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Offbeat Wedding Gowns

by ForestCandleStudio

Gorgeous, fun, unusual…does this describe what you want to wear on your wedding day?

Perhaps one of these unique, custom-made wedding gowns will be perfect for you!




Carnival inspired wedding dress by Patterns Optional




Fairytale inspired cotton wedding dress by Wedding Dress Bridal




Steampunk victorian wedding gown by Chrisst




Bohemian wedding gown by Kata Kovacs




Corset wedding gown by Wedding Dress Fantasy




18th century style wedding gown by Miss Lisa 1867




Wedding dress with vintage kimono fabric by Shantique


Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

Wedding trends for 2013

By DelaneyJewelryDesigns


(Part 1 of 3)

Here are some of my favorite trends topping the charts. If only I could do it again.

#1        Wedding Dresses with Pockets.

Of course, pockets. And it’s about time. Why didn’t I think of that? Okay, that wasn’t exactly my first thought. It was more like: What? Wedding Dresses with pockets? Well maybe just a little one for lipstick, or money, but wedding dresses are heavy enough without bulky pockets. That is what the maid of honor is for. But seriously, look how clever this is. Nothing like what I had imagined when I first read about them. I love this gorgeous dress by PureMagnoliaCouture:



This one I found on The Art of Weddings almost completely hides the pockets. It’s amazing!



I realized that pockets in a wedding dress can be completely invisible with the right designer. They are nowhere near as obvious as I had originally imagined.  I would probably have a hard time not loading them up with miscellaneous stuff, so mine would need to be small. But this one by PantoraBridal is what made me realize you can hide them on almost any dress.



#2        Lace, Lace and more Lace

Everything I’ve read states that lace will not only maintain its very large presence in 2013, but it will continue to grow in popularity. I now see it everywhere, but some of these designers are clearly trend setters paving the way.  Lace is nothing new when it comes to shoes, but now there are so many options. In fact, even if you have already purchased shoes for your big day, but you’re not loving them as much as you did when you first spotted them, or if you have a favorite pair of shoes that you wish you could wear down the aisle, this shop will help you redesign and decorate your shoes to give them a new look!! Check out this makeover by Something thine wedding shoes:



You absolutely have to spend time perusing this shop! You will fall in love with so many designs. I love the platform heels on these gorgeous shoes by DesignYourPedestal:



One place I didn’t even consider incorporating lace was on my invitations. This elegant design by Vintage Lace Wedding Cards makes me want to plan another wedding:


#3        Reality Wedding

Technology can play a larger part in weddings as live streaming becomes more popular. It’s a great way to share your special day with loved ones who cannot attend. Broadcasting your wedding to anyone anywhere is a fun way to include more people in your real life event. Check out “I DO” Stream to broadcast your wedding live. They offer a D.I.Y. package and they even allow you to share it on Facebook.


Owner/Artist: Keri O’Hara

WedEclectic Q & A

Our Monday feature is back after Storm Sandy…we will be asking the WedEclectic team a question, and posting their answers…providing some advice, inspiration and insight into the person behind our shops. We hope you enjoy them!

Please reply with your own answer!  : )


How did you choose a dress? What motivated your choice the most (price, style, etc.)?


Keri O'Hara avatar

The heat was a huge factor for me with 100+ temps and an outdoor wedding. I wanted something very light; satin/silky/slip like. 1) Fabric 2) Style 3) Price


Kitty Kanzashi avatar

I knew exactly what I wanted!  I wanted a victorian style corset wedding so my choices were:- 1) Style 2) Price 3) Fabric


Amanda avatar

My perfect choice was SUPER-simple (just a plain white sheath dress in satin, with an embroidered organza over-dress).  It’s exactly what I pictured; something that I could move around in, not feel weighed down in, but also pretty in a unique way.  Price wasn’t really a huge factor, but it was very, very inexpensive, anyway.


Krissy Cartwright avatar

I wanted something unique and under 1000.00.  I got exactly that…and it was a steal for 600.00.


Jennifer Ferencz-Barato avatar

I wanted lots and lots of lace…and didn’t have alot of money to pay for the wedding gown of my dreams. I was lucky enough to find a casablanca design I liked in a bridal shop, but too close to the wedding to order it (for $1100). So I found a used one (same design…1900) being sold online, and had it altered to fit, 6 weeks before the wedding. Little did I know that the alterations would increase the $500 price to $900. Oh, well.  : )

So…how did your search for the perfect gown go? : )

DIY Dress????

Ever since I read the (spit out coffee thru nose on cue) web post about how to make a $10.00 wedding gown out of cheap T-shirts (and shared it for morning laughs with my network of professional fashion designers, stylists, costumers, and film and TV  ardrobian friends)  I always wondered who would do such an insanely risky thing?  We have a cheeky saying in wardrobe land “If it doesn’t fit, it looks like S%*#”.  With over 20 years experience I’m not even sure if I’d do it for myself!

wedding-dress-materials.jpgFitting oneself just to mark a silly skirt hem is a complicated act of contortion.  Imagine looking in the mirror while balancing  sharp objects and risking impaling oneself while seeing in reverse.  Houdini would have had to practice!  Looking glass land is not so kind, or  she lies and the reality can be disappointing.

On the eve of my Garment Fit Class at our local sewing center, fit and how to achieve it has been on my mind. Students are always teamed up so everyone can practice working on a body that’s not their own, not familiar and therefore makes them focus on it’s imperfections.  One of my students brought in her friend’s gown project for problem solving, she had reached a construction impasse and we were able to help her make it work and finish it so that she was as proud of it as we were.

A wedding gown is the singular garment that you are most photographed in during your lifetime.   It’s not meant to look or fit the same way as every day clothing, it’s not constructed the same way and will be there forever in pictures for you to stare at.  Do it right the first time and consult a pro.  There are some of us who love a bride to bring in sketches and will love to help you make your vision into a reality!  Ask around and look for reviews on sites like for custom designers with happy clients.  Did you go for an appointment with a dressmaker and get a bad feeling in your gut?  She’s not the only one out there, keep looking!

Cameras see everything differently from the naked eye and your wedding pictures won’t lie, they’ll tell more stories than you can foresee.  There’s an art and a science to knowing what a camera is seeing that the human eye cannot.  Hollywood stars take hours of prep to look good even if they supposedly just rolled out of bed.  Seasoned designers also have this keen skill of knowing just how amazing a body can look in a dress.

DIY can be a great thing if you’re really good at something!  First time tackling it?  Give yourself an out if it’s not working and consult a pro.  Years of experience teaches us how to eliminate hours of needless wasted materials, there may be a solution you just didn’t find on the Internet at 3am. Stick with DIY favors and a few decorations and let a professional take your dress ideas to a place you’ve never thought of!

While Googling “DIY Wedding Gown” for this post, some really gasp-able pictures popped up.  Others are labeled DIY but the skill level in the pictures are clearly by someone who knows what they’re doing. If you’re hell bent on doing it yourself, please buy a pattern and enlist a good friend who really knows how to sew to help  you.  Please?

The $10.00 T-shirt dress is likely something you are going to look back on and regret in a few years.

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Pops Of Paint – Trash The Dress

Summer and Jamie Juarez are probably my very favorite clients ever.   So much so that Summer and I have continued a Facebook friendship long after the wedding day was over.  Man I wish this happened with every client – chemistry-!  Well…I was surfing my Facebook home feed and went OMG holy F’n crap look at those amazing pictures Summer and Jamie had done.  This trash the dress wasn’t your typical drizzle a couple drops here and there and call it a trash the dress.  It was all out warfare on that damn thing.  I’m pretty sure it could hold its own shape now if she let it dry standing up.  Whew!

I was not only impressed by the sheer enthusiasm they put into destroying her frock but the obvious affection they have for each other.  Great smiles and coy looks really tug on the heart strings, if ya know what I mean.

With no further ado here are the killer shots from Jamie Warren Photography!


Make Believe’N

>1930’s Vintage Fashion

>Okay if you have been reading this blog for a little while you already know that I don’t really do a ton of fashion. Definitely a pony tail and jeans kind of gal.  But…and it is a big but (kind of like mine) I am really loving the 1930’s styles that are becoming more popular!!!  Remember we here at Offbeat Etsy Weddings are the enforcers of being true to yourself, so if you hate the 1930’s resurgence Do Not add these touches to your wedding.  If on the other hand, you find you like these as much as I do well, then keep reading and get ready to oooohhh and ahhhhhh.

Deco Wedding Dress
Metal Garters
1930’s Engagement Ring

Michelle - Petite Vintage style Jeweled Ribbon Headband
Petite Vintage inspired jeweled headband by ClayBouquetShop
The Mini Alana Headdress- LIAISON by KAT Swank. Custom Made LUXE Headband with Vintage Beading, Multiple Feathers and Appliques, Hand Beaded and Hand Sewn- You choose the color scheme- A Headpiece fit for a queen
Headdress by Liaison
Busby Berkeley - Silver Lace Bejeweled Flapper Headband - Winter Bride SALE - by Moonshine Baby
Headband by MoonshineBaby
Illa Crin and Satin Wedding Hat by Love Charlie with hand beaded edge and lace details
Cocktail hat by LoveCharlie

>GIVEAWAY for March


April 2 – UPDATE……the winner will be announced later this afternoon and details about April’s HUGE GIVEAWAY will be posted!!!

Another month, another giveaway!! For March’s giveaway we have a two Etsy shop’s who have graciously given gift certificates.

Our first shop is LIAISON.
If you are the winner for March you will receive a $30.00 gift certificate to her shop.
To find out more about Kat of Liaison and her stunning creations click HERE.

Click on the photo to see more in her shop!

And next we have a $100.00 gift certificate from Vanessa of Isadora Clothing

The Chameleon dress, Isadora’s exclusive version of the convertible wrap dress, is custom made every time- you choose the fabric ( velvet, satin jersey, matte jersey or bamboo/organic cotton jersey), the color ( over 100 to choose from), size, length and hem style.   

Enter to win by leaving a comment here about your offbeat wedding or what makes you an offbeat bride or groom. And also send me a convo through my Etsy shop Vintage Frocks Of Fancy or email me at

>A Tim Burton inspired wedding


Tim Burton is an inspiration to so many lovely quirky folks.  For a little spooky pizazz, think of adding items like these.  by TNZsculputures
G h o s t. o f. A. R o s e. ...a very Tim Burton esque Rose Cameo Necklace - Holiday FREE SHIPPING Etsy Promo  by EternalAutumn
Beetle Juice Wedding Dress Black and White Silk with Dark Blue Accents-Custom to your size  by KMKostumes