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What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!  In celebration of the day, and to let you get to know some of the members of our team a little better, each of us has listed a few things we are especially grateful for!


  Krissy from MakeBelieveN says:

“I’m grateful for:

My family! I am a lucky woman. My family is very, very close and we understand what love is. Lots of hugs and kisses 😉

High speed internet! Dude, I couldn’t be a business owner without it!

Good coffee. The idea of waking up without a steaming cup of joe reduces me to tears.



  Michelle from GreenwoodOccasions says:

“The three things I am grateful for:

1. My husband. He’s my balance, and I could not do it without him.

2. My son. He’s a pip, and he brings clear purpose to my life.

3. My mental health. There was a time when I was struggling with severe depression and anxiety, and it makes even the most simple tasks nearly impossible to accomplish. Now that my illness is under control, I can’t express to you how different the world seems… and how *possible* everything is.”


  Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop says:

“1. My family. We love and support each other, no matter what, even though there may be times when we just don’t understand each other.

2. My husband. It took us a long time to find each other (thank you EHarmony!), and he is truly my partner in life. Though we may think the other is insane every now and then (because we all lose it sometimes : ), we live, love and laugh together; and support each other when things get difficult… and I am thankful every day that we finally found each other. : )

3. I am thankful that I have had the opportunities in life that I have had. I am hopeful that the economy will turn around and that everyone will have both a job that provides (at least) a living wage and necessary benefits, and a home that provides comfort and security.”


  msformaldehyde says:

“1. I am thankful my son is alive. He has had 3 brain tumors and the one he has now has not grown any bigger. I am thankful for the next 3 months of just living and not worrying about our next MRI. My son is pretty amazing and makes me a better person in this world of chaos.

2. I am thankful for my friends. Without them I would not be the person I am today. My friends are completely awesome. Through thick and thin they stick by me. For that I am very thankful.

3. My health and current job. I may not have medical insurance but I am pretty healthy. I am working a temp job and after being laid off for the past year, I am thankful for every day I work. 🙂 Life is short, live every day as if it is your last! 🙂 (At least I try to do this; it doesn’t always work out when I drink too much espresso and craft like crazy woman! :)”


Delight from delightworthyn says:

“I am thankful to have a roof over my head–there was a time when this wasn’t so.  I am thankful to have friends that have become family.  I am also thankful for those days when everything seems possible.”


Keri from DelaneyPhotoJewelry says:

“I am grateful for my wonderfully lighthearted, humorous, and loving family.

I am grateful to be looking out this big window into the wilderness, with occasional deer grazing, and once a bear passing by; while working from my home studio.

I am grateful for moments like this that allow me to sit still for a moment in this hectic world and reflect on what I’m grateful for; the list is long.”


Auriana from MoonshineBaby says:

“Let’s see…

1. My supportive and inspiring network of friends, and my loving, funny boyfriend.

2. The recent growth of my shop and the mind spring of ideas I’ve continued to have since opening. Since August, I’ve noticed a rapid pick-up in sales, and I feel very thankful to be coming so close to living out my dream of supporting myself by making beautiful things. But I’m sure a lot of you also feel that way about your shops, too!

3. And also thankful for the second job I was able to pick up to supplement my income while business steadies for my shop.”


Ann from SwankUnderpinnings says:

“I am grateful for living in the Northeast US and getting to experience all the beautiful changes of seasons….and all the yummy foods, scenic vistas, activities and traditions that go along with them.

I am grateful for the way we are all gifted in totally different and unique ways….and the days I get to run into an amazingly talented musician, gourmet cook, or inspired artist who shows me beauty where I never would have known to find it.

And I am grateful for friends and family and a husband who lets me follow my crazy dreams.”


Amanda from ArtisanMaskers says:

“I am endlessly thankful for the opportunity to live in a country that allows me to worship and live how I choose; and which allows me to teach my children in the same manner.

I’m grateful for my incredible husband and darling children who are equal parts supportive and inspiring.

I am thankful for health and happiness!  My heart goes out to those who have neither, especially during the Holiday season.”



So, now you know what we are thankful for–what sparks your gratitude this time of year?

Kitty Kanzashi – Big Day!

I never thought this day would happen but on the 17 of October, 2011, I, Kitty Kanzashi married my lovely partner of 11years!  We both wanted an intimate wedding because neither of us enjoy being in the limelight, and we wanted to ensure that we took the time to talk to our guests and make sure they were enjoying themselves.  Apart from the hectic half hour where we had to get photos of us with all our relatives, it was a lovely day.

Since both our families live near Southend on Sea, what better place to get married then at a cozy seaside hotel?  We chose to get married in the lovely Roslin Hotel right on the seafront because (1), the food there was fab and, (2), we wanted a place where we could have the ceremony and reception in the same place.


My wedding dress was made by the brilliant Bound By Obsession, while my partner looked very dashing in his TM Lewin suit.


Of course, the wedding would not be complete without a few kanzashi for me, my partner, the immediate family and my matron of honour.


After the ceremony, I set aside some time for a tea ceremony which was an element of my Chinese culture popping in.


Oh, and here is a fun shot of my friends and I showing off our shoes!


This post was brought to you by Kitty of Kitty Kanzashi

Equally Beautiful Love



You may already know this but just in case you don’t the Wed Eclectic team is pro GAY,  pro LGBT, pro be you and flaunt it no matter what it looks like.  I’m a HUGE fan of beautiful ‘gay’ photography because it is a rarity.  For every ten thousand beautiful hetero wedding pics there is one homosexual picture.

During our recent photo shoot we asked our gentlemen to pose with one another for this striking image.  They being wonderful professionals, obliged without any issue.  Thank you to Derek and Eastyn and Jannelle of Darling Studios for making my day complete.  I swear this needs to be framed or turned into a post card 🙂

Wondering how we added the cool Nat King Cole song lyrics???  It isn’t Photoshop.  That is a chalkboard wall!  Tony of Darling Studios did an amazing job with the alignment…it took twine and tape to make sure everything was exact.   Turned out perfectly!

With love (always),


Make Believe’N



A Perfect Pairing

If you are a regular reader you already know that the ‘team’ recently collaborated on an impressive, hugely scaled, styled photography shoot.  I wanted to take this time to share with you my very favorite image from the entire day.  Jannelle of Darling Studios has a magical way with the camera and her editing skills are truly amazing.  Emerald Dove our model is wearing a perfect pairing.  Her stunning headdress is courtesy of La Coco Rouge and that necklace was created by Smitten Boutique.  All of it was topped with a cherry kiss like the most perfect sundae with ruby lips by Amanda Moyo and Blasina Salam.

I consider this the crown jewel of the whole shoot and I bet it makes you drool a little.

ps: You can’t tell but Emerald sports an entire head of dreads.  WHAT!!!!!????  Erin Sillesky and Candice McCamman rocked her wild hair into 40s style perfection.

Killer huh?


Make Believe’N Alternative Weddings LLC



>We are the Offbeat Wedding Etsy Team!

> has spawned a new generation of consumers.  Our offbeat clients not only want original but they demand it.  A great fellow blogger Ariel created  We were originally inspired by her dedication to promoting the different alternatives to standard weddings.  (We do not have any affiliation with  Our team members provide the actual products and services that an original wedding requires.