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Tips for a Less Expensive Wedding – #3 Set (and STICK to!) a Realistic Budget

by ArtisanMaskers

I know, I know.  Tip number THREE, is setting a budget?  Most people want to jump right in and start here.  But, trust me, this vital step will be so much easier if you’ve already taken the time to prioritize your wedding preferences and talk over money with the involved parties!

Let’s start by taking a look over your list of who is paying for what and figure out what you and your fiancé have to cover.  Now draw up a quick list of those things and be realistic about what you think you can spend on each item, keeping in mind the priorities you’ve set!  If you really can’t face setting it all down on paper from scratch, here are two budget planners I found through a quick online search:

Here is one which is a little “detail” lacking, but a good start.  I do like that they’ve given you a column for “anticipated” cash flow, as well as “actual” cash flow.  If you use those columns as you go along, you can make slight adjustments here and there, and will hopefully know if you have enough extra to cover any unexpected expenses.

Here’s another drafted budget.  This one looks good, but I would highly recommend changing those percentages to better reflect what you decided your priorities would be!  You may also want to break down those large categories into smaller, more manageable shopping lists.

I am almost certain there isn’t a bride-to-be out there who hasn’t heard the advice of setting and sticking to a realistic budget.  And yet, isn’t it strange how many attempt to ignore that advice?  Ignoring your budget not only encourages you to stop hunting for better deals, but it often causes greater financial stress among families, including the one you’re about to start!  Having the budget written down and keeping it with the things you are using to plan the wedding will help you visualize the process and help you stick to it!

As I mentioned in my second post, my parents gave me cash to cover our reception costs.  This worked out as a great budgeting tool for me, because I could quickly see just how much we spent, and how much we had left, as we went along.  I also pulled certain amounts aside for specific, more expensive, things on our shopping list (like my dress and the rings) ahead of time, so that I knew I’d have that money when I needed it.

>Working With Custom Vendors


Bridal Season is heating up and now is the time to start contacting vendors for your custom pieces! I have put together a few tips to help you get exactly what you have envisioned for your big day.

When you contact a vendor about making a custom piece or set make sure you mention the important stuff up front.

  • Your wedding date is of course important but also letting the vendor know about any hair trials or other “need by” dates.
  • Let the designer know if you are considering a bigger set and not just one item. Some vendors, like myself, will give a discount for bigger sets!
  • Your budget. I know, I know – you feel like giving someone a budget is like letting someone rip you off (what if they were going to say way less!?) I felt the same way when I was planning my wedding. But here is the thing, if you let me know how much you want to spend I can find materials and sources to make the best piece possible for that amount of money. I may even throw in something extra because i know it will make your wallet happy!
  • Pictures, Ideas & Inspiration. Nothing will help a vendor give you a quote faster than pictures of what you are looking for. Your idea of medium may be way different than mine – but a picture of what you think is medium will help me to know exactly what you expect. Pictures are the key to success. Send pictures of your dress, your shoes, something you like, your hair, whatever. Every picture helps.

Other things to consider:

Color Obsessed: Go to Home Depot and grab some free paint color swatches that match your theme – ask your designer for their mailing address and send them off!

Pressed for Time: Let the designer know up front if you are super stressed out. Even if your wedding is 8 months away – if you mentally need something done soon, please let us know!

Not happy with the final product?
Talk to your vendor! If a comb, a fit, a size, a whatever, is not working for you, just let the designer know. They will most likely be happy to try and fix it for you. Even if your wedding is 3 days from now – your designer can talk you through a simple fix that you or a loved one can do at home. If you don’t let us know, we cant fix it.

Good Luck and Congratulations!

>Wedding Budget

While trolling around the Internet for wedding planning ideas I happened upon this great printable wedding planning budget on A budget is probably the most important thing you can do to get ready for your wedding day …. And also the least fun thing, but essential for everything to run smoothly. This is just a basic budget of course so expand it where you need to, but it is a great starting point. Happy planning 🙂