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Be Mine

Our newest love inspired April treasury comes from Wed Eclectic team member Stephanie over at LaCocoRouge.   Take a look at the sweet collection she’s put together.

Butterflies For Your Love

By EdenGallery

For my latest blog, I grabbed one of my favorite images by photographer Sara Moon. This image inspired me to brainstorm why the butterfly might just be ideal for your offbeat wedding.

Depictions of butterflies in art have been around seemingly forever. Butterflies have been found in Egyptian hieroglyphs created 3500 years ago. As long as they have been in art they have represented more than just an insect. According to Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things, by Lafcadio Hearn, butterflies personify a person’s soul. The ancient Greek word for butterfly primarily means “soul” or “mind”. In Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together symbolize love. Finally, there is the obvious idea of a caterpillar creating its chrysalis and turning into a butterfly which can represent a transition in life for anyone especially a bride to be.

Butterfly and Chinese wisteria flowers c.970

Now, on to the wedding items!

Edible butterflies for your cake by Sugar Robot

Vintage Botanical Butterfly Invitations by Sunshine and Ravioli

Butterfly Leather Cufflinks by NostalgicLinks

Butterflies for your hair from katesCottage2

Yellow and Orange Sunflower with Butterfly Kanzashi Hairband by Kittykanzashi

A butterfly dress by LisaSeraphin

Butterfly mask by Artisian Maskers

I hope my selections help you in your wedding search and that any wedding woes flit by on the wings of butterflies!

Eden Gallery

Serums vs. Moisturizers

By Rtisan


Sunlight, harsh weather, alcohol consumption, smoking, not enough sleep, all play havoc with your skin as you age.  Good skincare is never too early to start, even in your 20’s. Remember that your skin starts to age the day you’re born!

So what is the best hydrator to have in your beauty arsenal, serums or lotions?


Each serves a different purpose.  Serums contain no barriers, like wax, silicone or other emulsifiers, so ingredients are able to penetrate deeper and easier.  Serums are usually treatments for your skin, which contain cosmetic actives, like peptides, fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins and natural oils.


They moisturize your skin really well.  To apply, you massage a few drops onto your face and allow 5 to 7 minutes for it to absorb, before massaging in any remaining serum.


Moisturizers contain barriers, like wax, silicones, etc. which help protect the outer layer of your skin.  These barriers form a “transdermal  patch” to hold moisturizer to your skin’s surface.  These same barriers can also protect your skin from the elements.


Don’t be afraid to purchase moisturizers containing silicone.  Silicone molecules are too large to enter any skin cells.  Instead, the silicone stays on the surface of your skin.  Silicone is what provides a velvety feel on your skin.


Moisturizers also allow cosmetic actives to penetrate your skin cells, but not as well as serums.


So which is better for your skin?  Both, I would say!


Apply serum first, then moisturize.  If it makes your skin too oily, use moisturizers during the day and both at night before bed.


Look amazing for your special day!  Pay extra attention to your skin!

Team Work

By DelaneyJewelryDesign

Marriage is team work.

Two people with different backgrounds, and different outlooks on life, vow to work together.

Some would say that means you sacrifice part of yourselves in order to achieve something greater.

But does that include sports?


Not for this couple.

She grew up in a Penn State household.

And he grew up in a Syracuse household.

So they decided to embrace their differences and combine their team colors; orange and blue.

(Cake topper by MagicMud)

There are so many clever, subtle ways to incorporate a sports theme into any wedding.

Stefanie and Andy used team colors and blended them together for their wedding and reception.

Even members of their bridal party participated in their team spirit.

Their rings arrived at the altar on pillows in their favorite teams color.

Flower Girls carried baskets in both teams colors.

The reception chairs were decorated with orange and blue ribbons which allowed them to seat their families in support of the appropriate team.

They used candles for table decorations in both orange and blue and incorporated the colors into their floral arrangements.

They even dressed their bridesmaid’s and groomsmen in blended team colors.

I love the shoes and socks guys.

It’s a casual, laid-back spin on a very elegant celebration.

There are all kinds of decorations, paper products, and gift ideas for sports themed weddings.

If a sports themed wedding is the special touch you are looking for, here are a few more ideas to help:

  • Invitations can be themed as tickets to a big game
  • Play by play programs
  • Consider getting married at a local stadium
  • Mini baseball bat, or tennis racquet boutonnieres
  • Bridal parties in partial uniforms such as baseball caps, or jerseys
  • Stadium foods at reception such as peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, etcetera


 By LaCoCoRouge

You’ve heard of vision boards and style boards but have you heard of Pinterest?

Putting together your wedding is a big deal and involves planning from décor, to apparel to food, entertainment and beyond.

Lists are one way to keep ideas and thoughts together but sometimes it can be difficult to explain to your wedding stylist or friends what it is you really envision.

Pinterest is an online image gallery similar to Tumblr but with the added advantage of having multiple boards laid out with images and blends Twitter type #hashtags to make items easier to find.

Imagine putting together a board for a wedding dress, colours you want to use, bridesmaid’s gifts, décor, food, hairstyles, makeup and more.

Gone is the frustration of telling your hairstylist that you want your hair to swoop down in a single curl with two braids when you can simply show him/her a collection of images from your board.

All those magazines littering the floor with paper scraps and quite possibly paper cuts (if you were me) are a memory as you gather images from the web and add them to your categories.

It’s a Primary Thing

Our mid-April Treasury goes back to basics!  The basic, primary colors to be specific!  Wed Eclectic team member Keri over at DelaneyPhotoJewelry has created a beautiful collection with eye popping color for you to enjoy!  Hop on over and check it out!


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Believe It or Not

By NeverAPlainJane

Believe it or not, my favorite part of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland happens before she even gets to Wonderland.

Classic illustration by W.H. Walker via finsbry

I just love her fall down the rabbit hole – all those eclectic decorations and Victorian cupboards! This short passage really sets the stage for Lewis Carroll’s whimsical worlds in the pages that follow so why not incorporate it into your own day of fantasy with a photo booth or two?

First, you need a back drop. I’m no photography expert, but I’d recommend a light shade of fabric. I’m really feeling the fabric choices available on Spoonflower.

 Antique Pocket Watch, Crown and Keys in brown and natural

 Jade Moon Rabbit in duck egg blue

At $18.00 a yard it’ll cost less than $100 to make a perfect, light-colored back ground and you’ll have some awesome fabric for curtains in your new nest! I picked these two for their Victorian vibe and their allusions to the story.  Come on, rabbits? Pocket watches and keys? How could I not!

Now you have a backdrop. Great. Except, Alice didn’t fall down an empty, fabric-lined hole.

“…she looked at the sides of the well, and noticed that they were filled with cupboards and bookshelves: here and there she saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs.*”

Ah ha! You need a shelf (or several)!  Why not reinterpret this pretty from Better Homes and Gardens?

Besides maps and pictures the only specific item mentioned during our heroine’s fall was an empty jar of marmalade so use your imagination to fill you shelves! Teapots and compotes from a local antique store would look wonderful. Seashells or fossils are other good choices. Hang some photos or framed art on wall pegs, then scatter a few on your shelves as well.

Little house on a hill by Laura Amiss

Gold photo frame by Pure Beauty Art

Add pops of color with a pair of demure purple gloves and this pretty wristlet, sure to draw the eye. Anyone who could pass up Marcie Forest’s gorgeous hand carved candle flowers is beyond me.

Just look at the toppers available from Puppycatmeow!  Why put hats on a shelf?  Why not! These in particular are wonderfully versatile.  Your guests can leave them artfully arranged where they sit or pop them on in true Wonderland spirit. For those guests with more elegant taste, I recommend anything by LaCocoRouge.

Don’t stop with just adornments for the head!  Your guests will have a blast taking playing masquerade with any of the lovely creations from ArtisanMaskers.  I’d opt for the masks with stems so I could display them in a funky vase.

Since we’re already hanging things on the wall, let’s not forget the ceiling! Add a drop of whimsy by suspending on of Costurero Real’s bottled keys throughout your photo booth with fishing line. Prefer your vials and keys separate?  Eden Gallery has your number.

What else will you include for your fall down the rabbit hole?

*From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, published by Signet Classic in 1960

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Toast in Style!

By ForestCandleStudio

The wedding couple may share a drink from their very own “loving cup” during their ceremony. Then during their reception, glasses are raised in toasts wishing health and happiness to the newlyweds, praises all around, and thank you’s to the guests. Many wedding couples want their own ceremonial cups and toasting glasses to be meaningful to them, to commemorate their special day. Whether you drink wine, champagne, beer, sparkling juice, tea or coffee, here are some wonderful drinking vessels (all found on Etsy) to help you find a style that suits you just right!

Loving Cup aka Quaich (Scottish tradition): Handmade by Page Pottery

Hand-carved Vintage Wedding Cup (European): available from Bedouin

Vintage German Bridal Cup: available from Saltsman Soap

Custom Porcelain Cups, Hand-carved Design, Personalized: Handmade by The Celadon Studio

Handcrafted Wedding Goblets: handmade by BB Woodturnings

Beer Glasses Personalized Engraved: Handmade by Glass Girl Jen

Hand-painted Personalized Wedding Cups: Handmade by WanderSketch

Hand-painted & Embellished Champagne Flutes: Handmade by Pure Beauty Art

Champagne Flutes Custom Engraved & Personalized: Handmade by Brad Goodell

Vintage Glass Lover’s Cups: available from Parkledge

Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest