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July Giveaway!

This month’s WedEclectic giveaway is hosted by

Just look at the memorial charms she creates! If you are struggling to find a way to include the memory of someone special in your wedding, this would be the perfect way to do so!

For brides’ and grooms’ floral accessories…

For bridal, anniversary, or everyday jewelry…

And for a keepsake ornament or decor…

Keri is offering a small personalized bridal bouquet charm for this month’s giveaway…a $55 value!

This giveaway will run until midnight, July 31st, but don’t wait!

Entries will be accepted for:

Commenting, including your favorite item from Delaney Photo Jewelry‘s shop.

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The winner will be chosen randomly, verified, and contacted on August 1st via email with the good news!

A Little Texture Goes a Long Way

Textures add the extra ‘something’ to any event.  Wear it on your wedding day and your photos will always have dimension.  All of these lovely finds are courtesy of our sister team : Etsy Wedding Team.Sea Kelp Collection - No.1 - Organic Cotton Crocheted Lariat (Necklace, Scarf, Belt) - Ready to Ship

Sexy Black lace Garter Set on Ivory Satin

French fantasy beaded flower hair clipTwig Rings- 2mm wide - Available in Shades of GoldRing Bearer Birds Nest With Tan Eggs

Stylish Without Being Trendy

Trends come and go.  The poofy sleeves inspired by the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles will forever date the weddings of the late seventies and early eighties.  The mustache photo props of the here and now will date our time as well.  This said, how do you do the fun and stylish things in your wedding without being part of a fad?  Simple, you choose only the items that reflect your personality and nothing else.  Period.  It can’t be a fad or trendy if it is truly a representation of you as a couple.

 If you LOVE mustaches and the quirky humor they inspire then go for it.  But, if you just think they are kind of fun and want a photo prop I urge you to become more creative.  Were you an equestrian as a child?  Why not get a pony on a stick instead?  Is he in any armed forces or any profession that could easily be identified with hats and/or accessories?  A fireman’s helmet or military saber could be very cool props.



The strapless mermaid dresses that have hugged our curves for some time now may be beautiful but do they really scream YOU?  Are you more of a capped sleeve kind of gal like I was?  Do you think that cinched waists of the 40s and 50s styles would flaunt your curves with just as much gusto?

50's style "Uptown Doll" wedding dress
I love mason jars and the fun things that can be done with them, but is that really the look that your fiancé would want to take home and decorate with?  I suggest purchasing décor for your wedding that you would be happy to take home and display.  This way you are really showing your style and getting the added benefit of personalizing your home as a newly married couple.

I think you get my point.  Be true to you and you cannot go wrong.  You will never look back at your photos and wonder why in the world did I do that???


Make Believe’N 

>Carnival Themed Weddings – A Break from the Traditional


It’s summer time and you know what that means!

The carnival is coming to town and you have a wedding to plan 🙂

Themed weddings can be a break from the traditional church going crowd.

Imagine having a Pie-in-your-Face stand instead of the traditional smearing of the cake all over your significant other. Or how about fresh popped popcorn as a welcome munchie? We know the birdies like it better than rice.

From the invitations to the person who pronounces you husband and wife (or ringmaster and ringmistress) you can have a themed wedding to fill your carny desires!

Fabulous Hair from PuppyCatMeow

Carny Masque from ArtisanMaskers

Exotic Snake Charmer/Queen from MoonshineBaby

Tiny Topper for the Ring from DelightWorthy

Stephanie Farley

>Has the Tradition Always Been White?


Vera Wang

The wedding dress has inspired women for generations…most assuredly what it will look like but most definitely white.

The thing is…white is a recent phenomenon! With the advent of Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert in 1840 one of the greatest love stories of all time took the imaginations of women by storm, and the Queen wore white thus setting the fashion for years to come.

It used to be that women would wear their best dress to wed in – no matter the colour. In the 1400’s blue was considered to be the colour of purity.

Today we see a happy mix of styles, colours and textures to choose from for our wedding day. Many women are choosing dresses that are versatile enough to be worn again for other occasions.

Here is a small sample of what you can find out there for yourself from vintage to rock star to simple beauty…

>DIY wedding favour boxes

>Wedding favours are a nice way to say thank you to your guests but what sort of wedding favours do you give them?

A lot of attention is normally paid to what to put into the boxes but we must not forget that the box itself could be personalised as well. One easy way is make them!

The advantage of making them is that you can make them to the size you want and using the paper you have chosen. Yes it will take time and effort but your guest will appreciate your effort as you shall see.

Step one, this is the template you will need to understand to make these boxes.

A = length of box

B = height of box

C = 2 cm length which is needed in construction.

The dashed lines will be your fold lines.

From a standard A4 sheet of paper the largest box you can make is a 5cm(side) x 5cm(side) x 7cm(height) which is more then enough to fit a good size chocolate (or what small treat you may give them).

Step two, rather then folding the paper straight away, I would recommend scoring the dotted lines because these will become the folds. Why are you scoring the paper rather then folding it straight away? Well, this will give a more accurate fold and give a cleaner finish.

Step three, crease each of the scored lines you made so it looks like this.

Step four, fold as following and then insert the two ends into each other.

Step five, this is the tricky bit, pushing the base down. You will need to follow the folds you have made and gently manoeuvre each side on top of each other. This manipulation will open up the side where you have inserted the ends together. To prevent the ends from coming apart you can use a clip to hold them together.

This will require a bit of patient and practice but it will fold down if you gently push it down gradually.

Finished, you have the base for your box.

To make the lid for the box is very simply! All you need to do is

  1. Add 1-2mm on A – side of the box
  2. Decrease B – height of the box to 2-3cm

then you follows the same folding method as above. Here is my lid to the above box.

As mentioned above, you can use almost any paper you like to make these boxes but I would recommend you use paper that is around 80-100 gsm because it will make step 5 a little bit easier.

Now grab a load of your friends and family and fold to your hearts content!


If you require larger pictures then just click on the picture and it will take you to a larger version.

There is another way of folding the lid to make it more decorative. If you want to learn more then let me know in the comments and I’ll sort out a tutorial for those.

>Get Organized!


Black Bird DayPlanner by doublehappiness

It’s the start of a new year, and this offbeat bride’s resolution:  

 Get Organized!!

Planning a wedding is an incredibly exciting and sometimes completely overwhelming undertaking. No matter how large or small, formal or informal, offbeat or traditional, your wedding, there will be more than a handful of decisions to make along the way – not mention numbers to keep track of, appointments to keep, and people to coordinate.

If other offbeat (read “creative and inspired”) brides out there are anything like me, they are masters of scheming, and dreaming, and bookmarking, and “to-do”ing, and sketching and scribbling, and “favoriting” all over the place!


Resolution for the new year: get all those names, and numbers, and ideas in one place!

Bonus: With a little help from other creative people, like the shop owners at, organization doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, your wedding planner, should be the first thing you purchase or create for your wedding that radiates the oh-so-in-love personality you hope to capture on the big day.

~ * ~


Custom Wedding Planner Binder by Pick Me Paper Designs
By far the most comprehensive planner out there – custom-designed to match your wedding colors and motifs; chock-full of check-lists, logs, and organizers; includes pockets for vendor materials and weekly and monthly calendars as well as available customized add-ins.

Custom Weekly Planner and Notebook Set, Handwoven with Satin Ribbons
by PriaVanda 
Great for a bride who wants one place for dates and “to-do” lists and another carry-everywhere notebook for jotting down ideas. Available in all colors!!
Oilcloth 3-ring binders by rbtbags on Etsy
Or for the true DIY-er, there are loads of wedding planning printables available on the web to help you get organized in any beautiful book or binder that you choose!

>Working With Custom Vendors


Bridal Season is heating up and now is the time to start contacting vendors for your custom pieces! I have put together a few tips to help you get exactly what you have envisioned for your big day.

When you contact a vendor about making a custom piece or set make sure you mention the important stuff up front.

  • Your wedding date is of course important but also letting the vendor know about any hair trials or other “need by” dates.
  • Let the designer know if you are considering a bigger set and not just one item. Some vendors, like myself, will give a discount for bigger sets!
  • Your budget. I know, I know – you feel like giving someone a budget is like letting someone rip you off (what if they were going to say way less!?) I felt the same way when I was planning my wedding. But here is the thing, if you let me know how much you want to spend I can find materials and sources to make the best piece possible for that amount of money. I may even throw in something extra because i know it will make your wallet happy!
  • Pictures, Ideas & Inspiration. Nothing will help a vendor give you a quote faster than pictures of what you are looking for. Your idea of medium may be way different than mine – but a picture of what you think is medium will help me to know exactly what you expect. Pictures are the key to success. Send pictures of your dress, your shoes, something you like, your hair, whatever. Every picture helps.

Other things to consider:

Color Obsessed: Go to Home Depot and grab some free paint color swatches that match your theme – ask your designer for their mailing address and send them off!

Pressed for Time: Let the designer know up front if you are super stressed out. Even if your wedding is 8 months away – if you mentally need something done soon, please let us know!

Not happy with the final product?
Talk to your vendor! If a comb, a fit, a size, a whatever, is not working for you, just let the designer know. They will most likely be happy to try and fix it for you. Even if your wedding is 3 days from now – your designer can talk you through a simple fix that you or a loved one can do at home. If you don’t let us know, we cant fix it.

Good Luck and Congratulations!

>Designer Invites and Programs


QUINCY Mustache Wedding Invitation and RSVP Set

DIY can be one of the most stressful elements in the wedding preparation process.  As fun as doing it yourself can be, it also requires a ton of time, patience and more money than you would expect.  If you are like most couples about to be married, these may be in short supply.  An alternative to the wholesale store looking printed invites, RSVP cards, programs and thank you cards, is using a designer that is willing to do custom work.  Grey Dog Designs loves custom work that is tailored to a couples personality and style.   This is professional work printed with a giclee printer.  No home printers are used.  They use super high quality paper products and inks to ensure an amazing product.  Samples are available at a very reasonable cost.
LENORE Wedding Invitation and Response Sample Set

>Wonderful World of Kanzashi


In the west, a traditional wedding is a white affair however in the multi-cultural world that we live in today this is no longer the only option. Recently I was commissioned by a bride to make two hana kanzashi because she was getting married in a kimono.

Hana kanzashi translated from Japanese to English means “flower hair ornaments” and are worn mainly by Maiko (apprentice geiko). However they are also worn on special occasions such as weddings or the “coming of age” ceremony in Japan.

Here is a picture of Maiko Koyoshi wearing a momiji (Maple Leaf) kanzashi.

(copyright Onihide – Flickr)

So which kanzashi did my bride commissioned me to make? In the end she choice to customize Cherry Blossom Crescent and Mellow Pink and the end result was as follow.

I really enjoy fulfilling custom order as it allows me to create kanzashi which I wouldn’t have otherwise made due to storage constraints. Also the thought of creating an item which the bride will treasure makes me very happy.

However for all you brides who are planning a white wedding do not despair since I am able to customize all of my kanzashi designs to suit your colour scheme.

If you are interested in any of my designs then visit my shop.