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Offbeat Wedding Gowns

by ForestCandleStudio

Gorgeous, fun, unusual…does this describe what you want to wear on your wedding day?

Perhaps one of these unique, custom-made wedding gowns will be perfect for you!




Carnival inspired wedding dress by Patterns Optional




Fairytale inspired cotton wedding dress by Wedding Dress Bridal




Steampunk victorian wedding gown by Chrisst




Bohemian wedding gown by Kata Kovacs




Corset wedding gown by Wedding Dress Fantasy




18th century style wedding gown by Miss Lisa 1867




Wedding dress with vintage kimono fabric by Shantique


Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

February Treasury Challenge


It’s time to get your vote on! This month there are only 4 entries, but I don’t know if that will make voting any easier; they are beautiful! Check out these gorgeous collections; each one featuring both of January’s challenge winners:  Clay Bouquet Shop and Bag Secrets.

Voting ends at midnight on February 28th EST, and the winner will be posted on 3-01-2013.

You have just a couple days to vote, and the winning treasury will be selected by majority vote. The winner will be announced here on the 1st. Please vote for your favorite collection here:

Previews of the treasuries, in the order of entry: (Click on the photo to open the treasury in full page view.)
Thank you so much for voting!

January Treasury Challenge


It’s time to get your vote on! This month’s treasury contest was a team challenge that produced over 50 treasuries.  I think we covered every possible wedding theme, and now we need your vote. Check out these gorgeous collections; each one featuring one, or both, of December’s challenge winners:  Forest Candle Studio and Delaney Photo Jewelry.

Voting ends at midnight on February 8th EST, and the winner will be posted on 2-09-2013.

Please vote for your favorite collection here:

Previews of the treasuries, not in the order of entry: (Click on the photo to open the treasury in full page view.)





NaturallyInLove MysteriousAffair makeastatement





exchvowslavenderfieldEcoLuxuryWedcrimsongoldcowboy weddingcobaltgoldweddingChristmasweddingWedding Inspiration...a Palette of Blues and Purples by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on EtsyHoneymooning...Beaches  Lingerie and Mementos by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on EtsyBridal White by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on EtsyWedding Themes   Music by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on Etsywhitewedhoneymoonweddingsseasonalsparklewedding fantasiesVisionsSilverIvoryVintagevintageroseVintageloveTropPinkOrangesummernightsweddingTwoBridesWedDaystorybookwedsteampunk weddingsValentine's weddingsportsinspiredSomethingBlueTropical Wedding Inspiration...Shades of Aqua and Coral by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on EtsyForTheGroomAndFriendsIts Wonderfully Romantic by Annie Farber on Etsy

Blushing Bride by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on Etsy

Lime Green Dream Wedding by Kristin Ames on Etsy
A Rainbow of Wedding Favors by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on Etsy
Black and White Wedding by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on Etsy
Weddings with Geekery    Theme Weddings     by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on Etsy
A Touch of Spring by Tina Cooke on Etsy
The Beauty of Spring Weddings by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on Etsy
Bold Victorian Wedding Inspiration by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on Etsy
Destination Wedding   Travel Themed Wedding Details by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on EtsyWedding Inspiration...a Palette of Blues and Purples by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on EtsyWedding Palette  Red and Black by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on Etsy

Fairytale Weddings by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on EtsyWedding Palette of Pink and Orange by Jennifer Ferencz Barato on Etsy

Here is a special Thank You to our team captain, Jennifer of Clay Bouquet Shop, for having an outstanding number of entries in this months contest. We appreciate your efforts and the exposure.

Wedding trends for 2013

By DelaneyJewelryDesigns


(Part 1 of 3)

Here are some of my favorite trends topping the charts. If only I could do it again.

#1        Wedding Dresses with Pockets.

Of course, pockets. And it’s about time. Why didn’t I think of that? Okay, that wasn’t exactly my first thought. It was more like: What? Wedding Dresses with pockets? Well maybe just a little one for lipstick, or money, but wedding dresses are heavy enough without bulky pockets. That is what the maid of honor is for. But seriously, look how clever this is. Nothing like what I had imagined when I first read about them. I love this gorgeous dress by PureMagnoliaCouture:



This one I found on The Art of Weddings almost completely hides the pockets. It’s amazing!



I realized that pockets in a wedding dress can be completely invisible with the right designer. They are nowhere near as obvious as I had originally imagined.  I would probably have a hard time not loading them up with miscellaneous stuff, so mine would need to be small. But this one by PantoraBridal is what made me realize you can hide them on almost any dress.



#2        Lace, Lace and more Lace

Everything I’ve read states that lace will not only maintain its very large presence in 2013, but it will continue to grow in popularity. I now see it everywhere, but some of these designers are clearly trend setters paving the way.  Lace is nothing new when it comes to shoes, but now there are so many options. In fact, even if you have already purchased shoes for your big day, but you’re not loving them as much as you did when you first spotted them, or if you have a favorite pair of shoes that you wish you could wear down the aisle, this shop will help you redesign and decorate your shoes to give them a new look!! Check out this makeover by Something thine wedding shoes:



You absolutely have to spend time perusing this shop! You will fall in love with so many designs. I love the platform heels on these gorgeous shoes by DesignYourPedestal:



One place I didn’t even consider incorporating lace was on my invitations. This elegant design by Vintage Lace Wedding Cards makes me want to plan another wedding:


#3        Reality Wedding

Technology can play a larger part in weddings as live streaming becomes more popular. It’s a great way to share your special day with loved ones who cannot attend. Broadcasting your wedding to anyone anywhere is a fun way to include more people in your real life event. Check out “I DO” Stream to broadcast your wedding live. They offer a D.I.Y. package and they even allow you to share it on Facebook.


Owner/Artist: Keri O’Hara

A bit of inspiration from a fun, alternative bridal photoshoot : )

By ClayBouquetShop

I have planned to include alternative brides in my advertising for awhile, and finally had the opportunity to include models willing to have fun with this idea earlier this year. Here are some photos to enjoy…and possibly use as inspiration. : )

We had multiple outfits available for models, some more traditional than others, so many models appear more than once. The models had loads of fun in the wardrobe room changing from one outfit into another, accessorizing their attire, and wandering around Turkey Hill Inn for photos by the different photographers. : )

Bouquet, haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Veil by Chaos Couture 

Haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Jacket by Blooms In The Night

Bouquet, haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Gloves and lace neck wrap (eye mask) by KVO Design

Bouttonniere by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Hair Flower by Chaos Couture

Jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Bouquet and Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Fascinator by Chaos Couture

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Fingerless gloves and Lace neck corset by KVO Design

Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Bouquet and accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet and Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Layered skirt by Blooms In The Night

Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Bouquet and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet and accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet, haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Lace eye mask and cuffs by KVO Design

Bouquet charm by DelaneyPhotoJewelry

Skirt handcrafted by the model (Elderberry)!

(Yes, I told her that she should open up an Etsy shop, too!)

Thank you to all of our participants!

(listed alphabetically)


Hair Stylists

Allison Tegano

Make Up Artists

KimmV  MM# 2357138

SK Faceworks Makeup MM# 2213330












Tips for a Less Expensive Wedding – Intro and #1

I am a notorious cheapskate.  I regularly shop thrift stores and love the thrill of finding great stuff for a better deal.  Also, I managed to do my whole wedding and reception for $2,000, with change left over to spend on the honeymoon.  (Yes, seriously.)  And the best part?  People still—almost seven years after the event—compliment me on how fun and amazing our reception was!  I’m sure there are a few brides and grooms out there who could use a little budgeting savvy, so I’m sharing some pointers on how to get what you want on your big day, without exceeding the “what you have to work with” limit!  Over the next several weeks, we’ll talk about cutting wedding expenses by:

#1 Prioritizing

#2 Having the “Money Chat” with Whoever is Footing the Bill

#3 Setting a Realistic Budget

#4 Calling in Favors

#5 Being Creative

#6 Doing it Yourself

and #7 Incorporating New Traditions (and Editing Out Some of the Old!)

I’ve decided to liven up each tip by using examples from my own wedding and from that of my very best friend, Julianna.  Her wedding and reception came in a little pricier than mine–at around the $6,500 mark–and we have nearly opposite styles (as you will see); but both of us had fantastic wedding days, full to the brim with our own unique personalities and tastes, without breaking the bank!



Tip #1    Prioritize!

Is your dream wedding incomplete without an abundance of fresh flowers?  Or maybe you’ve always wanted that one photographer who just captures each moment in perfection?  However you best express your style, your wedding is the ideal opportunity to “put your money where your mouth is”!  I put this tip very, very first, because even before you know how much you have to spend, you will already know where you want to put it!  Sit down with your spouse-to-be as soon into the planning as possible and figure out what little things you want to make the big things in your special day.

Julianna always wanted THAT DRESS.  The one that was as unique and stylish as she was.  Made for her.  Literally.  So, a huge chunk of her personal wedding budget (roughly 25%) went to hunting down a local seamstress that was willing to work closely with her on the whole process.  Her dress was made from cream-colored taffeta and is dripping with gorgeous detailing and pleated ruffles at the neck- and hem-lines.  It is truly one-of-a-kind and was a dream come true for her:  worth every penny!  (Images copyright Brittany Anderson.)

Art Deco Done Richly

Art Deco (1920’s) style is a favorite of many Wed Eclectic team members.  Here are a few rich visuals to get you in the loving mood too! Art Deco Bezel Set Old European Cut Diamond Engagement  Ring 2.01 Carats Circa 1930's

1920's Flapper inspired Wedding Gown

Art Deco Antique Bracelet 1920s, High Art Deco JewelryAntique Vintage 20s Ivory-Creme Silk Scalloped Floral Net Lace Flapper Wedding Dress, Silk Rosettes, Old Hollywood Art Deco, WOW

GLAMOUR AMORE Deco gown REDUCEDCirca 1920's Pendant Earrings









>Has the Tradition Always Been White?


Vera Wang

The wedding dress has inspired women for generations…most assuredly what it will look like but most definitely white.

The thing is…white is a recent phenomenon! With the advent of Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert in 1840 one of the greatest love stories of all time took the imaginations of women by storm, and the Queen wore white thus setting the fashion for years to come.

It used to be that women would wear their best dress to wed in – no matter the colour. In the 1400’s blue was considered to be the colour of purity.

Today we see a happy mix of styles, colours and textures to choose from for our wedding day. Many women are choosing dresses that are versatile enough to be worn again for other occasions.

Here is a small sample of what you can find out there for yourself from vintage to rock star to simple beauty…

>The Dress Edition – Unconventional Custom Wedding Gown Tips


If you are the sort of person that follows the Off beaten path, than you probably already possess a distinctive sense of fashion and personal style.

Your choice of wedding gown and accessories will also celebrate your sense of uniqueness. If you decide to have your gown custom made, it is always a good rule of thumb to speak with the designer at least 9 -12 months before the wedding date – particularly if you have distinct and unusual elements incorporated into your gown.

If you are using expensive material to have your gown custom made, it is important that you seek the advice of a professional who will first design the dress from a toile or mock-up (a muslin template of your dress pattern, used for fittings before the expensive material is cut and sewn into a dress). The importance of this process is to ensure a proper fit before your gown is finalized.

Collect fabric samples, colour swatches, design ideas clipped from bridal magazines and be sure to save them before approaching your wedding dress designer. You will have visual examples to show your dress designer, enabling them to better customize your dream offbeat wedding gown!

>The Dress Edition – Offbeat Bridal Gown of Color


With so many brides wanting to express their unique individuality, the truly Offbeat bride is making headway in forming new traditions as alternatives to old ones.

As your wedding day is a momentous time, the importance of choosing a bridal gown that not only reflects your individual style but one that also makes you feel comfortable enough to stand, dance, laugh and shed tears of joy in!

You have been planning this day, dreaming of walking down the aisle with the man you love – all eyes will be gazing on the beautiful bride as she recites her vows. This dream wedding is reflecting your style as a couple, and the wedding gown reflects your individual style as a bride.

A newer tradition offered to the Offbeat bride wanting to express her individuality is choosing a gown of color! Be it your favorite color or one that makes you feel happy in, you have more choices now with the advent and availability of custom services from independent designers and artists on the internet. Particularly popular is Etsy, where so many unique designers, who understand your needs meet under one venue.

And we at Offbeat Etsy Wedding Team are here to serve you, aiding in any advice you may need for your upcoming Offbeat nuptials, so please feel welcome to shout out to us if ever the need arises.

And may your dream wedding be filled with romantic bliss and happiness!

xoxo – The Girls and Guys at Offbeat Etsy Wedding Team