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How did you opt to fit in the honeymoon? Mini honeymoon now and ‘real’ honeymoon later? Or, did you wait to get married in order to more conveniently take the time off for an immediate honeymoon? Was your choice of location limited more by budget or by proximity?

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When I got married there hadn’t been a wedding in my family in many years, so there was a fair amount of pressure to do everything the “right” way. I come from a family of very proper women (at least they make sure it appears that way). Everything was a big deal, including my honeymoon. My family travels a lot, so anything on this continent was too ordinary. And 25 years ago only a handful of us had been to the Caribbean. But in order for me to get the cruise that I wanted I needed time to save for it. My engagement was a little over a year long, and I saved every penny. Thank goodness for tax returns. We spent some time with out of town guests after our big day, and then flew to Florida to board the Norway from the Norwegian Cruise Line. Our room was stocked with gifts from our families like champagne and sexy lingerie. To this day, it was the best food I’ve ever had; and the only cruise I’ve been on. It was worth every penny. 4 kids later, I’m lucky to leave the state on a trip. I think a honeymoon needs to be very special; a place you really want to go, even if it’s local.


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Kristin Ames from BagSecrets 

My husband and I choose to take our honeymoon right after the wedding. We got on a plan the very next morning and spent a week cruising. It was so nice to have that time to unwind and relax from all the craziness and hype over the wedding. We knew we wanted to do a cruise (as it forces us to relax) so the location was based on what cruises were leaving around the time we were getting married.
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Kitty Kanzashi from kittykanzashi 

There was no honeymoon for us as we both don’t particular like travelling and also for the last 10 years we have been jumping around the UK because of my partner’s career.  Quite frankly it was a joy when we realised that for the first time in 10 years we could actually settle down!


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We wanted to keep our honeymoon on a budget, but allowed enough to spend a week in Hawaii with a little bit of help. : )
Our parents provided credit card points to cover the hotel for a few days, and researched flights to find an uber cheap one ($1000 from NJ to HI if you leave at 6  am!) Hawaii wasn’t a “big deal” for me, as I spent part of my childhood there, but it was a big deal for my husband. So I didn’t press for more extravagant locales like New Zealand or Fiji…which would have been quite a bit more, even with Groupon deals. And we had an absolute blast spending the week after our wedding there.  🙂

How are you planning your honeymoon? Mini honeymoon or ‘real’ honeymoon after your wedding? Have you scheduled your wedding date to make it easier to take the time off for an immediate honeymoon? Is your choice of location limited more by budget or by proximity?

>The Gypsy life is calling to me


I’m feeling something in the air…the gypsies are calling to me.  The urge to travel and collect shiny gaudy baubles as I go.  The bohemian trend is making way for a more in your face gypsy trend.  Patterns, large statement jewelry, bright colors and lace combine to make this an interesting time in fashion.  Can you close your eyes and feel the fire on your face while the family sings?  Maybe it is just longing for the warm summer months…hmmmmmmm.  
OOAK Vintage Lace Handmade Dress Altered Couture Cotton Doilies Upcycled
Gypsy wedding dress
Try something new with this upcycled wedding dress made of doilies.  
Gypsy night
Honeymoon in your own Gypsy caravan.
Seville Romance Venus Goddess Plum Peony Garland Motif Hippie Bohemian Dusty Olive Grayish Gold  Maxi Satin Dress Gown
Gypsy Dress by bohemianhippies
Bridesmaids wouldn’t mind wearing this dress.
you make lovin fun
Jacket by Girlonavine
The Daring Debutante-Masses of Chains, Beads and Rhinestone Statement Necklace
Statement necklace by MorticiaSnow

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Make Believe’N Wedding Alternatives LLC

>Sexy goodies for your special NIGHT!


Whether you choose to wear something playful or nothing at all on your wedding night let me show you these wonderfully sexy wedding night treasures.  
Corsets and top hats topped off with pasties.  Delish!  
Iridescent White Glitter Underbust Corset
Darkly mysterious, wear this necklace with nothing else to whisper your desire.
Alluring Victorian / Pre Raphaelite Inspired Clay Portrait Necklace with Vintage Jewels - Proserpine - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
Or strut in style with these mile high F-me pumps!  These shoes have an added bonus of giving you a perkier rear.

Painted Shoes to match your Outfit
Want him drooling?  Top your sex kitten act with these little ears by Topsy Turvy Designs.  Be sure to meow!
The Kitty - Sex Kitten - Kitty Cat Ears - Leather and Rhinestones  - MEOW

Still not entirely sure he is getting your point.  Drop that robe while wearing these cut out panties and I doubt he will be able to think of anything else.