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Wedding Cakes: The Cup Cake Wedding Tower

By ABridalTouch

My father was a master baker and so I gravitated towards the various options for today’s wedding cake. The traditional wedding cake that my father baked and decorated in the 1950s and 1960s was a yellow batter cake close to a pound cake texture, filled and iced with white buttercream icing and roses. I could watch him for hours making those roses. Then taking his creation to where the reception was being held and putting it all together(I remember one time when it was a seven layer one-we were all holding our breaths on that one!)
A bridal couple can still decide to get a traditional cake like my father used to make or they can elect to choose something completely different.

One wedding cake option available is the Cupcake Wedding Cake. What is great about the cupcake wedding cake idea is that not only is it trendy but it is also easier on your budget. If you have dietary contraints/choices such as vegan, gluten free, diabetic, etc., making cupcakes is very doable and makes everyone happy.

cupcakecollage 1
Just looking online you can find the recipes, various ideas for the stands(many have a small cake on top with the topper and the other tiers are the cupcakes. The option of the small cake on top means that you can still have the traditional “cutting of the cake” photographs).
There are cupcake decorations, cupcake boxes for the guests to take the cupcakes home, real flowers, photographs…wide open choices here. So many options for the towers and they can be rented, bought, or made.
A fun option for today’s wedding!

Wedding Cake Toppers

By HeatherBoyd

Think delicious! Think dramatic! It is hard to imagine a wedding or any celebration without a cake.

The wedding cake holds a place of honor at the reception, and is the highlight of the wedding during the cutting ceremony. It symbolizes happiness, good fortune, and a sweet life together.

Today’s wedding cakes can reflect the couples’ hobbies, occupations or personal interests.

Other wedding cake design considerations will include:

  • The color theme used in the reception area.
  • Wedding cake’s flavor, filling and icing preferences.
  • The cake’s assembly; for example, stacked or tiered? And if tiered, will the tiers be placed directly above one another or will satellite tier stands be used? Will this be a sheet cake?
  • Shape of the layers:  round, square, heart?
  • Wedding cake ornaments may include fun charms for the bridesmaids, elegant cake jewelry, silk butterflies, live or sugarcraft flowers, and of course the cake’s topper.

Here is a collection of unique, customized wedding cake toppers available on Etsy…

1. LOVE topper by ThePinkOwlGifts…monogram wedding cake toppers and more.

 wedeclectic love topper

2. Tandem wedding cake topper by Heather Boyd.


3. Love Birds…I do, me too by SkyeArt.

 wedeclectic love birds topper

4.  Awesome Seahorse cake topper by MorganTheCreator.

 wedeclectic seahorse topper

5.  Paper Cut out Wedding cake toppers by ReadyGo.

 wedeclectic paper dolls topper

6. Custom banner wedding cake topper by atCompanyB.

 wedeclectic banner topper

7. Custom Wood Folk Art cake topper by PokeberryPatch.

 wedeclectic custom woodcut topper

8.  Custom cake topper by Silhouetteweddings.

 wedeclectic silhouette topper

Recipe of the Week

From Keri’s Kitchen, of DelaneyPhotoJewelry

Perfect Cake Pops

I have been in love with the idea of cake pops since I saw my first one a year or two ago at Starbucks. It was so pretty that I couldn’t resist; I had to have it. It was terrible. I have tried many since then, but I have only ever had one that I loved. I decided to attempt them myself for my daughters 6th birthday and couldn’t be happier with the results. Okay, I could be, but I received so many compliments that it made up what I saw as glaring defects.

These are the steps I took, but more importantly, what I would do differently the next time to make them perfect. You will need:

One box cake mix (your favorite flavor)

½ Cup creamy icing (your favorite flavor)

1 bag (14oz) Melting candy (I used white)

Cake Pop sticks (about 35)


Cake Pop stand


Start with your favorite cake mix (I used a very moist carrot cake) and blend it according to the directions on the box. Then bake it as follows: preheat oven to 350 degrees, spray one 13 x 9 x 2 inch pan with cooking spray. Bake 35 to 40 minutes. Cool in pan for 10 minutes and then transfer to a cooling rack. Once completely cooled, place it in a large bowl. Use your hands to crumble cake until no large pieces remain. You may just have to eat a few to make it perfect. Add icing and mix with hands until completely blended and roll into balls.


If you can roll a tight ball with your hands, you wont need a silicone mold. I will make mine slightly smaller next time (the size of a large marble) so that I can reuse my stand. But if you are using a stand that has the holes further apart then I would make them about 1.5” across. I used a scoop to make them all the same size and then, once rolled, I spread them out on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Place them in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours.


Melt your candy according to the package. I used a small double boiler (shown below) to keep the  candy deeper.  Dip your sticks in the melted candy and place in the rolled balls. Wait until the candy has hardened before dipping the pops. I recommend placing the cookie sheet back in the fridge and taking them out 2 at a time to dip. They need to stay cool to harden the coating faster.


I found myself opening the freezer drawer and holding the pops in the cool air while spinning to keep them from dripping.  You have a minutes or so to decorate before they harden completely. So once I felt the candy wouldn’t drip into my bowl of nonpareils I gently set the cake pop in them to coat.


I found this great, colapsable display and finished it off with a roll of hot pink glitter tape for a fun party appearance. My daughter squealed when she saw it. It’s the little things!


I highly recommend having your gathering at about 2 in the afternoon, in between meals when everyone is hungry. They will taste even better and the compliments will have you beaming. Lol

Keri O’Hara

>Fresh fruit for your sweet day


Wedding days can be chocked full of not so good for you food.  A ‘non-traditional’ approach to wedding day nummies would be; to provide locally harvested organic fruit dishes and desserts.  This healthy alternative will certainly shine with the outrageous colors only mother nature can produce (hehe produce).  The warm weather of the summer months also guarantees a less expensive food bill.  Buy in season fruits to compliment your event.

Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips
Fruit Kabob
Healthy eating!!!
Make Believe’N Wedding Alternatives LLC

>DIY Desserts S’Mores and Cotton Candy


I don’t care what party I go to I always, ALWAYS look forward to the interesting desserts that are offered.  Here are a couple of non-traditional choices.  S’mores and Cotton Candy.  Pair them with a rustic or carnival theme and you have a show stopper.
S’Mores Bar

How cool would a S’more bar be at your reception?  Make it even better by doing some DIY marshmallows and packaging them up as favors.  This recipe looks amazing and fairly easy to do.  The instructions are light hearted and clear.  Pair these with the unexpected Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or York Peppermint patties for something even better.

bouncy marshmallows
DIY Fluffy Marshmallows via SmittenKitchen

Are the marshmallows a little daunting for your DIY attempt?  Try out these S’more inspired truffles instead. Yummy!!!!

s'mores truffles
S’more Truffles

Create a signature drink for your festivities.  The Cotton candy Cosmopolitan fits the bill!!!!

Cotton Candy Cosmo

Go sticky sweet and romantic with heart shaped cotton candy sugar cookies.  I like the idea of playing with the colors of cotton candy to match your wedding colors.  Here is a how to on tinting your own sugar to make custom colored cotton candy.  Find a cotton candy machine at here.

Cotton Candy Sugar Cookie Pops

Cookies not your thing???  Cupcakes instead then.  Check out these whimsical cake creations.  I bet you could find a baker to help you create a wedding cake in this style 🙂

Cotton Candy Cupcakes
Hope you aren’t drooling too much.  If you are that’s okay.  Just wipe your chin and make sure no one saw a thing.  Discreet is the key.  I hope you enjoy these tasty DIY ideas as much as I do.  My explorations when nuts when searching this topic.

Make Believe’N Wedding Alternatives LLC

>Edible Artwork Wedding Cakes by FairyCakesandFaces


Fairy Cakes and Faces is ran by Nic (Nicola) Shipley.  Mother of three and wife to a British soldier Nic lives just outside of London England in Surrey.  Nic started her cake creations on a whim.  A couple of family birthday cakes for inspiration and a drive to create wonderful artistic cakes got her started.  What I love about her story is every bit of what you see is natural ability.  She is not ‘trained’ in culinary arts or in painting techniques.  Every piece of hers is a creation, a piece of edible artwork.  They seem almost too beautiful to eat.

The offbeat part of me appreciates the quirkiness of her style and the adult content section of her web site (think bachelor party cake).  So I’m excited to share with you this wonderful ‘artist’ and ‘culinary genius’. !!!  

My only regret is that we are too far apart for me to see her cakes in person!

Make Believe’N