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Wedding day fitness….

By MakeBelieve’N

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So little time so many options!  Okay so I’ve struggled with my weight for YEARS and recently (in the past 6 months) I think I’ve figured it out.  You know they say that diet and exercise are the answers…well, guess what…they’re right.  I’ve been steady losing inches because of this:

Biggest keys to success with and exercise/diet plan:

1) Tell everyone.  The more people you tell the more accountable you will be.  Join Weight Watchers or some similar group based weight loss challenge.

2) Set a reasonable goal.  If your wedding is only six months away you should realize now that a 1/2-2lb loss per week, a total of (13-52lbs) is all that you will get.  Yes unfortunately the 1/2lb will happen far more than you expect.  But…

3) Weigh yourself infrequently.  The scale lies!!!!  Your body composition is FAR more important than a number.  Measure and weight yourself on day one.  Don’t do this again for a month (the water weight fluctuations will kill your motivation).  Repeat every month if you really want to but if you follow the following guide it won’t be necessary.

4)Learn about weight loss and diet.  Brainwash yourself with Pinterest and Google.  Like every fitness chick or guy you enjoy on facebook.  Bombard your brain with it and it will be near impossible to forget about.  You will also see a trend that the ‘trendy’ diets are crap.

5) Exercise every day….what!!!???  Yep I said it.  I take a day now and then to veg but truly once you start going you will find that your body craves the action..daily.  I strength train three times a week and run three times a week (Using the couch to 5k app on my phone).  The seventh day…could be running or walking or swimming with my kiddo or…any fricking thing.

6) Don’t do it half way.  The first few weeks is going to suck.  BIG.  You will be sore.  You will be tired.  You will wonder why you are so hungry you want to eat the shelves out of the refrigerator.  Don’t worry all of this will pass by about week 5-6.  Commit.  NOW.  Then find every way to stay motivated (see previous note about brainwashing).

7) My success has been with Paleo eating.   Google it.  I promise that this is not as hard as it sounds.  You will get used to it quickly.  The biggest challenge is not being lazy in the preparation department.   Have your meals and snacks on hand.  Tote a cooler around with you if necessary.  Don’t cheat with crap carbs.  It will totally derail your progress. (side note here…I eat dark chocolate.  Life would not be worth living to me without it.  Decide for yourself if eating dark chocolate makes you fall of the bandwagon or not)

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8) Stay as far away from wheat and sugar as you can. Bad carbs are wheat and sugar based.   I’m not telling you to go Atkins here.  I’m saying, read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis ( it will make you cringe away from bread and muffins.  Eat fruit, eat sweet potatoes but don’t eat that breakfast blueberry muffin (otherwise known as cake).

Good luck lovelies!!

>Give Your Champagne a Punch!


I love all fruity sweet drinks.  The discerning palate passed me completely by.  We joke that if it has a screw top or the word Mad in the name I will probably love it.  Classy huh?  Well if you are like me (feel free to admit it here) but might not want the entire wedding reception sporting Boons Farm, try giving Champagne or white wine a punch with frozen fruit cubes.  Here are my favorites 🙂
Peach Ice Cubes
Peach Ice Cubes
Fresh Fruit Cubes
Hibiscus Flower Cubes


Make Believe’N Wedding Alternatives LLC

>Fresh fruit for your sweet day


Wedding days can be chocked full of not so good for you food.  A ‘non-traditional’ approach to wedding day nummies would be; to provide locally harvested organic fruit dishes and desserts.  This healthy alternative will certainly shine with the outrageous colors only mother nature can produce (hehe produce).  The warm weather of the summer months also guarantees a less expensive food bill.  Buy in season fruits to compliment your event.

Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips
Fruit Kabob
Healthy eating!!!
Make Believe’N Wedding Alternatives LLC