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Creative Bridesmaid Gifts

How do you choose the perfect gift for these wonderful women that stand up next to you and maybe even put up with you???  Personally I don’t think the price tag makes a difference.  Just like your wedding preferences; a bridesmaid wants fun personalized items.  I’ve picked out a few fun ones that may be perfect for that special someone.

Dandelion, Unique Hand Beaded Pendant, one of a kind necklace

Sample Set Mini Bath Soaks--tea, milk, and salt 2.5 inch bags premium day spa

Faceted Garnet Gemstone Necklace with Custom Photo Pendant - Handmade Photo Tile Jewelry

Mid Century Palette Floral Fascinator

>Keep It Bright!

>Yellow is the color of summer.  It is easy to keep your wedding bright with pops of yellow in unexpected places.  The Etsy Wedding Team (our sweet sister) provides classic and sometimes untraditional options.  Here are a few of my favorites!!!!

Superman Inspired Garter in Red, Yellow, and Royal Blue Satin by sugarplumgarters on Etsy
Superman Garter by Sugar Plum Garters

Couture Clay - Custom Order Deposit for Clay Wedding Bouquet
Clay Bouquet by DK Designs Hawaii

Wedding Guest Book Box – Chrysanthemum Design

Shoes Bridal and matching Clutch CHARTREUSE Set Painted purple peacock
Painted Bridal Shoes and Bag by Nora Karen
Ruffled Collar Dress
Ruffled Collar Dress by Amanda Archer

Krissy Cartwright
Make Believe’N Wedding Alternatives LLC

>Rainbow of Dresses by Wedding Dress Fantasy


We are huge fans of and alternative wedding products.  WeddingDressFantasy fits into our idea of perfect very well!  Dresses made by Wedding Dress Fantasy in New Jersey are couture creations just for you.  Sized range from 0-40!  Perfect for my curvy lovelies!  Dresses come in 50 (yep 50!) colors but I chose to feature a rainbow to show you the available alternatives.

Gothic wedding dress by WeddingDressFantasy

Yellow Wedding Dress Gothic Theme Ballgown Masquerade
Masquerade ball gown by WeddingDressFantasy

Do you YouTube?  If so go check out Wedding Dress Fantasy gowns here.

Halloween inspired gown by WeddingDressFantasy

Red Gothic Wedding Dress CP221
Red Gothic wedding dress by WeddingDressFantasy

Did you know that in other cultures specifically Asian red is the preferred wedding dress color?  White is reserved for funerals.  Who knew??

As always we recommend that you follow your own style and never try to keep up the the Joneses.

Krissy Cartwright

>Have an Inexpensive Offbeat Wedding


     Like most brides out there, one of your major concerns is probably making your wedding memorable and unique while staying within your budget.  You can actually have a unique yet cheap wedding by saying goodbye traditional type of wedding and daring to be different.  Here are two easy tips for you:

1. Make Do-It-Yourself handmade invitations. If you’re artistically inclined then lucky you! You can design them and personally select materials to use. Making your handmade invitations make them extra special because they have your personal touch. But, if you’re someone who isn’t so creative person yet wants a handmade invitation that is not a problem!  There are several websites that can help you with that. The best example is EARMARK Invitations.

Would you believe that the price of these beautiful handmade invitations ranges from $1 to $3 only? There are not just ‘pocket friendly’ but certainly eco-friendly too.

2. If your mother insists that you wear her wedding dress, give in to her request. If you find her dress downright ugly then beautify it! Bring new life to that old dress by having it restructured, or use some of its fabric to make a new dress. You can also buy a ‘pre-loved’ wedding dress.

      If you really want a brand new one, then research on the internet. If it is possible pick a dress that you can probably wear again on a different occasion. A practical bride-to-be wouldn’t spend so much on something she can only use once.  Have you heard of Chameleon Dresses? They are simply convertible dresses.

This elegant wedding dress by Isadora Clothing can be worn as a one shoulder style and can be converted to a halter neck. This single dress can be converted into different ones! They can provide convertible dresses even for your bridesmaids.

The best thing about these gorgeous reversible dresses is that they are very affordable.  Did you know that the average cost of a wedding dress is $500? Yikes! But these Chameleon Dresses are below $300! Isn’t that fantastic?

     Your wedding dress does not have to cost a lot.  What matters is you like it and look gorgeous in it.A tight budget shouldn’t restrict you from having a beautiful wedding. Tradition should not hold you back from turning your dream wedding into a reality. After all, it’s YOUR day, celebrate it the way YOU want it to.  🙂

>Thrilled to be a new member….

>I found this team on, when one of your kind members added my shoes to a treasury and I was blown away and absolutely charmed.Not a minute after I wanted to be part of this wonderful group of designers, artists and people like me who understand the “Offbeat Bride”.

I look forward to meeting Glenda (from Midnight Boudoir ) in person, as she will be coming down in January to Florida to visit family.  I admire her store and I can’t wait to wear one of her exotic hair pieces…I guess we both love Peacocks!

>Be Fearless, Gorgeous, And Completely You!


So your wedding photos are done! Whew! Your face muscles are stiff and hurt but the pictures look just fabulous- they’re the pictures your mom, your grandmother, your aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, third cousins twice removed by marriage all want on their mantles and on the shelves of their hutches (hey, and yours too!). But now it’s time to get the bridal pictures youreally want… now it’s your chance to get those photos that will show your personality, your shine, your uniqueness, your beauty.

A little deco glamour…

A Little Musical Poetry…

Show your fearless side!
I had the great fortune of meeting an amazing photographer, Erin Durband. She had bought one of my hair accessories (thank you Erin!) and I became curious about her photography. And I am so glad that I did! This talented woman shoots some of the most beautiful and original trash that dress photographs that I have ever come across. And trash that tuxedo photos as well! Just incredibly fluid and natural.

Don’t forget about the boys!
Prior to her current endeavors, she was taking wedding photographs, but wanted to go beyond the wedding, wanted to be able to have the bride and the groom be free in their expression. Well she found her outlet, and with beautifully artistic results as well!

Natural Seduction…

Check out her AMAZING portfolio for more incredible shots! I was definitely WOWED!!!!

>Offbeat Wedding Party Attire Options


“Spare your bridesmaids the cost of a dress they’ll hate and only wear once.
As an added bonus, Cushzillas fit all heights and body styles so nobody feels self-conscious!
Big boned or small breasted? No problem in a Cushzilla because you CAN’T TELL!. Your friends will love you for it!”