIPS member involved is asked to tell us about this year’s highlight or accomplishment one day at a time.  See yesterday’s post from Jessica of Two Wedding Bells and make sure to go check out tomorrow’s post by Alicia of The Charity Wedding.

Wed Eclectic highlights of 2011

A little background: Wed Eclectic is a collective/team of wedding vendors dedicated to hand making amazing designs and art for eclectic wedding lovers.  My wonderful team supports and encourages in ways that so many need, but never get.  It is a warm environment that allows any question.  We are blessed to have quirky and different personalities to field ideas off of.  The creative juices really flow when curious topics and projects come up.

2011 has been an inspiring year.  Trying to choose one highlight for our little blog was a tough challenge for me.  I decided that ‘our’ highlight was the photo shoots that created outstanding collaboration between team members.

You may not know this but, Etsy vendors are made or broken with their pictures.  Poor pictures mean far less business.  Unfortunately, most Etsy artists are not photographers or stylists and struggle with providing an ideal first impression.  So, this year the team has collaborated on two different photo shoots with member products.  Both shoots were shot by a very very good professional photographer Jannelle Mimms-Brockaway of Darling Studios and on the second shoot a talented amateur, Morgan Cunningham Photography joined in.  The pictures that came of these shoots are outstanding!!!!

Our summer shoot was styled by Jenny Greenway of Something Old Something New a fellow member of TWIPS.  We were going for soft pastels with vintage charm.  Jenny set up a romantic dessert table and our models ate actual cake from Miss Mamie’s.  Only a handful of the team had pieces that fit into the ‘theme’ but they really shined.  Stephanie of La Coco Rouge provided amazing headpieces.  Ann of Swank Underpinnings provided satin edged crinolines to make our dresses (provided by Bel Fiore Bridal) perfect.  Dionne of  My Smitten Boutique sent out the gorgeous jewelry.  Make Believe’N (me) provided dress sashes and other accessories.

Our winter shoot wasn’t styled but rather a feel was attempted.  Grungy and vintage with a splash of Anthropology was the goal.  Again Jannelle of Darling Studios rocked the photos with that perfect urban feel.  It was a very cold day in January and holy smokes we were freezing.  You know what though?  You wouldn’t know it by that attitude of the people present.  Great cheerful smiles, tons of cooperation and good old fashioned camaraderie were abundant.

La Coco Rouge brought headpieces that made our models excited to participate.  Vintage Frocks of Fancy sent authentic vintage dresses.  Clay Bouquet Shop lent several glittering rhinestone and pearl sash/head piece combos and some nice wedding dresses too.  Make Believe’N provided fabric wedding bouquets and hair accessories.

One Day In December – Two Wedding Belles

The TWIPS (Twitter Wedding Industry Pals) are a group of wedding bloggers dedicated to supporting each other.  This month…all month different wedding bloggers will be taking a little break from the wedding pretties and focusing on things they are grateful for or highlights from 2011.  A series named One Day In December.

Today I want you to swing over to a fellow TWIPS member’s blog.  Jessica and Erin of Two Wedding Belles will be telling you about their highlight/s of 2011.

Jessica is a wonderful woman and I can’t wait to read all about her highlight.  I can’t tell you how many times she has risen up to pitch in whenever I need assistance.  One of the very first to volunteer always.  Such a kind and generous spirit that is reflected in an outstanding down to earth blog about her and Erin’s event coordination and weddings.  A great read guaranteed.

A Charming Tradition

by Eden Gallery

There is a tradition in the South that we refer to as the “Cake Pull.”  This custom continues to be prevalent in New Orleans which is where I am from.  So, I thought I’d share the knowledge I have!

Like most wedding practices the history is a little foggy.  From what I gather cake charms originated in England during the Victorian era.   All the wedding attendants would gather around the cake and pull ribbons from the cake.  Each ribbon had a sterling silver charm on the end.  Each of these mementos had a different meaning.  The tradition has not changed much over the years. 

How it works today is after the cake has been baked silver charms are placed either underneath the cake or between the layers.  Then the cake is iced.  Nowadays the cake pull is longer limited to attendants.  Some brides and grooms choose to ask single ladies pull the keepsakes from the cake much like the bouquet toss.  Others allow children and even parents to pull the charms.  Whatever trinket the person pulls then belongs to them.  These can be saved as mementos and worn on bracelets and necklaces. 

It can be fun to pull the charms and see what your future might hold.  Most ladies want the engagement ring and no one wants to pull out the old maid thimble!  I’ve created a short list of the more traditional charms and their significance.  I’ve also included some shops where they can be purchased!


Anchor – Life of stability

Wishbone – You will have a wish granted soon

Thimble – Old maid

Clover – good luck in the future

Ring – the next to marry

Horse shoe – good luck will come your way

Buy whole sets here!



Wedding Wonderland…Part 1

By NeverAPlainJane


I don’t care what you say, you’ve dreamed about a fairy tale wedding.  Even if it was just once. And even if it wasn’t your typical fairy tale.

The other day, one of my associates contacted me with the good news of her engagement. Even better, she appealed to my punny sense of humor with her save the date cards.  See, her future last name is Allis – pronounced “Alice” – so the theme for their nuptials is…

(Save the date provided by Stacey of MiloSweets*)

Allis in Wonderland!

Fairy tale? Yes. Typical? Not exactly.

(image via La Weekly**)

Drawing inspiration from the combined genius of Lewis Carroll, Walt Disney, Tim Burton, and a score of other Alice fanatics, the thematic possibilities are endless! Over the next few months I’ll be posting a series of curiouser and curiouser Wonderland Wedding ideas.

 (Image via Trendland***)

Before I show you what’s under my mad hat, my lovelies, tell me all about your wedding wonderland.




Team Treasury: Flapper – The Roaring 1920s

Check out this fabulous Treasury by Kim from Orphelia  : )

Flapper Treasury




The Corsetry Tales V.4

The Corsetry Tales V.4 by La Coco Rouge

 Oh No!  I Got Caught in the Rain!

…wearing my corset…


Gads!  There was a sudden downpour during the wedding, while you were out dancing, coming home from dinner…you name it.

You were told to never, ever put your corset in a washing machine and now you’ve been rained on while wearing your kick-ass corset.  Now what?

Don’t panic.  That’s step #1. 

Step #2 is to unlace your corset ASAP. 

Step #3 is to lay it open somewhere to dry completely.   Avoid drying out your garment on exposed metal (like a hanger or that pretty wrought iron stand).

Your corset is comprised of metal pieces that have the potential to rust.  If rust spots should appear you can clean the garment with fabric safe-rust cleaner. 

Once your corset is dry consider taking it to a dry cleaner (use a cleaner you trust with specialty items). 

**NOTE:  You do not need to clean your corset after every wearing.  Or even multiple wearings at that.  This is why we stress having a thin item of clothing on underneath to protect both your skin and to wick body oils and sweat away from the garment.