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>Getting down with the groove!

So you are Mr and Mrs xxxxxx and it is time to celebrate.

Your reception is decorated and the food is served so what is left apart from the evening entertainment?
Now most venues will have a list of DJ that they recommend but if you are feeling a little bit more adventures then why consider the following.
Brought to us by the Japanese, this craze has sweeped the world for good and bad reasons. For all you good singers out there, there is nothing better then belting out your favourite song to all your friends to hear. Unfortunately you will get the occasional embarrassing moment but those are the moments you will remember.
So if you have brave friends and family who love to be centre stage then this is perfect. And rather then having a first dance how about a first duet?
Friend’s Band
Everyone know (or heard) of a friend who is in a band so why not support them by inviting them to your wedding? This was an idea I got off a friend who got married over a year ago and got his own band to play at this reception.
We all have them and it is a notebook (or laptop for you oldies) with your entire music collection. This is a collection of music that you love so if the venue has the facilities why not just hook up your hardware to the system and put it on random play.
Of course if you are a fan of Apple products then an Ipod can be used in the same way.