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Summer Circus Wedding

Over the summer the Artisan Maskers collaborated with a whole team of amazing artists to put together a fantasy Circus-themed wedding shoot.  Here’s a quick spread of the carnival madness that ensued!


First, we have our Tightrope Walker bride.  She preps for the big day with a gorgeously bizarre assemblage of bridesmaids (below): a Clownette, a Lion Tamer, a Fortune Teller, and even a mustachioed Ringmaster!


Next up, our Clown of a Groom and his fabulous Groomsmen: the Magician, the Roustabout, and, okay, the “Lion”, too…


A few choice shots of the Bride and Groom…


And, then, the gang’s all here!  Time for the party to START!

So, what do YOU think?  Could a Circus be in your marital future?  ;D



Please, have a look at all of the incredible artists that made this shoot possible!

Mini Top Hats, Clownette Ruff, Dog Ruff, Feather Bouquet – Because It Sparkles

Crystal Bridal Headband and Belt – Clay Bouquet Shop

Bustle Skirt and Groom/Best Man Jackets – DAS

Little Miss Muffett Garter – Never A Plain Jane Designs

Corsets and Petticoat – Period Corsets

(Not pictured:  Wedding Streamers – Extravagant Exits )

The Caucus-Race from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

By Never a Plain Jane Designs

If you recall, the last time we chatted, Alice was falling, falling, falling down the rabbit hole.  It wasn’t long after she hit bottom that she found herself swimming in her own tears along with “a Duck and a Dodo, a Lory and an Eaglet, and several other curious creatures.” Once clear of the water the Dodo recommended they dry off by means of a “Caucus-race.” What followed was nothing short of a running circus sideshow containing any number of bird species.

Caption: “See artwork credits below”

Cut to today – your wedding day! You know you’ll be racing hither and thither so why not own it with your version of a Caucus-race? Start with a whimsically romantic, spiraling race course – er- aisle.

 Caption: “via Bridal Guide. Click for details.”

For the reception, I love the idea of decorating with birds.  I’m not talking Hitchcock-ian, Poe-ish, or even Portlandia birds. I’m talking flights of fantasy, Wonderland birds. Imagine spending your first evening as a married couple under a sky of swirling birds.

Caption: “Tutorial via Free Pretty Things for You. Click for details

Caption: “via Land of Nod. Click for details.”

Caption: “via bloesom living. Click for details.”

You can also find a good tutorial on the Etsy blog. Even better, WedEclectic team member, Stacy Blair of Little Red Button, is happy to put her paper-folding skills to use on a custom bird order just for you! (Bird mobile bonus: no droppings)

For a more subtle take, consider Terryn + John’s bohemian look featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

I adore these moss-filled ravens, available in several colors, from our own Teresa Kessler! Imagine them nestled amongst greenery throughout your reception site!

Caption: “Metal Bird by Teresa Kessler. Click for details.”

Caucus Race Artwork from left to right: Arthur Rackham, John Tenniel, Cory Godbey, and Rodney Matthews