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Organize Your Wedding Ideas with Etsy Treasuries

By DelaneyJewelryDesigns

Are you someone who likes to plan ahead? Or maybe keep a visual image nearby? Treasuries are a great way to keep your favorite ideas organized in a nice little photo gallery. You can create multiple treasuries for wedding cakes, cake toppers, fascinators, garters, dresses, shoes, rings, bouquets, etc. That list could go on forever.

You can even find fun ways to enhance your treasury (and shopping) fun with applications like Enhantsy allows you to zoom in on images directly from the search page (you no longer have to click on an image, be redirected to another page, decide you don’t like it, and have to click the back button to get to your search again). You can add items directly to your treasury (or cart) from the image on your search. Plus you also get infinite scroll on your searches.

Here is a treasury that I created for my favorite garters:

Wedding Garter Favorites by Keri O Hara on Etsy

Treasuries are easy to create and beautiful to look at. This is how I create them:

Open a blank ‘Create a treasury’ page:

Open a new window on Etsy and search for desired items:

When you see something you love,  or that fits your theme (many artists will customize items) click on the heart in the upper left corner.

Go to your favorites:  Click on your name at the top of the page, and then click on ‘favorites’ listed on the left side of the page. Right click on each item to ‘copy the image URL’ and then open the treasury page, right click again to paste that URL info in the box.

Rearrange as you like and save.

There you have it; 5 easy steps to creating a gorgeous treasury collection of your favorite items.

Here are some of my favorite items from the WedEclectic team:

If I could do it all over again. by Keri O Hara on Etsy

Here is one I created for my bridal bouquet memorial charms:

Wedding Bouquet Charms by Keri O Hara on Etsy

You can also use Shmetsy to create lovely treasuries: However you make them, look at them as your personal, ever-changing, shopping gallery.

By Keri O’Hara

Delaney Jewelry Designs




 By LaCoCoRouge

You’ve heard of vision boards and style boards but have you heard of Pinterest?

Putting together your wedding is a big deal and involves planning from décor, to apparel to food, entertainment and beyond.

Lists are one way to keep ideas and thoughts together but sometimes it can be difficult to explain to your wedding stylist or friends what it is you really envision.

Pinterest is an online image gallery similar to Tumblr but with the added advantage of having multiple boards laid out with images and blends Twitter type #hashtags to make items easier to find.

Imagine putting together a board for a wedding dress, colours you want to use, bridesmaid’s gifts, décor, food, hairstyles, makeup and more.

Gone is the frustration of telling your hairstylist that you want your hair to swoop down in a single curl with two braids when you can simply show him/her a collection of images from your board.

All those magazines littering the floor with paper scraps and quite possibly paper cuts (if you were me) are a memory as you gather images from the web and add them to your categories.

Tips for a Less Expensive Wedding – #3 Set (and STICK to!) a Realistic Budget

by ArtisanMaskers

I know, I know.  Tip number THREE, is setting a budget?  Most people want to jump right in and start here.  But, trust me, this vital step will be so much easier if you’ve already taken the time to prioritize your wedding preferences and talk over money with the involved parties!

Let’s start by taking a look over your list of who is paying for what and figure out what you and your fiancé have to cover.  Now draw up a quick list of those things and be realistic about what you think you can spend on each item, keeping in mind the priorities you’ve set!  If you really can’t face setting it all down on paper from scratch, here are two budget planners I found through a quick online search:

Here is one which is a little “detail” lacking, but a good start.  I do like that they’ve given you a column for “anticipated” cash flow, as well as “actual” cash flow.  If you use those columns as you go along, you can make slight adjustments here and there, and will hopefully know if you have enough extra to cover any unexpected expenses.

Here’s another drafted budget.  This one looks good, but I would highly recommend changing those percentages to better reflect what you decided your priorities would be!  You may also want to break down those large categories into smaller, more manageable shopping lists.

I am almost certain there isn’t a bride-to-be out there who hasn’t heard the advice of setting and sticking to a realistic budget.  And yet, isn’t it strange how many attempt to ignore that advice?  Ignoring your budget not only encourages you to stop hunting for better deals, but it often causes greater financial stress among families, including the one you’re about to start!  Having the budget written down and keeping it with the things you are using to plan the wedding will help you visualize the process and help you stick to it!

As I mentioned in my second post, my parents gave me cash to cover our reception costs.  This worked out as a great budgeting tool for me, because I could quickly see just how much we spent, and how much we had left, as we went along.  I also pulled certain amounts aside for specific, more expensive, things on our shopping list (like my dress and the rings) ahead of time, so that I knew I’d have that money when I needed it.

Tips for a Less Expensive Wedding – #2 The Money Chat

#2 Have the “Money Chat” with Whoever is Footing the Bill

DO NOT start off your marriage with a power struggle!  Sure, you want your wedding day to reflect you, but keep in mind that there are many people around you who may want to be a part of this process; and if they happen to be paying for some part of it, that’s probably only fair!  After all, it makes sense that they’d want to have some say how their support is put to use.  Your “parents” (be they grandparents, the uncle that raised you, or your soon to be in-laws), as well as chosen attendants, are a part of your life now—and hopefully will be for a long time to come!  It may seem like a frightening thought, but sitting down with everyone that will be helping out financially can relieve a WHOLE lot of stress later.  Really.  Have a civil chat about who is paying for what so that no surprise “necessities” crop up the week before the big day.

To make having a chat with everyone about the cost of your wedding a little bit easier, I came across some great advice on the internet ( here, here, and here ), which I compiled into one easy pdf for you to peruse:   Who Pays for What  Print it off and check off or change things as needed!  Hopefully it will help in the planning process!

If you are like me, you may look at that list and laugh at how complicated it is.  You may be able to instantly cut several of these traditional costs.  On the other hand, maybe you (or your parents) are very traditional and will want to do all of these things.  Can you see why it is VITAL to have a conversation with all the involved parties (you, your spouse-to-be, your parents, their parents, the best man, and the maid/matron of honor) to figure out who is going to pay for what!?  I know it seems like an uncomfortable subject to broach, but it can be a big step in establishing a trusting and respectful relationship with all of these people!



I actually didn’t want a reception.  My parents handed me the $2,000 cash they’d intended to use toward a reception and told me to do whatever I wanted with it instead.  Unfortunately, because my husband is the youngest in his large Argentine family, his parents weren’t about to let him get off the hook that easily.  It was pretty easy, though, to compromise.  They offered to cover the food (a huge part of any Argentine celebration), and we covered the rest.  We easily cut some of those traditions that weren’t meaningful to us, including many of the “Pre-Wedding” events and even things like bridesmaids’ dresses—his cousins in Buenos Aires are always getting a chuckle out of American weddings where everyone wears the same outfit…  We opted to set the bridal party off with matching corsages/boutonnieres, instead.  We also cut many of the ceremony costs and reception center costs because in my native Utah, our religious facilities are free for wedding use.  Knowing ahead of time who would cover what saved hours of headache for everyone involved!

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One of your main wedding check list items is a theme? Once, you have picked your theme you are ready to plan your wedding. I had a Vegas wedding which was red and black. Tell me or show me your wedding theme? Post pictures please!

This is a cute idea for wedding favors, I found this on etsy here
This listing is for ten 2 1/4 inch pocket mirrors. Each one is hand-pressed, using a genuine glass mirror and designer paper which is protected by a thin layer of mylar(plastic).

This pretty mirror is the perfect size to keep in your purse, desk, or pocket for quick makeup and hair checks.

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As always please email me if you have any questions or suggestions!