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>Prying through the veil


The history of the veil stretches back many years and it is used to symbolise many things.
In the Roman times, the bride would wear a brightly colourful veil to ward off evil spirits whereas nowadays it is used to show modesty especially in religious ceremony.
Whatever are your reasons for wearing one, just make sure it reflects your personality.
For those of you who want a long flowing veil clearly you are after something dramatic. This beautiful veil by delightworthyn is full of theatrical styling.

However maybe you are a bride who is looking for something mysterious? What about this masquerade inspired veil by SEAMS.

And finally, for those of you who just want a hint of veil then this birdcage veil by rtisan will add a touch of glamour effortlessly.

>Has the Tradition Always Been White?


Vera Wang

The wedding dress has inspired women for generations…most assuredly what it will look like but most definitely white.

The thing is…white is a recent phenomenon! With the advent of Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert in 1840 one of the greatest love stories of all time took the imaginations of women by storm, and the Queen wore white thus setting the fashion for years to come.

It used to be that women would wear their best dress to wed in – no matter the colour. In the 1400’s blue was considered to be the colour of purity.

Today we see a happy mix of styles, colours and textures to choose from for our wedding day. Many women are choosing dresses that are versatile enough to be worn again for other occasions.

Here is a small sample of what you can find out there for yourself from vintage to rock star to simple beauty…

>Love knows no barriers


We live in a big wide world and people fall in love from all different backgrounds. This means when it comes to the wedding day one may have to jump over some cultural difficulties.

This can come in many forms, for example, the brides’ family may want a traditional white wedding in a church while the grooms’ family could be Buddhist. Or maybe you are in an inter-racial relationship and you have two families’ culture from different sides of the world.

However rather then viewing this as a complication, you should use your cultural differences as a way of making your wedding offbeat and get the best of both worlds!

How can one do this? Well here are some steps that one could use.

Step 1 – Planning stage

Before you pick up any magazines, books or looking at websites, sit down and think about what cultural elements you wish to have and where. Maybe there is a custom that you wish to follow or wearing a specific wedding colour. Try and list all the things that are important to the both of you and then assign an element of the wedding to them.

Step 2 – Compromise

Time to think about your family and friends. It maybe your wedding day but unless you are not having any guest you must consider their feelings. Most are more then likely to be happy with your decisions but there will always be someone who will try and throw a spanner in your plans.

Therefore you may need to compromise in certain areas so it is best to sort this out as soon as possible to avoid future upsets and stress.

Step 3 – Research, research and research

Now it is time to look at magazines, books and websites to find what you want. Do not feel that you will need everything to be custom-made. You may be surprise with what you find from mainstream wedding suppliers. Remember it is what you do rather then what you buy that makes you offbeat.

However don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track in your research. Find suppliers from the country that your culture originate. Ask family members and friends for recommendations as it isn’t always obvious especially if you are not fluent in your cultures language.

If you still can’t find anything then consider custom-made. Etsy has an array of designers and artists who are capable of making your dreams come true.

Step 4 – Timing

Now it is time to start ordering especially if you wish to order from overseas suppliers. You may think this is an obvious thing to consider but you will be surprise how fast time flies once you start getting things together. Placing your order for overseas suppliers early is important as it will give you time to receive the items and inspect them. If they are not suitable then you will have the time to get it changed or find an alternative. Of course some things are not possible to receive ahead of time like the wedding cakes but it is a good idea to discuss your ideas with supplier to make sure they understand your requirements and importantly deliver it on your wedding day!

Hopefully with these steps you will help you with your multi-cultural wedding issues and remember if everything doesn’t go according to plan. Just run off to Las Vegas and get married by Elvis! (Only kidding)

>The Bridal Hat Returns


The royal wedding is influencing wedding trends.  DUH!  The bridal hat returns with a vengeance.  These artists specialize in handmade millinery and more.  If you want a custom bridal hat fit for a queen for your wedding day these are my suggestions.   
L'AMANTE - Vintage inspired bridal hat headdress WEDDING fascinator
L’Amante by Hairbowswonderworld

The Envy - Peacock Fascinator
The Envy by LaPetiteMenagerie
white silk,50s style Bridal hat and veil
Ariel by LaCocoRouge

>Hot Air Balloons!


What could be more offbeat from the traditional path than a Hot Air Balloon wedding?

Floating with lofty ideals, high on love and a desire to step forth into a new phase in your lives melds seamlessly with the thought of leaving the ground and taking the high road with the birds and the clouds.

Here’s one site where you can research your own locations for attaining Hot Air Bliss.

Asheville Hot Air Balloons will even offer to have up to 28 balloons tethered together for a full wedding party in the air!

Looking for a little inspiration while you ponder your flight filled fantasy? Check out these cool images from fellow Etsy sellers:




If you have a cool story involving a wedding and hot air balloons we want to hear about it!