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Ring Shots Out Of The Box

A collection of out of the box ring shots for your

unique and personalized wedding day.

Details-Not Food or Drink




Collection courtesy of Krissy – Make Believe’N


Stylish Without Being Trendy

Trends come and go.  The poofy sleeves inspired by the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles will forever date the weddings of the late seventies and early eighties.  The mustache photo props of the here and now will date our time as well.  This said, how do you do the fun and stylish things in your wedding without being part of a fad?  Simple, you choose only the items that reflect your personality and nothing else.  Period.  It can’t be a fad or trendy if it is truly a representation of you as a couple.

 If you LOVE mustaches and the quirky humor they inspire then go for it.  But, if you just think they are kind of fun and want a photo prop I urge you to become more creative.  Were you an equestrian as a child?  Why not get a pony on a stick instead?  Is he in any armed forces or any profession that could easily be identified with hats and/or accessories?  A fireman’s helmet or military saber could be very cool props.



The strapless mermaid dresses that have hugged our curves for some time now may be beautiful but do they really scream YOU?  Are you more of a capped sleeve kind of gal like I was?  Do you think that cinched waists of the 40s and 50s styles would flaunt your curves with just as much gusto?

50's style "Uptown Doll" wedding dress
I love mason jars and the fun things that can be done with them, but is that really the look that your fiancé would want to take home and decorate with?  I suggest purchasing décor for your wedding that you would be happy to take home and display.  This way you are really showing your style and getting the added benefit of personalizing your home as a newly married couple.

I think you get my point.  Be true to you and you cannot go wrong.  You will never look back at your photos and wonder why in the world did I do that???


Make Believe’N 

>Dress Up Your Sexy Shoes!…and Hair…and Belts…and…


Back in the 1950’s and 60’s shoe clips were a popular accessory for spiffing up a regular ol’ pair of shoes. Today shoe clips are enjoying a revival of sorts and being enjoyed from weddings to daily wear.

As hemlines become shorter or as the bride daintily, or daringly, lifts up her dress to have her shoes poke coquettishly from beneath, her shoes are on display for all to see.

Accessories can make or break an outfit and oftentimes are the focal point for what the outfit is built around.

Thrifty brides will love that after the wedding their shoe clips can also be worn as lapel brooches or hair accessories. The creative bride will discover that the clips can pretty much be worn anywhere from boot toppers, to belts, pant tops, etc.

Check out these wonderful selections from fellow Etsy sellers and remember…just because an item is being sold as one thing, it doesn’t mean it can’t be worn as something else!

Stephanie Farley
La Coco Rouge, LLC

>Madly in Love With: Tea


Maybe it is because of hours spent pouring over Alice in Wonderland when I was a child, but I’ve always been a gal who enjoys a good cuppa tea. From the delicate cups to the pomp and circumstance of an English high tea service, what’s not to love?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found a whole world of tea drinks that would make the Mad Hatter proud. Why not stray from the usual offerings at showers and receptions with some of these nifty tipples?

For the spring shower:

Gin Tea & Lemon Fizz

1 cup water

4 teaspoons black tea leaves or 4 tea bags (such as Darjeeling)

1 cup frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

1 cup gin

2 cups sparkling water

Ice cubes

In small saucepan, bring 1 cup water to boil. Add tea leaves. Remove from heat. Cover and let steep 15 minutes. Chill overnight. Strain tea mixture into pitcher; discard tea leaves. Add lemonade concentrate and gin, then sparkling water to pitcher; stir to blend. Serve over ice.

For the post-wedding pre-dinner mix and mingle:

Sage Advice

Tea simple syrup:

1 cup brewed black tea

3 tablespoons honey

For the Cocktail:

3 fresh sage leaves

2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

3/4 oz. fresh orange juice

1 1/2 oz. rye

1/2 oz. Averna bitters

Make the syrup: Combine the tea and honey in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Reduce until syrupy, about 10 minutes, then let cool.

Make the cocktail: Combine 1/2 ounce tea syrup, 2 sage leaves, the Peychaud’s bitters and orange juice in a cocktail shaker. Gently muddle the sage with a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon. Add the rye and Averna and fill the shaker three-quarters of the way with ice. Give it a short shake, then strain into a martini glass and garnish with the remaining sage leaf. Serves 1.

For you, when putting stamps on the invitation envelopes:

Green Tea Martini

1 1/2 oz. Charbay green tea vodka
1 1/2 oz. Zenn green tea liquor
1 oz. ginger vodka
1 oz. soju or sake
1/2 oz simple syrup
Juice of half lemon
1 dash habanero Tabasco sauce
Crystallized ginger for garnish

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker that has been filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a sliver of crystallized ginger. Serves 1.

Recipes from:

>Wedding Bouquet Rollergirl Style


Rollergirl Bouquet from Floricultcha

Amy (Floricultcha) offers brides a non-floral, funky, funny and unique bouquet alternative.  She uses vintage, retro items, ribbons and other embellishments to create one of a kind sculptural wedding bouquets meant for weddings that seek to represent the couple instead of the industry.  Amy is very well educated in sculpture and horticulture and uses this knowledge to create wedding flowers that are considered “art”.  She has also worked with live flowers for weddings and often uses that experience when working on new designs.  Amy lives just outside of Boston with a husband that encourages her to fill their home with the wonderful oddities that make her happy.  Her interests have never been mainstream but she appreciates the symbolism behind her flowers and truly hopes that they become cherished heirlooms.  

I asked Amy to tell me why she is unique and what made her feel passion for these non-traditional creations.  This was her fabulous response:

I love seeing all the different themes that are being incorporated into contemporary weddings.  It inspires me to brainstorm non-traditional ideas for bouquets. It's wonderful that the white wedding no longer dominates the world of weddings or that even if a bride chooses a traditional white gown there are more options for adding personal touches. There are additional styles that reflect what they really like or who they really are, rather than trying to fit into to the mainstream. That is like trying to squeeze into a gown that doesn't fit. There are so many different couples and different attitudes about marriage and what it represents.  I also think folks involved in helping with alternative weddings begin to embrace these changes and often find that the changes are more genuine and indicative of the couples' lifestyle or what brought them together in the first place. -Amy-

I couldn’t agree more!

To quote Amy, “Who can resist unicorns, rainbows, roller skates, disco balls and hot pink hot pants?”.  Me either Amy!  Rollergirl Rocks!!!!!

Wanted Rollergirl searching for your perfect Rollergirl wedding flowers:

The Rollergirl Bouquet sells for $225.00  See Floricultcha for more details and other interesting wedding flower alternatives.

If you are a fellow wedding vendor and wish to be featured on this blog please contact me or convo Swankunderpinnings via

Krissy Cartwright
Make Believe’N Wedding Alternatives LLC

>Truly offbeat ideas

>Part of being an offbeat wedding blog is accepting all kinds of ideas and lifestyles that don’t fit the mainstream ideas of “normal”.  We not only accept these wonderful differences we celebrate them.  Here are a few cool wedding products that do not fit into Barbie and Ken’s white wedding.

Groom and Groom Gay Wedding - 8 x 10 Archival Print
Groom and Groom Gay Wedding 8×10 print

Rosydesignsonline has super cute prints available in a his/his and hers/hers wedding options.  I think this would be a great gift.  I bet Rosydesignsonline would even create these into wedding invitations. 

Same Sex  Wedding Cake Topper - Signature Series
Same Sex Wedding Cake Topper

Theenchantedcupboard creates all kinds of wedding cake toppers but these are my favorite.  I especially like that the couple is multi raced.  Completely custom varieties are also available.  

Gothic Tiara- A Stitch In Time of Neo Victorian Splendor
Gothic Tiara

EJPcreations allows Gothic flare to come to life with this Neo Victorian tiara.  Handcrafted out of clock hands this piece would work for the Steampunk bride in the very best way.  Individuality is celebrated at this wonderful Etsy shop.

Classic 50s 4-Tier Tulle Crinoline 22 inches
Classic 50s 4Tier Tulle Crinoline

Swankunderpinnings has amazing style.  1950’s retro with today’s modern colors.  Any bride wearing this will feel special and unique.  I love the variety of color coordinating crinolines available.  Add a matching hair fascinator or sash from Swankunderpinnings.  Can you imagine how a vintage dress would look with this under it?  WOW!