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WedEclectic Team Treasury

Check out this stunning team treasury by Karen from BlingForTheTable

Navy Blue Wedding by Karen on Etsy

Wedding Inspiration – For an Element of Nature

Element of NatureSee the full collection here.

For indoor and outdoor weddings, there are so many ways you can incorporate nature into your big day.

In fact, it can be the underlying theme, and you will not run out of beautiful options.

Here are some favorites of mine to inspire you:

 Natural Wood Wine Glass Charms

BoutonniereWild Berry and Feather Boutonniere

Flowe rGirl CrownFlower Girl Crown

Flower CrownBridal Crown

Moss BasketMoss Flower Girl Basket

place cardsPlace Cards

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By Keri O’Hara from Delaney Jewelry Designs

WedEclectic Team Treasury

Check out this earthy team treasury by Steve from JewelryBySteveRiley

Moss Green Wedding by Steve Riley on Etsy

WedEclectic Q&A


We ask the WedEclectic team a question, and post their answers each week…providing some advice, inspiration and insight into the person behind our shops. We hope you enjoy them!

Please reply with your own answer!  : )

If you could get married anywhere in the world where would it be?


Edi from MemoriesForLifesB

My own back yard 🙂 I want a small intimate ceremony and then a big party with all our family and friends!


Julie from OddLotEmporium

I’d just go away and do it in a tropical island of some sort 🙂


Joanne from HappyMooseGardenArt

Ours was on the beach right down the street from our home and I wouldn’t change a thing. Simple, outdoors…anywhere works as long and family and friends can be there!


Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop

I’d like to renew our vows on a beach somewhere…or perhaps in a forest glen, but the beach would probably win, with a small group of friends and family. But I don’t regret our 78 person wedding and reception in PA. : )


Steve from JewelryBySteveRiley

As the law for same sex marriage changed this month, giving us equality, I proposed to my partner of eight years. We plan to have a small intimate wedding on our fabulous roof deck. We have not set a date yet.


Ella from EllaWinston

I would love to renew our vows on a beach in Hawaii (as over done as that may be) Hawaii is just too beautiful!

Choosing Bridal Jewelry

By HeatherBoyd

1. Follow your gown’s neckline

If you have a strapless dress you may want to look for a large multi strand necklace to stop you looking a bit bare in the neck area. Strings of beads that form a pattern when laid flat against the throat are also popular, and beading all the way around the neck can add interest. Gowns with a high or very detailed neckline may work better without a bridal necklace. If your dress has a round shaped neckline, look for a choker style necklace, but if you have a v-neck or sweetheart neckline you could wear a longer pendant.

wedding necklace 1


2. Try timeless classics

If you don’t think your wedding day is the time to experiment with a radical new look, stick to the classic bridal necklaces. A single string of pearls is a sophisticated yet feminine look, and a pearl collar with two or three strands can emphasise a long neck beautifully. With pearls symbolising marital happiness, they will always be a good choice. Another bridal necklace that has timeless appeal is a simple gold or silver chain with a diamond pendant. This can be coupled with diamond stud or drop earrings.

wedding necklace 2

3. Don’t overload on jewellery

A bride should wear a maximum of two statement pieces of wedding jewellery. If you have large, fancy earrings, you might want to skip the necklace or choose something very plain and simple. If you decide against a necklace you can always add detail with a beautiful bracelet. If you choose an intricate necklace, wear stud earrings and keep your bridal hair accessories minimal.

wedding necklace 3

4. Match your necklace to your dress

Check out the details on your wedding dress. Are they pearls, crystals, beads or diamante? Your wedding jewellery should echo the theme of your dress so try to get a necklace in the same material. If you have chosen a simple dress you can get away with an intricate necklace, but if your dress is highly detailed, look for a very simple bridal necklace. If you have a vintage style dress, look for antique jewellery from the same period. However, a modern contemporary dress works best with an edgy necklace design.

wedding necklace 4

5. Add some colour

The bridal necklace is a popular place to add some colour into your wedding outfit. Not all women look good in pale colours, and bridal shades of white or ivory can leave them looking washed out. A bold coloured necklace between the gown and the face can help to avoid this. Many brides look for a sapphire and silver necklace and use it as their something blue, but another good idea is simply to match your bridal necklace to the colours in your wedding bouquet.

wedding necklace blue

WedEclectic Team Treasury

Check out this fun summer time wedding team treasury by Edi from MemoriesForLife

A Wedding at the Beach by Edi Royer on Etsy

Wedding Inspiration – Add a Pop of Color!


Brides and grooms can really have some fun by adding a pop of color to their wedding outfits. To give you ideas, here are some colorful handmade and vintage items from Etsy shops.

Fyi, many Etsy shops can customize items to your desired colors and styles. So don’t hesitate to contact a shop whose work you like!


For the Bride.for the bride

Clockwise starting at top left and ending in the center:

  1. Green and black fascinator hat with zipper roses & electronic resistors by Aula46
  2. Honeysuckle pink mask with detachable satin flower clip brooch by ArtisanMaskers
  3. Bead embroidery bracelet by CrownofStones
  4. Silk & linen flower with peacock feathers hair ornament by ButtonsnBlossoms
  5. Colorful floral bridal sash by RosyPosyDesigns
  6. Sunrise seashell and aqua chalcedony earrings by ThePineappleHut
  7. Handmade flowers shoe clips by ChloeANDMaddie.

For the Groom.for the groom

Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Map cufflinks for the groom and his attendants by BrassandChain
  2. Custom comic book sneakers by MoonlightDecorator
  3. Multi-color blue modern tartan tie by TiestheKnot
  4. Quilled blue boutonniere by MiaettiaCreations
  5. Blue, green, and yellow paper boutonnieres by TheLittleRedButton
  6. Vintage wingtip spectator shoes by flyfishark
  7. Men’s gingham suspenders by PaigeGrayson
Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

WedEclectic Q&A



We ask the WedEclectic team a question, and post their answers each week…providing some advice, inspiration and insight into the person behind our shops. We hope you enjoy them!

Please reply with your own answer!  : )

Guestbook ~ Did you have a traditional guestbook? If not, what did you do different?






Dalynda from SteampunkWedding

Yes! I love the tradition of a guest book. Looking back 21 years ago, I can’t remember which aunts were there, so I can look. We’ve lost many family members since then and it is wonderful to have their signatures as part of our ceremony forever. My daughter and I were looking at the book last month and took the time to tell her about so many of the great-grandparents that she doesn’t remember.






Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop

Instead of having a book everyone had to find to sign, we included paper on each table, cut in sizes to fit into envelopes I glued into a nice scrapbook. We got notes from our guests, some good wishes, some funny stories, and some advice. It makes me smile whenever I take them out and read them. : )






Amanda from ArtisanMaskers

I had a traditional style guest book which I added photos to (from our engagement pictures) in order to liven it up a bit. I also used portions in the back of it to keep notes about my bridal showers (who came, what gifts we received, etc.) so now I can look back and find it all in one place!






Kitty from KittyKanzashi

Nope, my partner and I couldn’t be bothered with one because we only had 65 guests so it would have been a very empty guestbook and it was my intention on the day to talk to all of the guests.






Kristin from BagSecrets

We had craft paper in our wedding colors that I cut up into 3×5 cards. People then wrote us little messages on them and left them in a beautiful crystal bowl. After the wedding I took the cards, matched them up with photos from those people at the wedding and made a little scrapbook. I love looking through it and see the photos with their messages!

Two to Four Months Before the Wedding

Part 1: Cake Toppers

by ForestCandleStudio

Your wedding day is approaching fast! Are you using a monthly checklist to carry out your plans? If you buy your wedding cake topper, decorations, favors, and attendant gifts as early as possible, you’ll be able to relax a lot more the month before the wedding and enjoy everything you’ve put together. Plus it gives you a little room to take care of any last minute things that come up unexpectedly without the added stress.

In Part 1 of this four-part series, here are some unique handmade and vintage wedding cake toppers from Etsy shops to help you find what will be just right for you! Click photos to go to the shop listing for each item.


Comic Book Rose Wedding Cake Topper by A Bridal Touch


Tree Stump Sculpture Wedding Cake Topper by Sweet Pixie Pie


Nautical Wedding Cake Topper by Wyale Designs


Vintage Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Toppers by Under The Sycamores


Musical Birds Wedding Cake Topper by Weddings of Design


Robot Secret Agent Wedding Cake Topper by Builders Studio


Tropical Beach Flower Wedding Cake Topper by The Wedding Petal


Personalized Tandem Bike Wedding Cake Topper by Heather Boyd Wire


Vintage Porcelain Figurines Wedding Cake Topper by Red Truck Designs


Wedding Cupcake Toppers by The Perfect Party Shop

Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

WedEclectic Team Treasury

Check out this fun team treasury by Marcie from ForestCandleStudio

After  I Do  by Marcie Forest on Etsy