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Wedding day fitness….

By MakeBelieve’N

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So little time so many options!  Okay so I’ve struggled with my weight for YEARS and recently (in the past 6 months) I think I’ve figured it out.  You know they say that diet and exercise are the answers…well, guess what…they’re right.  I’ve been steady losing inches because of this:

Biggest keys to success with and exercise/diet plan:

1) Tell everyone.  The more people you tell the more accountable you will be.  Join Weight Watchers or some similar group based weight loss challenge.

2) Set a reasonable goal.  If your wedding is only six months away you should realize now that a 1/2-2lb loss per week, a total of (13-52lbs) is all that you will get.  Yes unfortunately the 1/2lb will happen far more than you expect.  But…

3) Weigh yourself infrequently.  The scale lies!!!!  Your body composition is FAR more important than a number.  Measure and weight yourself on day one.  Don’t do this again for a month (the water weight fluctuations will kill your motivation).  Repeat every month if you really want to but if you follow the following guide it won’t be necessary.

4)Learn about weight loss and diet.  Brainwash yourself with Pinterest and Google.  Like every fitness chick or guy you enjoy on facebook.  Bombard your brain with it and it will be near impossible to forget about.  You will also see a trend that the ‘trendy’ diets are crap.

5) Exercise every day….what!!!???  Yep I said it.  I take a day now and then to veg but truly once you start going you will find that your body craves the action..daily.  I strength train three times a week and run three times a week (Using the couch to 5k app on my phone).  The seventh day…could be running or walking or swimming with my kiddo or…any fricking thing.

6) Don’t do it half way.  The first few weeks is going to suck.  BIG.  You will be sore.  You will be tired.  You will wonder why you are so hungry you want to eat the shelves out of the refrigerator.  Don’t worry all of this will pass by about week 5-6.  Commit.  NOW.  Then find every way to stay motivated (see previous note about brainwashing).

7) My success has been with Paleo eating.   Google it.  I promise that this is not as hard as it sounds.  You will get used to it quickly.  The biggest challenge is not being lazy in the preparation department.   Have your meals and snacks on hand.  Tote a cooler around with you if necessary.  Don’t cheat with crap carbs.  It will totally derail your progress. (side note here…I eat dark chocolate.  Life would not be worth living to me without it.  Decide for yourself if eating dark chocolate makes you fall of the bandwagon or not)

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8) Stay as far away from wheat and sugar as you can. Bad carbs are wheat and sugar based.   I’m not telling you to go Atkins here.  I’m saying, read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis ( it will make you cringe away from bread and muffins.  Eat fruit, eat sweet potatoes but don’t eat that breakfast blueberry muffin (otherwise known as cake).

Good luck lovelies!!

Recipe of the Week

From Krissy’s kitchen (of MakeBelieve’N).

This year I learned that I have a pretty severe gluten allergy so joining in on the cake eating festivities would literally harm me 🙂  How about a ‘shot’ instead?!

Wedding Cake Shot

1/2 oz Stoli® Vanil vodka
1/2 oz Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur

Mix in a pitcher ahead of time, just a one to one ratio.  Serve instead of cake maybe???

Or serve it with club soda and make a bubbly signature drink.

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Creating a Balanced Look

By Delaney Jewelry Designs

Creating a balanced look for your wedding day:

Choose the right earring and hairstyle for the shape of your face.

Many people believe that earrings are the single most important piece of jewelry that a woman can wear. When you greet someone they are likely to notice your earrings before any other piece of jewelry that you’re wearing. That is, with the exception of some facial piercings. For many women, putting on the “right” pair of earrings will do more for them than putting on make-up, but there is a lot to consider when determining which pair is the “right” pair for your special day.  A style of earrings chosen without considering the shape of your face can distort your features and create a lack of balance.  Knowing the shape of your face is the first step in determining the best earring style for you.  This will help you choose a pair of earrings that will accent your best facial features and bring balance to your appearance.

The easiest way to determine the shape of your face is to ask your hairstylist.  Another easy way is to pull your hair back off of your face and simply look.  If you’re going to rely on your girlfriend’s opinion make sure that she hasn’t had more than a glass or two of wine, as that tends to distort your features and her judgment.  Your face may be obviously round, square, or oval.  If it’s not obvious to you then try what I did; stand a foot or two back from a mirror and using your least favorite eye-liner trace the shape of your face on the mirror.  Then, holding a piece of paper over the outline, trace it onto the paper with a pen. Match it to one of the descriptions below as best you can.  Once you have defined your look you can choose an appropriate hairstyle.  Ask your hairstylist what styles are in fashion that would suit your shape of face or head.  If you already know the shape of your face; a simple rule is that your hair should be wide where your face is narrow and narrower at the points in your face that are the widest.  This will not only complete a balanced look but it can compliment your facial features and often accent your earrings.

Studs make a good earring for everything from work to working out.  But for some face shapes the stud can be the “right” earring for all occasions.  If the stud is your earring of choice, I recommend matching your eye color to a natural stone or a gem stone stud whenever possible, but diamonds and/or pearls are the go-to stud for a bride. Blue eyes will pop out next to stones like blue agate, or aquamarine.

Green eyes will light up next to a pair of jade, green agate, or Peridot studs, as shown here. Hazel eyes will glow next to amber, carnelian, or topaz stones.  You could even choose a stud that matches your wedding colors.

A pair of single pearl studs can be worn with absolutely anything from jeans to bridal gowns and they come in so many different sizes and colors.  I love the addition of the dangle like the pearl earrings shown here.   And now for some insight into creating a balanced look:

If you have a round face it will look about as long as it is wide. Your face will be a circle with a rounded chin.  For a round face long lines are best when it comes to earrings.

Dangles and drops like these Rose Quarts earrings, will help in elongating your face giving it a slimmer appearance.  But for an “everyday” earring, an angular stud will look good on any round face. You will want to balance the length and height of your hair to elongate your facial appearance.  Up do’s are good for round faces keeping the fullness away from the sides of your face. If you wear your hair up, leave some pieces dangling down.  A loose ponytail with wispy dangles will frame your face nicely and you can wear it higher for a more youthful appearance.  Chunky layering and a sweeping bang will also offset the roundness of your face.  An up do such as a twist is easy and it will show off your earrings as well.

If you have an oval face it will be about 1½ times longer than it will be wide.Your face will be the shape that many see for its graceful and symmetrical proportions.  Your forehead is usually wider when compared to your chin.  Oval is considered the perfectly balanced face, making it a favorite in the beauty industry so consider yourself admired. You will usually have a softly rounded hairline and a jaw line that is slightly narrower than the temples.  With an oval face, you’ll want to wear earrings with soft shapes like oval studs and teardrops.    

Earrings like these round garnet studs will add balance to your appearance & look fantastic.  People with an oval face shape can really wear almost any earring design and hair style.  So, if you’re lucky enough to have an oval face you should avoid hair styles that hide your fantastic features, thus making the right pair of earrings even more important.

If you’ve got a square face you most likely have a broad forehead, square hairline and jaw.  With a square face you will want to avoid wearing bulky earrings that will end up making your face appear wider.

Longer earrings like the amethyst earrings shown here will soften the appearance of a square face. Round earrings, such as hoops, are also a desired style for these features.  Try a hair style with long layers; this will be the key to softening your features.  A style that will compliment your face is an up-do with loose curls for height. You’ll want to avoid a center part, which will put an emphasis on the fullness of your face and go for a side part to slim your features.

If you have a heart shaped face you will have a narrow jaw line and possibly a pointy chin. Your face will be similar to the oval face but your cheekbones or forehead will be the widest part.  Longer earrings such as chandeliers with wide bottoms will work best for a heart shaped face.  And soft curvy teardrops or pyramids will add fullness to a slender jaw line and help balance your features.

I love the design of these garnet drop earrings for a heart shaped face.  You’ll want to avoid calling attention to your jaw line so layers of hair around your face will help make your chin look less pointy and the longer your hair, the better.

If you have a diamond shaped face you have a broad forehead with a square hairline and angular jaw. Your face will be wide at the cheeks and equally narrow at the forehead and chin.  You most likely have gloriously high cheek bones that will be admired by many.  For a diamond shaped face you should wear earrings that are less in length and more in width as the beautiful citrine circle earrings shown here.

But you will also look great in studs, like the Peridot earrings shown above, and small drop earrings such as a single gem stone.  You can wear shorter hair styles if you like; however you need to leave a weighty thickness in the back to achieve a balance between your dramatic cheekbones a delicate chin line.

If you have an oblong face it is very much similar to a square face but it is longer and narrow.  Studs and chandelier style earrings look very good on an oblong face adding width to the middle as a balance.

You won’t want to wear long dangly earrings as this will only lengthen your features, but something like the design on these garnet earrings will add width as well.  You will want a hairstyle that is short to medium in length with fullness at the sides of your face.  Not too long as you will want to balance the long and slender features.

Many women have a combination of face shapes happening all at once, and most of us do not have perfectly symmetrical faces.   You can always experiment with different earring and hair styles to decide what looks best on you.  Once you have your dress and colors picked out you can take this information and simple earring examples shown above and find what you really love. Check out these styles from the Wed Eclectic team on Etsy:

I hope that you are now better equipped to choose a pair of everyday earrings that will bring out your inner beauty and highlight your best features; and a fabulous pair of earrings that will be the perfect complement to the fashion statement you make on your wedding day. When you know you look good, it makes you feel good and feeling good may only be a pair of earrings and a new hair style away.  If that doesn’t work; try sharing your girlfriends wine.  After all, it is your right to look and feel good.

The Test of Time

The new Wed Eclectic team treasury I’m sharing with you was created by Keri at DelaneyPhotoJewelry.  These must haves will make your wedding look timeless.


Recipe of the week.

From Keri’s kitchen, of DelaneyPhotoJewelry.

This is a fun way to make breakfast for your kids. I can’t take credit; this is my husbands creation. My breakfast’s are far less creative, and all about function. My daughter couldn’t wait long enough for me to grab my camera and had to sneak a bite of her toast.

egg in toast

Breakfast for one.

Pantry List:

1 Tbsp of butter

1 Tbsp of Jam

1 Egg

1 slice of bread

1 slice of cantaloupe

Salt & Pepper  to taste


Melt enough butter in a skillet to cover the bottom. Use a round cookie cutter (a glass, or anything round) to cut a circle out of a piece of bread. Remove the center piece of bread and place both pieces in the heated skillet. Crack your egg into the center of the bread. Flip your round piece of bread to toast on both sides. Flip your egg in bread as one unit once it’s set up enough to flip. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Spread the jam on the small, round piece of toast. You can use a slice of melon, or a small bunch of grapes, but any fruit will do. For bigger kids who might need a little more to fill them up, add a side bowl of yogurt sprinkled with granola. Serve with a cup of milk, or juice and enjoy the smiles!

New Orleans Second Line

By Eden Gallery

I’ve written about Southern Wedding traditions before like the cake pull.  However, there’s one very fun custom I haven’t shared with you yet.  The Second Line!  The jazzy song for this dance goes something like this:

The history of this event is linked with the Jazz Funeral which is a celebration of a person’s life and is the most fun anyone can have at a somber occasion.  This tradition somehow evolved into a dance that is performed at more festive occasions such as weddings.

Usually near the end of the wedding the second line song begins.  Then, the bride and the groom grab a particularly festive set of umbrellas.  They begin their dance around the reception area and one by one the wedding guests join in.  Usually guests are offered white handkerchiefs to swing in time to the music.  Personalized or monogrammed cotton handkerchiefs make a great wedding favor.  My friends Katy and Nick have let me borrow some of their wedding pictures so we can show you how it’s done down here!

The dance continues until the song ends.  Apparently, if you perform the dance correctly you’ll be pregnant within the year!  Just kidding!  That is how it worked out for my friends though.  Many thanks to Katy, Nick and their new addition Christine for sharing their New Orleans wedding with us!

Below I’ve created a small collection of items to help you in your search if you would like to incorporate this very fun custom into your own wedding!

Eden Gallery

Offbeat Spotlight Featuring Krissy Cartwright

Welcome to the WedEclectic Offbeat Interview Series!  Here, we invite you to absolutely pay attention to (wo)man behind the curtain. And lucky you because they are all amazing artisans making amazing things in their fabulous shops.

Today, we’re chatting with Krissy Cartwright, Atlanta based owner of Make Believe’N Alternative Weddings LLC and captain of the wonderfully offbeat WedEclectic team on Etsy.

Krissy Cartwright, owner and designer extraordinaire at MakeBelieve’N

How did you come up with your shop name?

My shop name came from my theory that we should be the most authentic people we can be.  No make believin’ to fit someone else’s ideal version of you or your wedding. Being able to fill my days designing and daydreaming about ways to buck wedding traditions is awesome!

And what exactly are these tradition-bucking designs?

I take high quality fabrics and embellishments and transform them into personalized keepsake bouquets and accessories. Each flower is individually handcrafted out of satin, chiffon, organza, crepe, and tulle, and centered with any embellishment that can be imagined. My desire to create non-traditional wedding bouquets and accessories has enriched and fulfilled my life in ways I never could have imagined. My “art” allows me to focus on the style and personality of my clients. Every custom order is a window into a life I never would have known otherwise.

Rockabilly-inspired fascinator by Krissy Cartwright


How’d you get started?

A few years ago I started making hair doodads for a friend and the business snowballed from there.

Who would you say has had the most influence over your craft?

Etsy has influenced my work profoundly. Finding the right niche, and building my shop all came from learning from Etsy admins and my fellow Etsians.

Makebelieve’N collage postcard featuring photos by Darling Studios

What is your favorite wedding trend (now or past)?

Unique and quirky wedding details that represent the couple instead of the masses.

What would you like to see at more weddings?

I would love to see more programs that give additional background on the couple…how they met, favorite foods/songs, etc.

Which celebrity would you like to see sporting your designs?

If I had to choose a celebrity to work with it would be someone eclectic…a Katy Perry maybe.

A woman should always carry…?

Women should always carry a cell phone.  Keeps you safe and connected with those you love.


Krissy with her son, Brennon, in 2010.

What is your unicorn – that is, what is an object or skill that has eluded you so far?

My unicorn…so many things, but the biggest is web/graphic design.  Just ticks me off that I don’t have a clue how to do this!!!

If you are interested in bucking a few traditions of your own, Krissy is at your service.  Feel free to browse her shop on Etsy for a gallery of her offbeat designs, ready to purchase or to serve as inspiration for your custom order. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Interview by Janice J. Bear of  Never a Plain Jane Designs

Recipe of the week.

From Keri’s kitchen, of DelaneyPhotoJewelry.

It takes an hour to cook, but this Turkey Meatloaf only takes 10 minutes to prepare. It’s fast and easy to make when you’re short on time; not to mention, inexpensive, and incredibly delicious.

Pantry List:

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 large Onion, chopped

4 cloves Garlic

¾ tsp Salt, divided

½ tsp pepper, divided

2 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

1/3 C Chicken Broth

4 tbsp Ketchup, divided

1 ¾ lbs Ground Turkey

1 C Bread Crumbs

1 Egg, lightly beaten

1 Egg White, lightly beaten

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees, heat oil in medium skillet over medium heat. Add onion and cook, stirring frequently until soft, about 5 minutes. Add garlic, ¼ tsp salt, and ¼ tsp pepper; cook, stirring for 1 minute. Stir in Worcestershire Sauce, broth, and 1 tbsp ketchup; transfer mixture to a large bowl and cool. (I place the bowl in the freezer for a couple minutes).

2. Add turkey, breadcrumbs, egg, egg white, and remaining ½ tsp salt, and ¼ tsp pepper in to mixture in bowl; mix well (mixture will be very moist). Once I didn’t have any breadcrumbs left, so I placed some stuffing bread cubes on my cutting board and crushed them with a rolling pin (it worked just a well).

3. Cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil, and coat lightly with pan spray. Form the turkey mixture into a loaf on the pan.

Brush Meatloaf evenly with the remaining 3 tbsp of ketchup.

Bake 1 hour or until thermometer registers 170 degrees when inserted into the center. Let stand for 5 minutes before serving.  This makes a great dish for an evening when you have company staying for dinner, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Serve it with steamed vegetables (frozen to save prep time), and Naan grilled on a Foreman, or broiled for a few of minutes, with a little olive oil, garlic salt, and dried basil (shown above). My husband and kids love it.

Share and enjoy!

Recipe of the Week

From Jennifer’s kitchen (of ClayBouquetShop)

My Mom made these for my sister and I when we were kids (my aunt sent her the recipe from a magazine), and I now make these for my husband and me for a quick dinner. It’s an easy recipe, hearty, and mighty scrumptious…and only uses a saute pan (large) and a few muffin pans for easy clean-up. Perfect for a party appetizer (the recipe is easily multiplied) or a quick and easy recipe for an eat-with-your-hands (or a fork and knife) item while watching a DVD together on Friday night. They reheat wonderfully in the microwave or oven for leftovers, but it could be a bit messy if you are working on DIY crafts.  : )

(Photos and a variation of the recipe was found on

I’m glad I didn’t have to make them to get photos to share…way too busy with bouquet orders…and getting ready for vacation with my husband! : )

BBQ Cups

2 large refrigerated biscuit tubes (8-12 biscuits each), usually found in the refrigerated section near the whipped cream and such (get some for dessert! : )
1 pound ground beef (or turkey, chicken, meat substitute, per your preference)
1 small onion, chopped (or a small handful of frozen, chopped onions…one of my favorite things to have ready to use)
1/2 – 3/4 cup of barbecue sauce (use your favorite…I prefer a slightly sweet sauce over spicy ones.)
Shredded cheddar cheese
Preheat the oven at 350 degrees.

Saute the onion until they are cooked (translucent). Add the meat,  cook fully and drain.

Mix the BBQ sauce into the meat mixture in the cooking pan. Fully coat the meat, but don’t make it too wet, as the biscuits would end up soggy.

Grease your muffin pans (if using non-stick), and open your biscuits. Spread each biscuit…it’s easiest if you pull it like a mini pizza. (If you get the extra large muffins, decrease the amount of dough you put in each cup.) Stretch it out enough that you can lay it on the bottom of the muffin pan, and have extra to pull up the sides to just below the top of the cup. They’ll shrink back a bit…so do a few, then fill the muffin cup with a spoon or two of the meat mixture, leaving the sides of the dough visible. The dough is going to rise up and make a little cup around the mixture, so it should look like the photo when cooked. : )
Sprinkle a little (or a lot of) cheese on the top of each on before they go in the oven.
Bake at 350 for 15 minutes…until the biscuits are golden and the cheesy tops are bubbling. Leaving them in too long will burn both the cheesy tops and the muffins (not very tasty), so keep a close eye on them. I use a butter knife to pop any of those whose cheese spread out and trapped them in the pan.
If there are any biscuits leftover, I usually stick them in the oven at the same time for a quick bite, or top it with a bit of cheese, spice, or cinnamon before baking for a different flavor. : )
Enjoy! : )

July Giveaway!

This month’s WedEclectic giveaway is hosted by

Just look at the memorial charms she creates! If you are struggling to find a way to include the memory of someone special in your wedding, this would be the perfect way to do so!

For brides’ and grooms’ floral accessories…

For bridal, anniversary, or everyday jewelry…

And for a keepsake ornament or decor…

Keri is offering a small personalized bridal bouquet charm for this month’s giveaway…a $55 value!

This giveaway will run until midnight, July 31st, but don’t wait!

Entries will be accepted for:

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