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Table Decor & Favors Part 3: Votive Candle Holders

by ForestCandleStudio

The wedding reception is a place to really let your personalities shine! Here are some awesome handmade votive and tea light candle holders for inspiration as you plan your table decor and lighting. After the wedding, what great favors for your guests to take home to remember you and your special day!

Vintage Sheet Music Luminaries by Olden Designs

Shabby Chic Country Upcycled Votive Holders by Huckleberry Vntg

Hand-cut Paper Luminaries by Sugarplum Silhouettes

Hand-sewn Mini Felt House Luminaries by Hunky Dorky

Jute & Seashells Votive Candle Holders by Ters Just Beachy

Etched Glass Bicycle Votive Cups by Fiddle Home



Gold Leaf Votive Holders by Ma Belle Amie 1316

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Best Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

Table Decor & Favors

Part 2: Place Card Holders

by ForestCandleStudio

The wedding reception is your grand party – for toasting the two of you, sharing food and drink with family and friends, and general merry-making all around. Such a party usually requires that you, the host, decide who should sit next to whom, to bring new and old friends together in the best way possible.

Place cards make it easy for your guests to know where you want them to sit. So why not choose place card holders that add to your theme and also make fabulous favors for your guests to take home? Planning your table decor items to do double-duty is eco-friendly and saves you time and money 🙂

To help you get started finding just the right place card holders, here are some delightful ones I found on Etsy. After the wedding, your guests can use these to hold photos, notes, etc., or as paperweights or decorative objects to display on a shelf or table. What a wonderful way to say thank you to your guests for being part of your special day!

Pirate Theme Wedding Place Card Holders with Personalized Cards by Cheralyns Woodworks

Customizable “Mr & Mrs Kiss” Place Card Holders by Pinned Together

Rustic Wedding Place Card Holders with Cards by Decadent Designs

Natural Sea Urchin Shell Place Card Holders by EcoLectic Events

Mini Moss Terrarium Place Card Holder by Vertigris

Treble Clef Place Card Holder by Homes and Weddings


Silver Pine Cone Place Card Holders with Cards by Fairyfolk Weddings


Wire-wrapped Bud Vase Place Card Holder by The Funky Shack

Btw, here’s the link if you missed Part 1: Silverware Holders

Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

>Want Candles at Your Wedding? Plan Ahead!

>Historically, candles have always played an important role in wedding ceremonies and their celebrations afterward.

Whether today’s wedding couples want to use candles for meaningful cultural rituals, personal symbolism, or simply to create an enchanting and romantic atmosphere, the desire for their use remains strong.

As a candle artist who provides candles for weddings all over the country, here’s some critical planning advice: Ask the venue if they allow “open flame” candles! If they do, be sure to ask: Are there any restrictions on types of candles or how many are on each table? Is a city fire permit required and who is responsible for applying for it?

Just so you know, none of this is difficult to do, you just want to be sure you’ve done your homework ahead of time. When it comes to candles at weddings, early preparation = less stress + more fun!

Because of the risk of fire with open flames amongst lots of people partying, many cities require venues to comply with local fire dept regulations about candle use in public gatherings. You don’t want to buy 5o pillar candles, only to find out as they’re being placed on the reception tables that they have to be in hurricane holders or you can’t light them!

Many locations allow any type of candles as long as they are in glass or other type holders that completely shield the flame from coming into contact with flammable items (the holder usually needs to extend 1-2″ above the flame).

Shown throughout this post are some excellent candle holder choices from artists on Etsy. Just click on a photo (linked to their shop) to see the variety each artist offers.

In future posts I’ll give more wedding candle tips and advice.

I’ll share info on candles for your ceremony, reception, gifts to your attendants and family, and in decorating your new home.

Help me plan my articles to readers’ needs! Please tell me your personal experiences or send me questions you’d like answers to. You can do that by commenting here, via convo to ForestCandleStudio on Etsy, or via email to ForestCandleStudio [!at]

Best Wedding Wishes!
Marcie Forest