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Toast in Style!

By ForestCandleStudio

The wedding couple may share a drink from their very own “loving cup” during their ceremony. Then during their reception, glasses are raised in toasts wishing health and happiness to the newlyweds, praises all around, and thank you’s to the guests. Many wedding couples want their own ceremonial cups and toasting glasses to be meaningful to them, to commemorate their special day. Whether you drink wine, champagne, beer, sparkling juice, tea or coffee, here are some wonderful drinking vessels (all found on Etsy) to help you find a style that suits you just right!

Loving Cup aka Quaich (Scottish tradition): Handmade by Page Pottery

Hand-carved Vintage Wedding Cup (European): available from Bedouin

Vintage German Bridal Cup: available from Saltsman Soap

Custom Porcelain Cups, Hand-carved Design, Personalized: Handmade by The Celadon Studio

Handcrafted Wedding Goblets: handmade by BB Woodturnings

Beer Glasses Personalized Engraved: Handmade by Glass Girl Jen

Hand-painted Personalized Wedding Cups: Handmade by WanderSketch

Hand-painted & Embellished Champagne Flutes: Handmade by Pure Beauty Art

Champagne Flutes Custom Engraved & Personalized: Handmade by Brad Goodell

Vintage Glass Lover’s Cups: available from Parkledge

Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest