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Summer Circus Wedding

Over the summer the Artisan Maskers collaborated with a whole team of amazing artists to put together a fantasy Circus-themed wedding shoot.  Here’s a quick spread of the carnival madness that ensued!


First, we have our Tightrope Walker bride.  She preps for the big day with a gorgeously bizarre assemblage of bridesmaids (below): a Clownette, a Lion Tamer, a Fortune Teller, and even a mustachioed Ringmaster!


Next up, our Clown of a Groom and his fabulous Groomsmen: the Magician, the Roustabout, and, okay, the “Lion”, too…


A few choice shots of the Bride and Groom…


And, then, the gang’s all here!  Time for the party to START!

So, what do YOU think?  Could a Circus be in your marital future?  ;D



Please, have a look at all of the incredible artists that made this shoot possible!

Mini Top Hats, Clownette Ruff, Dog Ruff, Feather Bouquet – Because It Sparkles

Crystal Bridal Headband and Belt – Clay Bouquet Shop

Bustle Skirt and Groom/Best Man Jackets – DAS

Little Miss Muffett Garter – Never A Plain Jane Designs

Corsets and Petticoat – Period Corsets

(Not pictured:  Wedding Streamers – Extravagant Exits )

A bit of inspiration from a fun, alternative bridal photoshoot : )

By ClayBouquetShop

I have planned to include alternative brides in my advertising for awhile, and finally had the opportunity to include models willing to have fun with this idea earlier this year. Here are some photos to enjoy…and possibly use as inspiration. : )

We had multiple outfits available for models, some more traditional than others, so many models appear more than once. The models had loads of fun in the wardrobe room changing from one outfit into another, accessorizing their attire, and wandering around Turkey Hill Inn for photos by the different photographers. : )

Bouquet, haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Veil by Chaos Couture 

Haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Jacket by Blooms In The Night

Bouquet, haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Gloves and lace neck wrap (eye mask) by KVO Design

Bouttonniere by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Hair Flower by Chaos Couture

Jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Bouquet and Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Fascinator by Chaos Couture

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Fingerless gloves and Lace neck corset by KVO Design

Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Bouquet and accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet and Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Layered skirt by Blooms In The Night

Accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Corset and skirt by Mayfaire Moon

Bouquet and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet and accessories by ClayBouquetShop

Bouquet, haircomb and jewelry by ClayBouquetShop

Lace eye mask and cuffs by KVO Design

Bouquet charm by DelaneyPhotoJewelry

Skirt handcrafted by the model (Elderberry)!

(Yes, I told her that she should open up an Etsy shop, too!)

Thank you to all of our participants!

(listed alphabetically)


Hair Stylists

Allison Tegano

Make Up Artists

KimmV  MM# 2357138

SK Faceworks Makeup MM# 2213330












Team Work

By DelaneyJewelryDesign

Marriage is team work.

Two people with different backgrounds, and different outlooks on life, vow to work together.

Some would say that means you sacrifice part of yourselves in order to achieve something greater.

But does that include sports?


Not for this couple.

She grew up in a Penn State household.

And he grew up in a Syracuse household.

So they decided to embrace their differences and combine their team colors; orange and blue.

(Cake topper by MagicMud)

There are so many clever, subtle ways to incorporate a sports theme into any wedding.

Stefanie and Andy used team colors and blended them together for their wedding and reception.

Even members of their bridal party participated in their team spirit.

Their rings arrived at the altar on pillows in their favorite teams color.

Flower Girls carried baskets in both teams colors.

The reception chairs were decorated with orange and blue ribbons which allowed them to seat their families in support of the appropriate team.

They used candles for table decorations in both orange and blue and incorporated the colors into their floral arrangements.

They even dressed their bridesmaid’s and groomsmen in blended team colors.

I love the shoes and socks guys.

It’s a casual, laid-back spin on a very elegant celebration.

There are all kinds of decorations, paper products, and gift ideas for sports themed weddings.

If a sports themed wedding is the special touch you are looking for, here are a few more ideas to help:

  • Invitations can be themed as tickets to a big game
  • Play by play programs
  • Consider getting married at a local stadium
  • Mini baseball bat, or tennis racquet boutonnieres
  • Bridal parties in partial uniforms such as baseball caps, or jerseys
  • Stadium foods at reception such as peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, etcetera


 By LaCoCoRouge

You’ve heard of vision boards and style boards but have you heard of Pinterest?

Putting together your wedding is a big deal and involves planning from décor, to apparel to food, entertainment and beyond.

Lists are one way to keep ideas and thoughts together but sometimes it can be difficult to explain to your wedding stylist or friends what it is you really envision.

Pinterest is an online image gallery similar to Tumblr but with the added advantage of having multiple boards laid out with images and blends Twitter type #hashtags to make items easier to find.

Imagine putting together a board for a wedding dress, colours you want to use, bridesmaid’s gifts, décor, food, hairstyles, makeup and more.

Gone is the frustration of telling your hairstylist that you want your hair to swoop down in a single curl with two braids when you can simply show him/her a collection of images from your board.

All those magazines littering the floor with paper scraps and quite possibly paper cuts (if you were me) are a memory as you gather images from the web and add them to your categories.

Wedding Gifts

By Isla Wong (aka Kitty Kanzashi)

Wedding Gifts

In the ye old days, it was customary for wealthy brides to receive a trousseau on her wedding.  This contained all the clothes that the lady will need for her married life.

Then as the years rolled on this turned into household items which the couple need to set up home.

However nowadays many of us already have all the things we need therefore what should you ask your guest to give?

Honeymoon fund

Whether you are asking them to contribute to a specific element like the hotel or just a general pot of money this is a nice idea because it will give the guest a chance to contribute to a gift that will be enjoyed and provided many happy memories.

Charity donation

There is nothing like spreading your joy with other people so why not help others who are in need.  In these current economic time, charities are the hardest hit due to the lack of funding from governments so they need private donations more then ever.

Deposit for Future Home

We all wish the happy couple the best for the future and what could be better then giving them a hand in getting their first house!  With rising house prices (especially in the UK), it is getting harder and harder for first time buyer to build up the deposit that is necessary to secure a mortgage on a house so with the help of family and friends you could make their future a little bit easier.


This is the route I took and this caused a raised eyebrow from my mother in law since asking for money as a wedding gift is often considered vulgar.  However, it is traditional in many eastern cultures for money to be presented as a wedding gifts and since I am Chinese this seemed perfectly natural to me.  Now each culture has there own way of presenting the money to the couple, for the Chinese, it is presented in red envelope, just like the one above but it can also be included in the congratulation card as well.

Do you have any other ideas which might be an alternative to the traditional wedding list?  If you do then let us know in the comments!

Sparkle!!! Your Wedding

She floats down the aisle…..a bridal vision in silk and tulle. The radiance of little lights shimmer, falling about her like an aurora of shooting stars. Tiny faceted rhinestones sparkle from her veil. Around her waist, she wears a sash tied with a sheer chiffon bow, adorned with a beautiful array of sparkling rhinestones. On her wrists she wears rhinestone ornamented silken cuffs. Her bridal bouquet is sprinkled with rhinestones and her shoes, peeking from under her gown, sparkle with dainty rhinestones. She is a dazzling princess bride in a fairytale wedding.

The use of crystal rhinestones in wedding accessories, flowers and bridal attire is a beautiful and modern addition to any bride’s trousseau. Rhinestone design can be done elegantly and easily if you are a DIY bride working within a budget.

There are several online retailers who sell rhinestones in bulk which helps keep your wedding costs in line. You can find an assortment of free vector designs online to start your design process – just google vector ornaments or flourish designs.

The most secure way to apply rhinestones to your bridal creations is to use E6000 glue with a toothpick for application. Be sure to spread a dot of glue, smaller than the diameter of the flat back rhinestone on both the rhinestone back and the material/paper/whatever item you are adorning. Wait 5-8 minutes and then join the two glue areas. Let the glued item set undisturbed for 24-48 hours (48 hrs will give the strongest bond). It’s a good idea to only spot clean your rhinestoned items, as dry cleaning solvents will dissolve the glue bond.

Another way to add rhinestones is to sew them onto your bridal pieces. You may buy point back rhinestones in metal settings for this application. Check your fabric stores and hobby craft stores for this type of rhinestone.

**If you’re not a DIY kinda girl, take a look through the stores of the Wed Eclectic Team. There are a number of artists and designers who offer rhinestone accented wedding items.

Wedding Rhinestone Ideas:

  • Wedding Invitations and Save The Dates – add their sparkle here.

  • Guest Book and Pen – encrust the pen in rhinestones.

  • Hair – broach headband, rhinestone hairvines, hairpins, rhinestone dotted silk flowers

  • Wrist, Choker, Waist, Garter, Shoes – accent all of these with rhinestones.

  • Bouquets – flower accents and bouquet wraps.

  • Boutonniere – bling him, too.

  • Earrings and Necklace – pair vintage rhinestone costume jewels with rope pearls.

  • Veils and Wraps – use masses of tiny floating rhinestones.

  • Flower Girl – give her a rhinestone fairy wand with flowers floating from ribbons.

  • Ring Bearer – add rhinestone decoration to the ring pillow.

  • Reception – incorporate rhinestones into your cake topper design, centerpieces, garlands.

  • Pets – rhinestone necklaces and collars.

  • Favors and Bridesmaid Gifts – sparkle it, girl!

    This post brought to you by Gale of LilyFleur.

Pops Of Paint – Trash The Dress

Summer and Jamie Juarez are probably my very favorite clients ever.   So much so that Summer and I have continued a Facebook friendship long after the wedding day was over.  Man I wish this happened with every client – chemistry-!  Well…I was surfing my Facebook home feed and went OMG holy F’n crap look at those amazing pictures Summer and Jamie had done.  This trash the dress wasn’t your typical drizzle a couple drops here and there and call it a trash the dress.  It was all out warfare on that damn thing.  I’m pretty sure it could hold its own shape now if she let it dry standing up.  Whew!

I was not only impressed by the sheer enthusiasm they put into destroying her frock but the obvious affection they have for each other.  Great smiles and coy looks really tug on the heart strings, if ya know what I mean.

With no further ado here are the killer shots from Jamie Warren Photography!


Make Believe’N


The royal wedding is on everyone’s lips…and Mistress Kate is leading an inspiring trend back toward the millinery arts with her daring toppers and fascinators.
Now – the everyday bride will go for safety with her topper but the offbeat bride will add a lil something of her personality to go off the beaten path and make it her own – whether it be a dash of colour, a sprinkle of John Waters, or a cup of joe.
Take inspiration from these fabulous Milliners of Etsy as they bring fashion, flair and fun to the offbeat etsy bride…

Stephanie Farley
La Coco Rouge

>Love knows no barriers


We live in a big wide world and people fall in love from all different backgrounds. This means when it comes to the wedding day one may have to jump over some cultural difficulties.

This can come in many forms, for example, the brides’ family may want a traditional white wedding in a church while the grooms’ family could be Buddhist. Or maybe you are in an inter-racial relationship and you have two families’ culture from different sides of the world.

However rather then viewing this as a complication, you should use your cultural differences as a way of making your wedding offbeat and get the best of both worlds!

How can one do this? Well here are some steps that one could use.

Step 1 – Planning stage

Before you pick up any magazines, books or looking at websites, sit down and think about what cultural elements you wish to have and where. Maybe there is a custom that you wish to follow or wearing a specific wedding colour. Try and list all the things that are important to the both of you and then assign an element of the wedding to them.

Step 2 – Compromise

Time to think about your family and friends. It maybe your wedding day but unless you are not having any guest you must consider their feelings. Most are more then likely to be happy with your decisions but there will always be someone who will try and throw a spanner in your plans.

Therefore you may need to compromise in certain areas so it is best to sort this out as soon as possible to avoid future upsets and stress.

Step 3 – Research, research and research

Now it is time to look at magazines, books and websites to find what you want. Do not feel that you will need everything to be custom-made. You may be surprise with what you find from mainstream wedding suppliers. Remember it is what you do rather then what you buy that makes you offbeat.

However don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track in your research. Find suppliers from the country that your culture originate. Ask family members and friends for recommendations as it isn’t always obvious especially if you are not fluent in your cultures language.

If you still can’t find anything then consider custom-made. Etsy has an array of designers and artists who are capable of making your dreams come true.

Step 4 – Timing

Now it is time to start ordering especially if you wish to order from overseas suppliers. You may think this is an obvious thing to consider but you will be surprise how fast time flies once you start getting things together. Placing your order for overseas suppliers early is important as it will give you time to receive the items and inspect them. If they are not suitable then you will have the time to get it changed or find an alternative. Of course some things are not possible to receive ahead of time like the wedding cakes but it is a good idea to discuss your ideas with supplier to make sure they understand your requirements and importantly deliver it on your wedding day!

Hopefully with these steps you will help you with your multi-cultural wedding issues and remember if everything doesn’t go according to plan. Just run off to Las Vegas and get married by Elvis! (Only kidding)

>Man-cessorize Your Wedding!


Accessorizing for the men in your wedding can be a challenge, but there are a lot of options out there, if you know where to look!
Cravats are available in almost any fabric, in any color. They take the place of the traditional bow tie, or neck tie, and look fantastic with a white shirt! These silk cravats by ElegantAscot are an excellent alternative to a tie, and are easily customizable to your colors!

Cufflinks add a flair of the formal to your event, and men’s shirts with french cuffs are not difficult to find. Cufflinks of nearly every style can be found on Etsy, and most artists are willing to make matching sets for the groomsmen, like these from NorthwykeCreations.

And how about avoiding the traditional flower boutonniere, and try something new? Many options are available to allow you to spread your wedding theme a little further.
What better choice than the summery pinwheels made by Rule42?

We at Offbeat Etsy Weddings are here to help you make your day everything you hoped it would be. Let us know if you’re looking for something, and we will be thrilled to help you find it!