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Wedding Pets

By EdenGallery

Pets are part of our family.  It’s only natural to think of including them in your ceremony.  If you have made the decision to have your fluffy family member there on your special day then I’m sure that your pet will happily agree to fill the role.  First, learn whether or not your ceremony location is a pet friendly one.  Then, you can decide on their responsibility.  Pet friendly roles can include Ring bearer, flower pet, or bride announcer.  I’m sure there are others that you can imagine as well.  Keep in mind that you’ll need a leash and a caring friend or family member to make sure you fuzzy (or scaly!) loved one stays their calmest and gets where they need to go!  I’ve found a few items to help spice up their apparel and help them look their best on this extraordinary occasion!

Happy Blooms Flower Dog Collar by Pecan Puppies

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Rustic Chic Weddings Old Barn Wood Hand Painted Here Comes The Bride Sign For Dog Pet Photo Prop by bragginbags

Dog Bow Tie and Neck Tie Double Shirt Collar Set Blue Checkered and White Reversible by furkidscloset

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