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WedEclectic Q&A


We ask the WedEclectic team a question, and post their answers each week…providing some advice, inspiration and insight into the person behind our shops. We hope you enjoy them!

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What helped you decide on rings? (For female team members:) Did you go with your fiance to pick out the ring, or did he choose on his own?


dalynda marie avatar

My fiance designed my engagement ring and our wedding bands.  Then he had them custom made!  My engagement ring was his birthstone, so it was very affordable & our wedding bands incorporated small diamonds from other family heirlooms.  It was important for us to have ‘conflict-free’ diamonds, so this was a nice plan.


Kristin Ames avatar
Kristin Ames from BagSecrets 

My fiance actually picked out my engagement ring on his own. I always thought that I would want to be there and pick it out together but honestly it meant more to me that he choose this ring for me. I don’t think I could have made the decision even if I did go, there are too many! We did shop for our engagement bands together which was perfect.


Kitty Kanzashi avatar
Kitty Kanzashi from kittykanzashi   

When we were both looking at engagement rings we were actually living apart so we had to use the internet to look for rings.  In the end, we both found the same jeweller in London who sold victorian style rings!  It appears we had the same taste in rings so bingo!
As for wedding band, we originally wanted some sort of silver coloured ring like platinum or white gold to match with the engagement ring but after a quick look online and in the shops we found that they were so expensive!   I know how can you be cheap with something like a wedding band?  Simple, the both of us are very clumsy and are prone to losing things so it would be heartbreaking if our rings got damaged.  In the end Etsy came to the rescue and we brought a couple of tungsten carbide ring which have survived everything that we have both thrown at it.  Even my mother who is a bit of a snob when it comes to jewellery loved the ring because it had a lovely shine to it.


Jennifer Ferencz-Barato avatar
Jennifer Ferencz-Barato from  ClayBouquetShop  

I was concerned about getting a conflict-free diamond, and my Mom offered the diamond from her engagement ring, as she no longer wore it with her wedding ring. My husband wasn’t sure about using it in the engagement ring, but after I showed him a ring design that I liked, he agreed to include it in the ring, which we had made locally…and to safeguard the diamond until he proposed.  🙂
I wanted recycled metal wedding rings, and found a local jeweler who created them for us. Ironically enough, he lost his wedding ring in the house (we blame the cats…perhaps playing with it and “losing” it somewhere), and he now wears his Father’s wedding ring instead. So it ends up that we both wear something from our parents to signify our marriage. : )

What helped you decide on rings? Did you go with your fiance to pick out the ring, or did he choose on his own?

Ring Shots Out Of The Box

A collection of out of the box ring shots for your

unique and personalized wedding day.

Details-Not Food or Drink




Collection courtesy of Krissy – Make Believe’N


November Giveaway with Polkadile

This month’s WedEclectic giveaway is hosted by: Polkadile!

She creates handmade jewelry, including rings and wedding bands, cuff links, earrings, necklaces, and more! They would be perfect accessories for your wedding, or for wearing everyday.  And it is all made from recycled silver (from computer motherboards and film!), making them eco-conscious!

Take a close look at the designs…many are created using impressions from natural surroundings. : )
Gentleman Leaf, set of handmade silver ringsStrong Oak  handmade fine silver ring setMarks of Time, set of handmade silver ringsVenus Connection, silver and copper hammered ring set
And for some designs, you could get matching cuff links. : )
Oak and I, fine silver cuff linksLichen, fine silver cuff links
She has graciously offered a $50 gift certificate to her shop to use towards your wedding necessities or to indulge in your favorite piece of jewelry.

This giveaway will run until midnight, November 30th, but don’t wait!

Your initial entries will be accepted for:

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A Little Texture Goes a Long Way

Textures add the extra ‘something’ to any event.  Wear it on your wedding day and your photos will always have dimension.  All of these lovely finds are courtesy of our sister team : Etsy Wedding Team.Sea Kelp Collection - No.1 - Organic Cotton Crocheted Lariat (Necklace, Scarf, Belt) - Ready to Ship

Sexy Black lace Garter Set on Ivory Satin

French fantasy beaded flower hair clipTwig Rings- 2mm wide - Available in Shades of GoldRing Bearer Birds Nest With Tan Eggs

>When Your Man Goes Looking for a Wedding Band


Black Gold Plated Band – $59

A friend whose wedding is fast approaching recently talked to me about her beau’s concerns about choosing a wedding band. Interestingly, one of them was something along the lines of this:

“I’ve never even worn a ring before, and I love you, Baby, but what if I lose the darn thing?!”

I’m a woman, and I’ve worn plenty of rings, but I don’t think you necessarily have to be a jewelery novice or man to relate to this guy’s concern. I’m pretty sure underscoring it somewhere is the fear, “IF I lose it, PLEASE don’t kill me!!”

One solution this happy couple found: 

Pick out something cool and masculine and meaningfully ‘him’ at a pricepoint that won’t make either of you freak out if someday (no matter how much he loves you) he accidentally loses it down the garage sink, on a wilderness trek, or in a poker game (just kidding!!!).
Then if you want to, you can even buy two 😉

Turkish Lira Coin Ring – $25

Brushed Titanium Wedding Band – $65
My personal favorite is the coin ring. Check out The Coinsmith to customize your own ring from a coin that holds nostalgic meaning for you and your husband-to-be!
Custom Sterling Silver Ring – $53

>Eco DIY Family Friendly Wedding


Elizabeth and Joshua Goldapp decided to have a wedding to match who they are; fun loving, Eco-conscious, and family oriented.  Elizabeth’s advice to couples is to remember that the day is about you as a couple.  Your guests will appreciate a customized representation of who you are.  The amount you spend is not a representation of your commitment or love for each other.    Elizabeth and Joshua took this to heart and you can see it in all of the fine details of their amazing day.

The couple was married close to home by Elizabeth’s little brother (ordained online) at the Pinecone Amphitheater of the 4H Center in Madrid Iowa.  They chose this location because their money would go to a local organization they feel should be supported.  The Goldapp’s have been Wal-Mart free for more than five years and typically buy local and independent.  If they couldn’t buy local then they specifically purchased for the reduced impact on the environment or from an shop.  See the list at the end.   The BBQ dinner meat, cupcakes and flowers were all locally purchased.  They purchased an invitation template from Empapers on and had it printed locally on recycled paper.  Mason jars that decorated the tables came from a free classified site, where every item is free/given away.  Elizabeth’s beautiful diamond wedding ring was a deliberate ethical Eco friendly choice.   Her wedding dress is organic cotton and bamboo by Isadora.  Each option chosen for this wedding clearly represented how much the Goldapps respect the local economy and the environment.
Responsibility aside, fun certainly reigned at this wedding too.  An overall casual feel surrounds the guests with name tags (because seriously who knows everyone at a wedding), picnic style dining, paper lanterns, butcher block paper covered tables (with crayons for drawing of course), and to top it off matching Chuck Taylor shoes for the Bride and Groom.  Come comfortable was a clear instruction to the guests.  Sounds like my kind of wedding!  The favors were inspired directly by the bride and groom.  He has a passion for guitars.  She is covered in tattoos.  Each guest was given a custom guitar pick from and a temporary tattoo.  Too cute!  I think their guests had a blast.  If they didn’t well…that’s their fault.

All the fun was for one reason; to bring the loved ones of Elizabeth and Joshua together to celebrate this union.  When Elizabeth was writing her wedding details to me I don’t think she realized how much her family was included.  It was especially touching to see that traditional family recipes were cooked and shared at the wedding.  Lefse for Elizabeth’s side and peanut butter balls for Joshua’s side.   I loved her explaining why her flower girl received a bubble gun instead of flowers.  (Extreme shyness Elizabeth thought could be thawed with the toy)  There was so much kindness and tons of thoughtful consideration to the comfort of those around her.  (Anybody notice the golf cart in the pics ?– easier travel for the Grandparents)  Tragically Elizabeth lost her father two years prior in Afghanistan.  She did an entire table of memorial photographs to allow even those missing to be a part of her and Joshua’s day.  These special touches are what make a wedding a day to remember.

Thank you to the Goldapps for telling us about your Eco DIY Family Friendly wedding story.  A special thank you to Chris Fowler and Michelle Boettcher for being ‘free’ photographers for a day.

Free classified:
Paper lanterns:
Temporary tattoos:
Table décor/art favors:

Make Believe’N Wedding Alternatives LLC

>From the Blog-o-sphere: Lego Wedding Ring


I love offbeat wedding ring choices!

I hijacked this pictures of musician Tyler Walker‘s wedding ring from from the colormekatie’s blog.