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Groomsmen Gifts That He Will Want



This selection of must have/I want now groomsmen gifts is from Jennifer of Nostalgic Links

Creative Bridesmaid Gifts

How do you choose the perfect gift for these wonderful women that stand up next to you and maybe even put up with you???  Personally I don’t think the price tag makes a difference.  Just like your wedding preferences; a bridesmaid wants fun personalized items.  I’ve picked out a few fun ones that may be perfect for that special someone.

Dandelion, Unique Hand Beaded Pendant, one of a kind necklace

Sample Set Mini Bath Soaks--tea, milk, and salt 2.5 inch bags premium day spa

Faceted Garnet Gemstone Necklace with Custom Photo Pendant - Handmade Photo Tile Jewelry

Mid Century Palette Floral Fascinator

>Meet The Edens


Meet Deanna and Jon Eden of Eden Gallery!  This husband and wife team create amazing Steampunk wedding accessories, vintage styled head wear, and Surrealist original artwork.  
Steampunk Brooch Boutonniere or Pin
Steampunk Gear Boutonniere

If Steampunk is not your thing these sweet and romantic Art Deco/1930s style head pieces surely are.

Vintage Style Beaded Headpiece
Beaded Headband

Not in the market for wearable awesomeness?  Buy your wall something to show off.

Surrealistic Oil Painting - The Philosopher
Surrealistic Oil Painting – The Philosopher

>DIY wedding favour boxes

>Wedding favours are a nice way to say thank you to your guests but what sort of wedding favours do you give them?

A lot of attention is normally paid to what to put into the boxes but we must not forget that the box itself could be personalised as well. One easy way is make them!

The advantage of making them is that you can make them to the size you want and using the paper you have chosen. Yes it will take time and effort but your guest will appreciate your effort as you shall see.

Step one, this is the template you will need to understand to make these boxes.

A = length of box

B = height of box

C = 2 cm length which is needed in construction.

The dashed lines will be your fold lines.

From a standard A4 sheet of paper the largest box you can make is a 5cm(side) x 5cm(side) x 7cm(height) which is more then enough to fit a good size chocolate (or what small treat you may give them).

Step two, rather then folding the paper straight away, I would recommend scoring the dotted lines because these will become the folds. Why are you scoring the paper rather then folding it straight away? Well, this will give a more accurate fold and give a cleaner finish.

Step three, crease each of the scored lines you made so it looks like this.

Step four, fold as following and then insert the two ends into each other.

Step five, this is the tricky bit, pushing the base down. You will need to follow the folds you have made and gently manoeuvre each side on top of each other. This manipulation will open up the side where you have inserted the ends together. To prevent the ends from coming apart you can use a clip to hold them together.

This will require a bit of patient and practice but it will fold down if you gently push it down gradually.

Finished, you have the base for your box.

To make the lid for the box is very simply! All you need to do is

  1. Add 1-2mm on A – side of the box
  2. Decrease B – height of the box to 2-3cm

then you follows the same folding method as above. Here is my lid to the above box.

As mentioned above, you can use almost any paper you like to make these boxes but I would recommend you use paper that is around 80-100 gsm because it will make step 5 a little bit easier.

Now grab a load of your friends and family and fold to your hearts content!


If you require larger pictures then just click on the picture and it will take you to a larger version.

There is another way of folding the lid to make it more decorative. If you want to learn more then let me know in the comments and I’ll sort out a tutorial for those.



Everyone loves to win prizes and at Offbeat Etsy Weddings we are no exception.

So in honor of our love for, not just for winning, but also GIVING, we are having a monthly giveaway starting the first of each month.

It’s super easy to enter!! All you have to do is leave a comment on our Giveaways page telling us what makes you offbeat and then send me a quick email at with the words ‘offbeat giveaway’ in the subject line (or send me a convo on Etsy at  VintageFrocksOfFancy) Isn’t that simple??

We will notify and post the winner by the 30th of each month (or the 28th in February)!!

Now…..drum roll please…….for FEBRUARY’s GIVEAWAY we have a WONDERFUL GRAB BAG for you!!
(If you click on the photo or the Shop name you will see more details about each item)

The winner will get the following:

in color of your choice
Generously donated by 10eisha!!
10eisha creates cruelty free hair accessories for the colorful bride, bridesmaids or just girls out for a night of excitement and glamour.
$30.00 Gift Certificate to
Jennifer at Clay Bouquet Shop on Etsy offers a lovely variety of Bridal Belts, Sashes and Hair Accessories.
Here is one example of a Crystal Jeweled Bridal Belt
Mysterious Artisan Mask
At ArtisanMaskers they create each mask from scratch using hand crafted techniques
from start to finish. You will recieve a mask similar to the above or ArtisanMaskers also create custom masks with colors and designs of your choosing.
(If you do choose so and want a custom mask you can apply the cost of the above mask to your custom order).


Hand Painted Placecard Dishes for Your Unique Wedding
Simply pretty prints wedding gifts

I can think of a hundred things to do with these shallow bride and groom dishes.  They are perfect for setting next to the bathroom sink.   What a great place for the newlyweds to place their cherished rings when bathing.  This would be a great wedding gift.  Simply pretty prints can also do custom work so bride and bride or groom and groom plates for our gay and lesbian community are available.