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Table Decor & Favors

Part 2: Place Card Holders

by ForestCandleStudio

The wedding reception is your grand party – for toasting the two of you, sharing food and drink with family and friends, and general merry-making all around. Such a party usually requires that you, the host, decide who should sit next to whom, to bring new and old friends together in the best way possible.

Place cards make it easy for your guests to know where you want them to sit. So why not choose place card holders that add to your theme and also make fabulous favors for your guests to take home? Planning your table decor items to do double-duty is eco-friendly and saves you time and money 🙂

To help you get started finding just the right place card holders, here are some delightful ones I found on Etsy. After the wedding, your guests can use these to hold photos, notes, etc., or as paperweights or decorative objects to display on a shelf or table. What a wonderful way to say thank you to your guests for being part of your special day!

Pirate Theme Wedding Place Card Holders with Personalized Cards by Cheralyns Woodworks

Customizable “Mr & Mrs Kiss” Place Card Holders by Pinned Together

Rustic Wedding Place Card Holders with Cards by Decadent Designs

Natural Sea Urchin Shell Place Card Holders by EcoLectic Events

Mini Moss Terrarium Place Card Holder by Vertigris

Treble Clef Place Card Holder by Homes and Weddings


Silver Pine Cone Place Card Holders with Cards by Fairyfolk Weddings


Wire-wrapped Bud Vase Place Card Holder by The Funky Shack

Btw, here’s the link if you missed Part 1: Silverware Holders

Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

Paleo Anyone?

From Keri’s kitchen, of Delaney Jewelry

In our first attempt to determine if our daughter has an allergy to dairy, our nutritionist requested that we do a full 2 months with no dairy AT ALL. I will tell you that my favorite ice-cream, for over 34 years now has been Haagen Daaz, Vanilla Swiss Almond. My mother introduced me to it when I was eleven years old, and I could still eat a pint every day. So that may give you an idea as to how hard this has been for me to go dairy-free. She recommended a Paleo diet during this time to make it all easier. If you are not familiar with the Paleo way of eating, it’s basically no processed foods. You can read a little more about it here on my favorite site, Every Day Paleo.

Since this is all new for me I regularly find myself at a loss when planning dinners, and I am always looking for new recipes. I start with a blog that is not strictly Paleo, but it’s full of delicious ideas that I can tweak to fit our needs. It’s one that I’ve been following for quite some time, Isabelle At Home. The recipe I’m sharing with you today is from Isabelle, but it’s not Paleo approved. You could omit the parmesan cheese, and swap the bread for a Paleo bread, but I failed on both accounts. It just looked too good! I’m sharing her side note as well: “This salad is for 1 selfish person (me) multiply as you see fit”. So my instructions (below) are for a slightly larger group, but you can adjust as needed. Side note from me: This recipe for Grilled Radicchio salad may leave a path of destruction through your kitchen!

Ingredients for 1:

1/4 wedge radicchio

1 slice country bread

olive oil

salt and pepper

1 slice bacon

1 egg

1-2 tablespoons freshly grated parmesan cheese (plus more for serving)

1 tablespoon olive oil

splash balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon fresh basil roughly chopped

Step 1: Preheat your grill.

Step 2: Cut a radicchio into 4 quarters. Brush your radicchio wedge(s) and bread with olive oil, add salt and pepper to all sides.

Step 3: Grill your radicchio and bread on all sides until nice and toasted.

I didn’t photograph this part, so I borrowed this image from Isabelle’s site. I grilled this amount for each person (X 4). Watch these carefully, turning frequently, so nothing burns. Do not leave this process unattended. When done set it aside to cool.

Step 4: In a pan large enough to accommodate the amount of bacon you are using cook your bacon until crispy (or however you like it). Set it on paper towels to cool.

Step 5: In the same pan with the bacon grease fry your egg(s). Cook until no longer runny.

Step 6: While your eggs are cooking, chop your grilled radicchio,

chop your bacon, and cube your grilled bread.

Step 7: Put in a large bowl and add your 1 tablespoon olive oil, splash of balsamic (1/2 tablespoon I would guess) 1-2 tablespoons parmesan cheese salt and pepper.  Toss well to coat everything.

Step 8: Put your salad on your plate and top with your fried egg.  Sprinkle your basil and more parmesan cheese.  DIG IN!

So delicious!

Delaney Jewelry

Keri O’Hara

Link to me: Delaney Jewelry

Table Decor & Favors

Part 1: Silverware Holders

by ForestCandleStudio

Your wedding reception is going to be the most fabulous party ever! But what happens to all those fun and gorgeous things on the table after the party’s over?

I’ve scoured Etsy for inspiration on wedding reception table decor, focusing on both functional and artistic elements that can do double-duty as favors for your guests. Not throwing items away is good for the planet and not having to get separate favors is good for your time and pocketbook! Of course another plus is that your guests will be reminded of your friendship every time they use them 🙂

For your reception there will be some type of food served, whether it’s a 5-course meal, a casual picnic, or simply dessert and beverages. So let’s start some ideas flowing about the tables’ place settings.

Here is an eclectic mix of silverware holders that would be perfect as decor & favors. After the wedding your guests can use these to hold a variety of items. What a wonderful way to say thank you to your guests for being part of your special day!

Monogrammed Silverware Pockets by Blue Pearls

Orange Burlap Silverware Holder by Home Goods A la Carte

Designer Fabric Silverware Holder by Taila Custom Designs

Burlap Silverware & Place Card Holder by Little White Boutique

Vintage Dictionary Page Silverware Holder by Full of Years

Embroidered Cotton Flatware Pockets by Cottage Expressions


Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

September giveaway

This month’s WedEclectic giveaway is hosted by

Just look at the unique masks that Amanda and the team from Artisan Maskers creates! If you are looking for a way to make your wedding unique, their shop would be an ideal place to look for possibilities!

And they are running a September sale on select masks…perfect timing for finding the perfect mask for your October masquerade!

September Sale

And now for the parade of their gorgeous creations!

And don’t forget the Circus Themed Wedding Shoot that was featured on the blog this summer!

Summer Circus Wedding

Amanda and her team are offering a $30 gift certificate towards your purchase from their shop for this month’s giveaway…choose 1, 2 or more masks you would like to use it towards, or contact them to order a custom mask! It will need to be redeemed by December 31st!

Shipping will be the responsibility of the winner…

This giveaway will run until midnight, September 30th, but don’t wait!

Entries will be accepted for:

Commenting, including your favorite item from Artisan Maskers‘ shop.

Commenting that you hearted Artisan Maskers‘ Etsy shop (and your Etsy name for verification).

Commenting that you friended Artisan Maskers on Facebook (and your FB page for verification).

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The giveaway is open worldwide.

The winner will be chosen randomly, verified, and contacted on October 1st via email with the good news!

September Sapphire Wedding

Today’s treasury is a true blue collection from Keri at DelaneyPhotoJewelry.  Click the picture below to be whisked away to a sea of blues.



September Calendar

Thanks, as always, to Adaleta of Polkadile for these beautiful desktop calendars!



This sweet and lovely collection was created by Jennifer at ClayBouquetShop.  Click on the picture to take a closer look at this Ethereal treasury.