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Choosing Bridal Jewelry

By HeatherBoyd

1. Follow your gown’s neckline

If you have a strapless dress you may want to look for a large multi strand necklace to stop you looking a bit bare in the neck area. Strings of beads that form a pattern when laid flat against the throat are also popular, and beading all the way around the neck can add interest. Gowns with a high or very detailed neckline may work better without a bridal necklace. If your dress has a round shaped neckline, look for a choker style necklace, but if you have a v-neck or sweetheart neckline you could wear a longer pendant.

wedding necklace 1


2. Try timeless classics

If you don’t think your wedding day is the time to experiment with a radical new look, stick to the classic bridal necklaces. A single string of pearls is a sophisticated yet feminine look, and a pearl collar with two or three strands can emphasise a long neck beautifully. With pearls symbolising marital happiness, they will always be a good choice. Another bridal necklace that has timeless appeal is a simple gold or silver chain with a diamond pendant. This can be coupled with diamond stud or drop earrings.

wedding necklace 2

3. Don’t overload on jewellery

A bride should wear a maximum of two statement pieces of wedding jewellery. If you have large, fancy earrings, you might want to skip the necklace or choose something very plain and simple. If you decide against a necklace you can always add detail with a beautiful bracelet. If you choose an intricate necklace, wear stud earrings and keep your bridal hair accessories minimal.

wedding necklace 3

4. Match your necklace to your dress

Check out the details on your wedding dress. Are they pearls, crystals, beads or diamante? Your wedding jewellery should echo the theme of your dress so try to get a necklace in the same material. If you have chosen a simple dress you can get away with an intricate necklace, but if your dress is highly detailed, look for a very simple bridal necklace. If you have a vintage style dress, look for antique jewellery from the same period. However, a modern contemporary dress works best with an edgy necklace design.

wedding necklace 4

5. Add some colour

The bridal necklace is a popular place to add some colour into your wedding outfit. Not all women look good in pale colours, and bridal shades of white or ivory can leave them looking washed out. A bold coloured necklace between the gown and the face can help to avoid this. Many brides look for a sapphire and silver necklace and use it as their something blue, but another good idea is simply to match your bridal necklace to the colours in your wedding bouquet.

wedding necklace blue

Wedding Inspiration – Add a Pop of Color!


Brides and grooms can really have some fun by adding a pop of color to their wedding outfits. To give you ideas, here are some colorful handmade and vintage items from Etsy shops.

Fyi, many Etsy shops can customize items to your desired colors and styles. So don’t hesitate to contact a shop whose work you like!


For the Bride.for the bride

Clockwise starting at top left and ending in the center:

  1. Green and black fascinator hat with zipper roses & electronic resistors by Aula46
  2. Honeysuckle pink mask with detachable satin flower clip brooch by ArtisanMaskers
  3. Bead embroidery bracelet by CrownofStones
  4. Silk & linen flower with peacock feathers hair ornament by ButtonsnBlossoms
  5. Colorful floral bridal sash by RosyPosyDesigns
  6. Sunrise seashell and aqua chalcedony earrings by ThePineappleHut
  7. Handmade flowers shoe clips by ChloeANDMaddie.

For the Groom.for the groom

Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Map cufflinks for the groom and his attendants by BrassandChain
  2. Custom comic book sneakers by MoonlightDecorator
  3. Multi-color blue modern tartan tie by TiestheKnot
  4. Quilled blue boutonniere by MiaettiaCreations
  5. Blue, green, and yellow paper boutonnieres by TheLittleRedButton
  6. Vintage wingtip spectator shoes by flyfishark
  7. Men’s gingham suspenders by PaigeGrayson
Happy Wedding Wishes,
Marcie Forest

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts

By BagSecrets

Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out what to get your Bridesmaids? Why not get them something personalized to each of them. Get them something they can use even after your wedding so they will always remember being a part of your special day. Below are some of my favorite personalized gift ideas. Enjoy!

Personalized Clutches ~ Give your Bridesmaids clutches that match your wedding colors. Not only does this create a fun photo opportunity but they can use the clutches even after your wedding! Bag Secrets also offers the option of adding a personalized label for the interior to make for a truly personalized gift!

To view more options visit Bag Secrets


Personalized Hangers ~ Amy from Amy’s Original Bridal Hanger offers another unique gift idea for your Bridesmaids. She creates custom hangers with your Bridesmaid’s names or titles!

To view more options visit Amy’s Original Bridal Hangers


Frames ~ For a rustic theme wedding you can give your Bridesmaids personalized picture frames. I just love these wood frames from Prince Whitaker!

To view more visit Prince Whitaker


Robes ~ Embroidered robes are another great gift idea! You can your Bridesmaid can relax in comfort before your wedding in your matching but personalized robes!

To view more visit Embroidery by Melissa


Shirts ~ I received a tank top much like these listed below at my Bridal Shower and needless to say nearly two years later I still wear it! These tank tops are fun, comfortable and make great gifts!

To view more visit Unique and Trendy


Necklace ~ I just love these necklaces from NY Metals. You can add a gem stone that matches your wedding colors, your Bridesmaid’s initial and a special charm just for them. What a sweet way for them to remember being a part of your special day!

To view more visit NY Metals


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Steampunk bride captures color trends and the beauty of the peacock!

By SteampunkWedding

Eclectic weddings are individual, distinctive, and often a singular moment for the bride to the focus of the fanfare, especially if she’s starring in a steampunk wedding!  Our first blog about steampunk discussed some of the basics: literature, Victorian-era fashion, and the finest craftsmanship in metals, leathers, and fabrics.  Today I am lucky to share gorgeous dress created by seamstress Lisa Sauter with photography by Ian Danziger.


Our steampunk bride’s unique dress is made from many different fabrics in metallics of jewel tones.  When blended together they reflect all the varying colors in a peacock feather.


In fact, peacock feathers are found in our bride’s fascinator.  Many different styles are available so steampunk wedding parties have several from which to choose.

photo 3

Peacock feathers are exotic and reminiscent of some Victorian society’s love of things ‘Oriental’.  According to enthusiasts peacocks are native to southern Asia and Malaysia.

 photo 4

These colorful birds were “kept for centuries by people first in China and then in Europe and America. The Phoenicians brought the peacock to Egypt more than three thousand years ago. Historical records indicate that Solomon kept several peacock species, among other pheasants, with the India Blue being his favorite peacock.”

photo 5

Peafowl were extensively raised by the Romans and in medieval Europe, explains Laurie M. Johnson, editor of This look can be found today in current artisans.

photo 6

The deep blue colors in the feathers are reflected in many other steampunk accessories.  Steampunk embraces science and nature quite often, which is sure to enhance the eclectic bride, groom and wedding party.  Don’t shy away from butterflies or even eye balls!

photo 7

photo 8

Our bride is obviously setting fashion trends ahead of her time, since PANTONE’s color selections for spring and fall 2013 include her signature hues.


“With the changing season, the greens from spring evolve and develop. Multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate, bringing luxury and elegance to the palette, while yellow-toned Linden Green brings a lightness and brightness to the deeper shades of fall.”

photo 10

“Try pairing both with Mykonos Blue, a bold, meditative blue, for a classic and relaxed fall look,” see PANTONE link below.

The bride’s dark black hair is stunning, however, many brides may want to add classic braids for the appearance of length.  Again, looking to our fashion trends for 2013, we can turn to elegant deeper shades.

photo 11

photo 12

Last, but certainly not least, are a few more steampunk wedding details, but these are for the tables!  First, the ‘key’ to a good start is to be sure family and friends find each other and mingle at your events.  This is easily accomplished with personalized key placecards.

photo 13

Another definite ‘keeper’ is this pillow box – perfect for tea, poems, or even gift cards!

photo 14

I am so very grateful to Ian Danziger for his generosity, information on the seamstress, and hope his work is as inspiring to you as it has been for me!



Seamstress who created the dress, Lisa Sauter:

Photographer, Ian Danziger:

Peacock historical information, Laurie M. Johnson

Color trends by PANTONE:

Pinterest Board:

Etsy Treasury:

Pastels – Lovely Lilac

By SeamstressByTheSea

Spring Weddings means lots of pretty Pastel colors and this Spring Fashion Season has Florals popping up all over the Runways. A gorgeous bridal trend with large splashy florals and soft pastels makes for such a beautiful wedding theme. I thought going through some of the popular colors for this season would make a nice blog post. All the colors are so yummy, I want to eat ice cream now!

Lovely Lilac is a flattering color on nearly everyone and makes it a great choice for brides and bridesmaids.

This gorgeous lavender bridal headband from ClayBouquetShop on Etsy is perfect for adding something to the brides to tie in the color scheme with her bridal party.

Add a pair of lace fingerless gloves

A day or evening wedding is a great time to use a beautiful shade of purple, lavender or lilac for the bridesmaid gowns. This stunning lilac cocktail dress was over $3000 in Europe but take a few photos to a local dressmaker and you can have something similar created for much less. The value of having your dresses custom made by a seamstress cannot be underestimated. If you price it, you will find you can have exactly the color, fabrics and a unique one of a kind style at your wedding for an affordable price compared to the high prices of OTR ( off the rack) dresses that still need alterations.


The sweet little flower girls will look adorable in some pretty dresses with lots of tulle and satin. Wedeclectic team member, carolinesboutique  has the perfect tutu for your little one.

Another fun site for flower girl dresses is I just love this layered flower girl dress with different shades of purple, lavender and lilac.


A toast to the bride and groom can be even more meaningful with some lovely had created and etched Champagne Flutes. I just discovered this Etsy seller recently and love his gorgeous work. Jeff is an independent artist and creates laser cut glassware for his shop. He is really remarkable.


Wedding boxes are a fun item to add to your wedding in your theme color and this one from  SweetJonesin is so pretty. A wedding box can be used at the Bridal shower, Reception and more so it is worth getting to add some fun and use for storage after the event. Small decorated boxes in your theme color can be made for Bridesmaid gifts, party favors and guest thank you’s with some ribbon and dried or silk flowers very easily.


Even the groomsmen can join in on the fun. My friend is getting married in June and her groom  has agreed that all the men in the Bridal party will wear purple converse sneakers! I thought Josh was being very supportive and fun when he told Monica that he would do this for her.  There are many more fun ideas on for the man who has a sense of humor.


Other fun ideas for the Lilac or Purple wedding from team members include:
Purple cake pops



Lavender rose pomander

What color will be next? Leave a comment with a suggestion. Maybe peach or mint green or do you fancy pink?

WedEclectic Inspiration Board

By BlingForTheTable

Jewel tones are becoming very popular and emerald green is emerging as the front runner!  Nothing says March like the color green and I can’t think of a more appropriate wedding theme for the springtime bride.

A color pallet suitable  for a March wedding or any time of the year!



Credits from Left to Right are:

TuTu: Krystalhylton

Garland: Fairyfolk

Hat: Surroundingsonline

Clutch: BagSecrets

High Heel: DesignYourPedestal

Ties:  PetitePeanut

Green Sash: TulleCabaret

Wedding Bouquet: Ardesign

Flowers: SweetPeasPaperFlowers

Ring: JewelerJim

Barefoot Sandle: SubtleExpressions

Invitation: NeotericExpressions

Wedding Theme Trends for 2013

By Tracey from SeamstressbytheSea

It is no longer enough to plan a nice color scheme with matching flowers and bridesmaids dresses, now your Wedding Day is an EVENT and needs a special  theme like one of the Lands of Disneyland. Your theme could be inspired by your favorite Fairy Tale and shows like “Once Upon a Time’ , “Mirror, MIrror” or “Princess Bride”. Your dream wedding from your girlish childhood fantasies. Maybe even Disney is partly to thank  for this Wedding Trend because they have a gorgeous line of Wedding Dresses created by Alfred Angelo that has been going strong now for several years with Princess inspired Wedding fashions and perfectly photographed Wedding party attire.

According to a recent article in “Brides” magazine, themed weddings will continue to be popular with Nautical, Fairy Tale, Rustic and Rainbow topping the list.

Members of the Wed Eclectic Team on are full of inspired ideas to compliment your Wedding Theme from Herbal to Vintage to Alice in Wonderland. Each shop has carefully created these find handcrafted items for your special day with as much love as if you made them yourself. Because we all know you don’t have time to do everything and enjoy your big day, so visit some of these shops for some creative handmade ideas.

My personal favorite recent theme is the Rainbow Theme. It is so wonderful at the end of a rainstorm to see the sun come out and a lovely rainbow streaming

Rainbow Themed ideas can include a DIY Wedding backdrop like this alternative ceremony backdrop for those with serious DIY skills: This “chapel,” created by interior design studio ICRAVE, has layers of rainbow-colored  ribbons hanging from the wire mesh ceiling of a framed cube. It would be easy enough for someone handy to put together this mesh and wire frame with supplies from the hardware store. A clever bride can inlist her flower girls and bridesmaids to tie on all the colorful ribbons.

Invite wedding guests to enjoy in the fun and throw out these Rainbow Streamers as the Bridal couple leave the reception with these awesome hand rolled rainbow streamers with a wonderful array of colors.

Give your flower girls a rainbow crayon notebook in their gift bag from Paper, Passions, Cards on etsy


And a fun rainbow ribbon barrette from Wild Mountain Wreaths

A rainbow colored bridal bouquet is a must and there are so many gorgeous ideas! I just love this idea with the peacock feathers instead of the usual flowers.
A feathered rainbow of color, which can be customized to your favorites from Decoramood


Rainbow sprinkled cake pops from Simply Divine Desserts make perfect favors for guests and are so cute that they can be part of the table decorations too!

Rainbow Wedding Dresses? Yes, they exist. Here are a few of my favorites both crazy and wild.
This one from Italy is very lovely and low key


A bit on the Wild Side of the Rainbow, this dress has shredded tulle in a layer of color under the traditional white bodice.


This group of rainbow colored bridesmaids along with the beautiful bride in the center is a real stand out but very classy


Some wonderful ideas for a DIY Rainbow wedding can be found at this blog


Besides letting the bridesmaids have a bit of fun with color, the groomsmen and groom can join in with different colored ties, hats, sneakers or shirts just to name a few ideas. This rainbow bow tie is very festive but not too wild.


Go a bit over the rainbow with colored seat covers, table decorations and some fun invitations with your Rainbow Theme. This DIY Rainbow Wedding Invitation on Etsy is a digital file that you can customize and create on your own. You save money and get to have a perfectly colored invitation.


Your little flower girls will love to wear a fun rainbow ballet style dress and join the fun, while you can let the ring bearer carry a rainbow inspired pillow, tie or something to tie him into the groomsmen.


A Summer Wedding with this fun Theme can have brightly colored tents for the reception and so many wonderful flowers. Let your guests dine on fresh fruit and veggies in a variety of colors, arranged like a rainbow. I really adore this layered Rainbow Cake Slice with six wonderful layers, each a different flavor.


And to finish it off, a gorgeous pair of Rainbow Inspired cakes found on Pinterest Boards.


If you search on or Google Rainbow Weddings, you will find all kinds of fun ideas and photos to inspire you. Don’t forget to look at the tag ‘wedeclectic’ when searching on Etsy for members of the Team.

I end with my favorite Rainbow item from my own shop! Although I would not subject a bride to sporting these unless she plans to run a marathon right after!


Wedding trends for 2013

By DelaneyJewelryDesigns


(Part 1 of 3)

Here are some of my favorite trends topping the charts. If only I could do it again.

#1        Wedding Dresses with Pockets.

Of course, pockets. And it’s about time. Why didn’t I think of that? Okay, that wasn’t exactly my first thought. It was more like: What? Wedding Dresses with pockets? Well maybe just a little one for lipstick, or money, but wedding dresses are heavy enough without bulky pockets. That is what the maid of honor is for. But seriously, look how clever this is. Nothing like what I had imagined when I first read about them. I love this gorgeous dress by PureMagnoliaCouture:



This one I found on The Art of Weddings almost completely hides the pockets. It’s amazing!



I realized that pockets in a wedding dress can be completely invisible with the right designer. They are nowhere near as obvious as I had originally imagined.  I would probably have a hard time not loading them up with miscellaneous stuff, so mine would need to be small. But this one by PantoraBridal is what made me realize you can hide them on almost any dress.



#2        Lace, Lace and more Lace

Everything I’ve read states that lace will not only maintain its very large presence in 2013, but it will continue to grow in popularity. I now see it everywhere, but some of these designers are clearly trend setters paving the way.  Lace is nothing new when it comes to shoes, but now there are so many options. In fact, even if you have already purchased shoes for your big day, but you’re not loving them as much as you did when you first spotted them, or if you have a favorite pair of shoes that you wish you could wear down the aisle, this shop will help you redesign and decorate your shoes to give them a new look!! Check out this makeover by Something thine wedding shoes:



You absolutely have to spend time perusing this shop! You will fall in love with so many designs. I love the platform heels on these gorgeous shoes by DesignYourPedestal:



One place I didn’t even consider incorporating lace was on my invitations. This elegant design by Vintage Lace Wedding Cards makes me want to plan another wedding:


#3        Reality Wedding

Technology can play a larger part in weddings as live streaming becomes more popular. It’s a great way to share your special day with loved ones who cannot attend. Broadcasting your wedding to anyone anywhere is a fun way to include more people in your real life event. Check out “I DO” Stream to broadcast your wedding live. They offer a D.I.Y. package and they even allow you to share it on Facebook.


Owner/Artist: Keri O’Hara

Featured WedEclectic Shop — ClayBouquetShop!

Continuing our feature of the winner for each month’s Team Treasury Challenge, here is our second interview: held with Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop!  (Jennifer’s winning treasury for October can be seen here.  To vote on November’s treasury challenge see this post!)


How did you start your shop? 

I didn’t know it at the time, but preparing for our DIY wedding laid the groundwork for my Etsy shop. I didn’t seriously consider continuing the creative work I was doing until after being strongly encouraged by every one of our wedding vendors to create bouquets and accessories for other brides! I started creating items for my shop the day after we arrived home from our honeymoon. : )

How did you come up with your shop name?

Since I made the wedding bouquets and boutonnieres out of clay flowers, and I thought that the shop would be comprised mainly of those creations, I named it “Clay Bouquet Shop.” Little did I know that it would grow to include brooch, beaded and feather bouquets, sashes, hair accessories, and jewelry. : )


Tell us about some of your favourite items in the shop.

I love to make clay bouquets, but have to limit the number of contracts I take on due to the time it takes to make the flowers by hand after my full time job. My husband brags about them to others whenever given the chance, which I find quite funny as he protested quite vehemently (for months) when I told him I didn’t want to carry fresh flowers. He finally changed his mind when he saw them arranged, the weekend before our wedding. And he’s even commented that the fresh bridal bouquets he has seen at recent weddings don’t look as good as the ones I make, as they tend to be a bit wilted by the time wedding party pictures are taken.

I also love the brooch bouquets that I have designed for brides…and if we ever renew our vows (which he brings up all the time…and we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary : ) I’m making one for myself!

IMG_20120905_153636 (1000x955) IMG_20121020_181143 - Copy (1000x730) IMG_20121101_131547 (1000x820)

And I have a few favorite sets…

The Amanda, bridal sashheadband, and earrings:



The Colette, bridal sash, headband, bracelet, and earrings:


What inspires you?

The brides I work with, one on one…their themes and details provide a framework for their bouquets. : )


What is your favorite wedding trend (now or past)?

I really enjoy seeing weddings that incorporate the bride and groom’s passions and favorite things. It becomes less of a traditional cookie-cutter wedding and more of a unique celebration of the couple’s lives coming together.


Given the opportunity, which celebrity would you like to see wearing your designs?

I am tickled pink whenever I see photos of brides wearing or carrying my creations, so I would love if any public figure wore or carried anything I made for them!

The Vivian, crystal headpiece and earrings:


What is your unicorn – that is, what is an object or skill that has eluded you so far?

If time is an object…I wish I had enough time to fill my current orders, maintain my life/home/business and to accept last minute orders. I’ve had to turn away a number of brides this year due to my busy production schedule, and wish that I could help every bride that contacts me. (I’m currently booked through March of 2013 for bouquets.)


What do you think the future holds for you / your shop?

We’re moving early next year, and my plan is to have a devoted room for my shop…and I look forward to be able to display my creations and have a bright, spacious room to work in!


Summer Circus Wedding

Over the summer the Artisan Maskers collaborated with a whole team of amazing artists to put together a fantasy Circus-themed wedding shoot.  Here’s a quick spread of the carnival madness that ensued!


First, we have our Tightrope Walker bride.  She preps for the big day with a gorgeously bizarre assemblage of bridesmaids (below): a Clownette, a Lion Tamer, a Fortune Teller, and even a mustachioed Ringmaster!


Next up, our Clown of a Groom and his fabulous Groomsmen: the Magician, the Roustabout, and, okay, the “Lion”, too…


A few choice shots of the Bride and Groom…


And, then, the gang’s all here!  Time for the party to START!

So, what do YOU think?  Could a Circus be in your marital future?  ;D



Please, have a look at all of the incredible artists that made this shoot possible!

Mini Top Hats, Clownette Ruff, Dog Ruff, Feather Bouquet – Because It Sparkles

Crystal Bridal Headband and Belt – Clay Bouquet Shop

Bustle Skirt and Groom/Best Man Jackets – DAS

Little Miss Muffett Garter – Never A Plain Jane Designs

Corsets and Petticoat – Period Corsets

(Not pictured:  Wedding Streamers – Extravagant Exits )