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Scandinavian Wedding Cakes…also Gluten Free!


If you are looking for a wedding cake that is a little different from the norm or you or your intended are gluten intolerant, the Scandinavian KRANSEKAGE may be what you are looking for.
Growing up in a Danish household and having a father who was a Master Baker, I was used to seeing the kransekage(wreath cake) for all major occasions…weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings…

Although the picture above shows it as a tower, it can also be laid on its side and become a cornucopia and filled with whatever you desire…small cookies, candy, ? Also lovely as a centerpiece on one of your tables at your reception, decorated with hearts, flags, chocolate designs…

cornucopiaThis picture came from

The kransekage can be made from purchased almond paste which is easiest…and can also be made from almonds that you grind.

The link for a recipe which uses almond paste(from

The link for a recipe which uses ground almonds:(from a blog called global table adventure) This posting gives you plenty of pictures as well…

here is a link for forms that can be used:

If you don’t want to use almonds/almond paste, they can also be made from a cookie dough. (I made a kransekage from sugar cookie dough once…as long as it is not a soft dough…you need to be able to make it into solid ring shapes)

A fun cake to make and a delicious cake to eat!
Eva from A Bridal Touch

2014 Spring Trend Colors

FCR_SPR2014_Home_Banner_ImgHello Everyone…
I know that it isn’t even officially winter yet, but the spring colors for 2014 were announced recently by Pantone.  With so many

vibrant colors to choose from, it promises  a colorful 2014…Bright!  Vivacious! Brilliant! Electric!

1. Dazzling Blue

2. Radiant Orchid’

3. Cayenne

4. Celosia Orange

5. Sand

6. Freesia(Yellow)

7. Hemlock (green shade)

8. Paloma (a gray shade)

9. Placid Blue

10.Violet Tulip

There are a lot of choices this year…but in the end, it still means that you get to choose exactly what you want in color and style…and what is great about the Eclectic Wedding team is that this professional group of individuals are able to create the wedding of your dreams in all areas . . . from the invitations to the gown, shoes, headpiece, jewelry, flowers, reception…there is someone here who can do just what you need.
Eva from A Bridal Touch

Bouquet and Garter Toss…Good Fortune

It’s interesting that we attend so many weddings and have participated in the bouquet toss and the garter toss…yet, so many of us don’t know the reasons behind them…

   Centuries ago, the brides would carry an aromatic bunch of garlic, fruit blossoms, herbs and grains(dill and marigold could be eaten at the wedding feast to promote desire).  These bouquets were meant to drive away any evil spirits and symbolize prosperity. During the Victorian times, flowers became more prevalent in the bouquets as well as the specific meanings that were given to the flowers.  When comprised of blooms, it symbolized the bride’s status as a “maid in bloom”.

   A wedding would mean good fortune, and at one point(approximately 14th century, the guests would begin to try and tear away pieces of the bride’s clothing and flowers in order to obtain this fortune.  In an attempt to deter the guests from doing this, both the bouquet toss and the garter toss originated.

   The garter is thought to represent the virginal girdle…when the groom removed the girdle, it demonstrated publicly that the bride was relinquishing her virginal status.

   There are many varieties for the bride to present her toss bouquet…

    a. The traditional one where all unmarried women gather and the bouquet is tossed.

    b. All of the women.

    c. Bridesmaids only.

    d. Give to someone specifically, for example, a newly engaged friend.

    e. For the longest married couple.

    f. Dedicate the bouquet in honor of a loved one who as passed.

    g. Breakaway bouquet…made up of several small bouquets in one, so several people get one

The Garter…

      The garter is thought to represent the virginal girdle…when the groom removed the girdle, it demonstrated publicly that the bride was relinquishing her virginal status. The garter can be part of the “something blue” to protect the bride against bad luck or unhappiness. This may come from the “Order of the Garter” which is one of the oldest orders of knighthood and symbolized by a blue ribbon.  Knights were known to be the protectors of women.  The mantle of a Knight of the Garter was worn by royal bridegrooms over their wedding attire.

   The groom throws the garter and the traditional meaning is that the one who catches it will marry soon.  In many weddings, the man who catches the garter and the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next two people who will get married(not to each other).  The garter toss in past times was proof that the marriage was consummated and it was considered good luck for the man who caught the garter.

   For your wedding day, knowing that you can incorporate your own version of a toss bouquet…whether to toss it or to dedicate it to someone….will make your day very meaningful. The garter toss can be as demure or as sassy as you and your groom desire!

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   Wishing you a Magical Day! Eva from A Bridal Touch