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Regal White Wedding

White on white and absolutely wonderful!  Our newest treasury was created by WedEclectic team member Janice at neveraplainjane.  Her description says it all “White weddings are classic, timeless even. But there’s no reason they should be boring. Give your big day a hint of Wonderland with just a kiss of black – compliments of the White Queen.”


Just Between The Two Of You

You’d love a traditional wedding, but there’s a PROBLEM: deep down you’d also love to express the side of yourselves that isn’t traditional at all, without calling everyone’s attention to it!

Don’t worry, this can be SOLVED: To get you started, here are some great items  from Etsy artisans. Private treasures for wearing on (or under!) your wedding clothes, or carrying in your bridal clutch and his jacket pocket, a secret for just the two of you on your special day…

For skulls aficionados:

Skull Cufflinks
sexy SKULLS and HEARTS TATTOO thigh-high socks light mocha xs/x/m

For steampunk enthusiasts:

In Bloom Ankle Corsets - Tatted Lace Accessories - Ivory

Silver and Wood Timeless Fashion Mechanical Pocket Watch, Watch Chain Fob - Victorian Steampunk - Item MPW28

For nature lovers and sci-fi fans:

Glow in the Dark Solar System Underwear Womens

For Lord of the Ring devotees:

Lord of the Rings Elvish Pocket Mirror - 2.25"

Map Of Middle Earth Liquor Hip Flask Fantasy Stainless Steel 6 ounce

Best Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest
Forest Candle Studio

Pops Of Paint – Trash The Dress

Summer and Jamie Juarez are probably my very favorite clients ever.   So much so that Summer and I have continued a Facebook friendship long after the wedding day was over.  Man I wish this happened with every client – chemistry-!  Well…I was surfing my Facebook home feed and went OMG holy F’n crap look at those amazing pictures Summer and Jamie had done.  This trash the dress wasn’t your typical drizzle a couple drops here and there and call it a trash the dress.  It was all out warfare on that damn thing.  I’m pretty sure it could hold its own shape now if she let it dry standing up.  Whew!

I was not only impressed by the sheer enthusiasm they put into destroying her frock but the obvious affection they have for each other.  Great smiles and coy looks really tug on the heart strings, if ya know what I mean.

With no further ado here are the killer shots from Jamie Warren Photography!


Make Believe’N

>1930’s Vintage Fashion

>Okay if you have been reading this blog for a little while you already know that I don’t really do a ton of fashion. Definitely a pony tail and jeans kind of gal.  But…and it is a big but (kind of like mine) I am really loving the 1930’s styles that are becoming more popular!!!  Remember we here at Offbeat Etsy Weddings are the enforcers of being true to yourself, so if you hate the 1930’s resurgence Do Not add these touches to your wedding.  If on the other hand, you find you like these as much as I do well, then keep reading and get ready to oooohhh and ahhhhhh.

Deco Wedding Dress
Metal Garters
1930’s Engagement Ring

Michelle - Petite Vintage style Jeweled Ribbon Headband
Petite Vintage inspired jeweled headband by ClayBouquetShop
The Mini Alana Headdress- LIAISON by KAT Swank. Custom Made LUXE Headband with Vintage Beading, Multiple Feathers and Appliques, Hand Beaded and Hand Sewn- You choose the color scheme- A Headpiece fit for a queen
Headdress by Liaison
Busby Berkeley - Silver Lace Bejeweled Flapper Headband - Winter Bride SALE - by Moonshine Baby
Headband by MoonshineBaby
Illa Crin and Satin Wedding Hat by Love Charlie with hand beaded edge and lace details
Cocktail hat by LoveCharlie

>The Gypsy life is calling to me


I’m feeling something in the air…the gypsies are calling to me.  The urge to travel and collect shiny gaudy baubles as I go.  The bohemian trend is making way for a more in your face gypsy trend.  Patterns, large statement jewelry, bright colors and lace combine to make this an interesting time in fashion.  Can you close your eyes and feel the fire on your face while the family sings?  Maybe it is just longing for the warm summer months…hmmmmmmm.  
OOAK Vintage Lace Handmade Dress Altered Couture Cotton Doilies Upcycled
Gypsy wedding dress
Try something new with this upcycled wedding dress made of doilies.  
Gypsy night
Honeymoon in your own Gypsy caravan.
Seville Romance Venus Goddess Plum Peony Garland Motif Hippie Bohemian Dusty Olive Grayish Gold  Maxi Satin Dress Gown
Gypsy Dress by bohemianhippies
Bridesmaids wouldn’t mind wearing this dress.
you make lovin fun
Jacket by Girlonavine
The Daring Debutante-Masses of Chains, Beads and Rhinestone Statement Necklace
Statement necklace by MorticiaSnow

Keep up with my daydreams:

Make Believe’N Wedding Alternatives LLC

>Absolutely amazing head pieces

>I cannot say much about Kat Swank’s Liaison shop that could even come close to doing her work justice. She is an offbeat designer of the highest couture level.

Beautiful, stunning, artistic and phenomenal are just a few of the words that come to mind when looking through her shop.

If i could do it all over again I might base my entire bridal outfit on one of her head pieces…