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>Working With Custom Vendors


Bridal Season is heating up and now is the time to start contacting vendors for your custom pieces! I have put together a few tips to help you get exactly what you have envisioned for your big day.

When you contact a vendor about making a custom piece or set make sure you mention the important stuff up front.

  • Your wedding date is of course important but also letting the vendor know about any hair trials or other “need by” dates.
  • Let the designer know if you are considering a bigger set and not just one item. Some vendors, like myself, will give a discount for bigger sets!
  • Your budget. I know, I know – you feel like giving someone a budget is like letting someone rip you off (what if they were going to say way less!?) I felt the same way when I was planning my wedding. But here is the thing, if you let me know how much you want to spend I can find materials and sources to make the best piece possible for that amount of money. I may even throw in something extra because i know it will make your wallet happy!
  • Pictures, Ideas & Inspiration. Nothing will help a vendor give you a quote faster than pictures of what you are looking for. Your idea of medium may be way different than mine – but a picture of what you think is medium will help me to know exactly what you expect. Pictures are the key to success. Send pictures of your dress, your shoes, something you like, your hair, whatever. Every picture helps.

Other things to consider:

Color Obsessed: Go to Home Depot and grab some free paint color swatches that match your theme – ask your designer for their mailing address and send them off!

Pressed for Time: Let the designer know up front if you are super stressed out. Even if your wedding is 8 months away – if you mentally need something done soon, please let us know!

Not happy with the final product?
Talk to your vendor! If a comb, a fit, a size, a whatever, is not working for you, just let the designer know. They will most likely be happy to try and fix it for you. Even if your wedding is 3 days from now – your designer can talk you through a simple fix that you or a loved one can do at home. If you don’t let us know, we cant fix it.

Good Luck and Congratulations!

>Hair Accessories For the Brave


>Etsy Shop Featuring Wedding Bouquets and Accessories


>Another Etsy Treasury of Mostly Offbeat Team Members!!


>Etsy Treasury Made up of Offbeat Team Members

>Here are some great offbeat wedding treasures. Click on any item and find out how you can purchase it!

>Let Them Eat Cake!!


Who wants cake?? It might be just easier to ask ‘Who doesn’t want cake?’ and you’ll certainly have fewer hands raised. The vast majority of us just love cake and want to have the best tasting (and looking) cake at our wedding. Whether it be in the form a square, circle, tiers, cupcakes, brownies, rice crispie treats or cake pops (yes, those do exist!) we want the most delicious and memorable. But for those who don’t enjoy cake as the rest of us do there is always the visual appeal of the decorations on a cake.
If you’ve ever watched an episode of the cake boss you will agree fully that the designs they come up with just WOW you. They build cake cities, cake railroads, cake seascapes, cake guitars and even cake hot dogs!! Perhaps you don’t want to go that offbeat but you would like something more than just a traditional wedding cake. Well, you can play it safe but still leave them talking with an offbeat cake topper.
These are some of our favorites we found while cruising through Etsy!!


Whether you are planning your wedding in two weeks or in twelve months we all start from the same place….we need inspiration!
Do you want a beach theme or perhaps a rustic garden wedding? Or maybe you want high glamour with a touch of childhood innocence. What is your groom’s opinion? Maybe he wants to don a top hat in a Steampunk wedding or just to wear his khaki shorts and flip flops!
There are so many different directions to go in that it helps to get focused from the start. That way then, as you get more stressed with what needs to be done you will still have clear in mind what direction you are going.
Something that can prove to be very effective in getting focused is an ‘Inspiration Board’ or book. I’ve done this before in redecorating a room. There are so many great styles to go with but which one will I be happiest with. We all like varied styles but there usually is something we like the best. But at times with so many choices (like wedding dresses for instance) we have a difficult time choosing what it is we like the best. So gather up magazines that you don’t mind tearing pages out of. Peruse each magazine and take out the pages that catch your eye the most. Ones that make you ohh and ahh!! Even if this takes a couple of days to do it will be worth it! Once you have all the pages then get a large white board with magnets or corkboard and put the pages up side by side. (You can even just tape them to the wall or get a journal and paste them inside – if you have a little extra time to put one together).
Now your Inspiration Board is together….what do you like? Do you lean toward bright colors? Black and white? Goth? Muted neutrals? Sea shells?
Clock gears? Alice in Wonderland? Whatever it is, you should have a pretty clear picture of what tops your list!
Keep referring back to your board with each day you go wedding shopping.
Whether it is from the comfort of your own home browsing ETSY or to your local bakery you will be reminded of what you really love and won’t purchase something just because you got caught up in the moment!
You can also add pictures from Etsy to your Inspiration Board….these are some treasures from Etsy that I would include in mine!! (It’s obvious by these choices what I lean towards!)





>Offbeat, Feminine, and Vintage-Inspired Choices in Colors You’ll BOTH Agree On


Alright, so it’s time to plan for your wedding- and part of that more than likely means choosing your colors… Maybe you love hot magenta, maybe s/he hates it, maybe s/he loves chartreuse, and it blinds your eyes every time you see it. Poses a bit of a problem doesn’t it? So… what to do, what to do?
Well, instead of feeling like you have to compromise your desires, you can, as a couple come up with the perfect wedding color palette for the both of you (yes, this IS possible!). So, let’s use me as an example (yes, I love magenta, and chartreuse causes my retinas to shrivel (except when it comes in a bottle of Mountain Dew- then I can stare at it all day long…)). My partner and I both love the Autumn and Winter seasons of the Western Massachusetts mountains. So muted, soft-toned earth colors it is (okay, and some black)- and we are both happy… I’ll probably sneak a little magenta in there too- maybe instead of my “something blue”… shhhhhh…. don’t tell him….
So with the chosen color palette in mind, here is a little sprinkle of the gorgeous offerings (of the many!) that my incredibly talented team members have available….

And last but certainly not least…
You’ll have to click on this one to find out what it is (after all, I am trying to be incognito….).
… do you think he’d notice?…. =)

>Thrilled to be a new member….

>I found this team on, when one of your kind members added my shoes to a treasury and I was blown away and absolutely charmed.Not a minute after I wanted to be part of this wonderful group of designers, artists and people like me who understand the “Offbeat Bride”.

I look forward to meeting Glenda (from Midnight Boudoir ) in person, as she will be coming down in January to Florida to visit family.  I admire her store and I can’t wait to wear one of her exotic hair pieces…I guess we both love Peacocks!

>Christmas is only 9 days away!

>Does it seem as though time has slipped through your fingers and you feel as though you have lost all hope for finding that truly unique gift for your special someone this year? Do you feel as though you have nowhere to turn and the prospect of finding the last minute gift is out of your reach? Never fear! Offbeat Wedding Etsy Team is here!

I will show you some last minute Christmas present ideas. They are ready to ship and would make excellent stocking stuffers!


The perfect gift for the man in your life. Check out these custom made wooden skier cuff links! She has several designs ready to ship out fast! Be sure to use the search term “Fedex for Christmas” in her shop and she will send these out to you right away!


Alternative Wedding Flowers and Decor by Make Believe’N

Bad Girl Brooches are ready to ship and will fit perfectly in a stocking! They are great gifts whether she has been naughty or nice!


Burlesque Bobby Pins are available in several colors and are ready to go! They are available in several colors: clear, black, red, blue, green, or purple rhinestones. Absolutely stunning!


Why not give the gift of a great hair day? Check out my shop! Would you like to give the gift of fancy hair but you are not sure which style she would like? If that is the case, a gift certificate is the perfect gift!

Midnight Boudoir

Are you looking for a gift but do not know what to buy? Midnight Boudoir has gift certificates available in several amounts. Choose from several lovely accessories adorned with feathers and jewels in a vintage style!


If you are looking for something ready to ship from the UK check out these beautiful Tsumami Kanzashi bejewelled blossom Japanese hair ornaments! Several of her clips are ready to ship right now and would make excellent stocking stuffers!

Happy Holidays Everyone from the Offbeat Wedding Etsy Team!