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Equally Beautiful Love



You may already know this but just in case you don’t the Wed Eclectic team is pro GAY,  pro LGBT, pro be you and flaunt it no matter what it looks like.  I’m a HUGE fan of beautiful ‘gay’ photography because it is a rarity.  For every ten thousand beautiful hetero wedding pics there is one homosexual picture.

During our recent photo shoot we asked our gentlemen to pose with one another for this striking image.  They being wonderful professionals, obliged without any issue.  Thank you to Derek and Eastyn and Jannelle of Darling Studios for making my day complete.  I swear this needs to be framed or turned into a post card 🙂

Wondering how we added the cool Nat King Cole song lyrics???  It isn’t Photoshop.  That is a chalkboard wall!  Tony of Darling Studios did an amazing job with the alignment…it took twine and tape to make sure everything was exact.   Turned out perfectly!

With love (always),


Make Believe’N



>Truly offbeat ideas

>Part of being an offbeat wedding blog is accepting all kinds of ideas and lifestyles that don’t fit the mainstream ideas of “normal”.  We not only accept these wonderful differences we celebrate them.  Here are a few cool wedding products that do not fit into Barbie and Ken’s white wedding.

Groom and Groom Gay Wedding - 8 x 10 Archival Print
Groom and Groom Gay Wedding 8×10 print

Rosydesignsonline has super cute prints available in a his/his and hers/hers wedding options.  I think this would be a great gift.  I bet Rosydesignsonline would even create these into wedding invitations. 

Same Sex  Wedding Cake Topper - Signature Series
Same Sex Wedding Cake Topper

Theenchantedcupboard creates all kinds of wedding cake toppers but these are my favorite.  I especially like that the couple is multi raced.  Completely custom varieties are also available.  

Gothic Tiara- A Stitch In Time of Neo Victorian Splendor
Gothic Tiara

EJPcreations allows Gothic flare to come to life with this Neo Victorian tiara.  Handcrafted out of clock hands this piece would work for the Steampunk bride in the very best way.  Individuality is celebrated at this wonderful Etsy shop.

Classic 50s 4-Tier Tulle Crinoline 22 inches
Classic 50s 4Tier Tulle Crinoline

Swankunderpinnings has amazing style.  1950’s retro with today’s modern colors.  Any bride wearing this will feel special and unique.  I love the variety of color coordinating crinolines available.  Add a matching hair fascinator or sash from Swankunderpinnings.  Can you imagine how a vintage dress would look with this under it?  WOW!