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WedEclectic Client Interview

By Naked Orchid Garters

An Interview with Shanika, a 2012 bride, and NakedOrchidGarters client!


1. What inspired you turn to Etsy for your Wedding Accessories?

I needed help with the direction I wanted to take for my wedding. I knew the colors I wanted to but that was about it. I also wanted one of a kind items. I did not want the same things another bride may have also.


2. What qualities & expectations did you look for in a vendor who sells handmade to Brides?

Communication is key; I need to be able to talk openly with my vendor. We both have to have a mutual understanding about things as well. Some flexibility is also needed; my vendors were great working with me regarding payments.
What were your expectations in handmade Wedding items?

I expected to get what I paid for. I expected quality items. I expected my vendors to do the type of work they would do for themselves or a loved one. I expected my items to be made with love, after all my wedding day was all about love.
How were you able to discern which vendor to trust among hundreds of thousands of Etsy vendors in the Wedding arena?

First impressions say a lot to me. My first Etsy convo set the tone for my relationship with each vendor.  Also the quality of the vendors work played a part in the selection as well. As well as if this vendor could create what I wanted & needed for my big day.


3. How did you stumble across Naked Orchid Garters on Etsy? What was it in my Etsy shop that enticed you to contact me regarding a custom request?

I came across Naked Orchid Garters while doing a search for peacock themed wedding items. I fell in love with the garters; they were just what I was looking for. Very sexy and I was going to be a sexy bride. The original garter that saw was changed or tweaked to my liking.  The outcome was absolutely AMAZING!


4. At some point during the processing of your customized wedding garters, you had an objection with the “Sage Green” color on the organza ribbon that I switched out to Gold for you, to tie in with with your main Wedding Colors and Peacock Theme. You could’ve easily said that you’d go to a different vendor who would make the garters in the right colors for you but you chose to stay with my Etsy Wedding Shop. I think my potential clients would like to hear why.

You were absolutely WONDERFUL to work with from beginning to end. I gave you the information you needed to create a custom garter set for me & you did an amazing job. I loved the garter but just wanted that one thing to be changed. You were wonderful enough to give me exactly what I wanted.  You understood the need of the bride, me. You didn’t try to change my mind or anything, which was great. You strived to give me your best, help make my day magical. That is why I also came back to you to make my headpiece also.


5. Someone once said that customers may not remember your name, your company or what you sell, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Would you Agree or Disagree to this statement and why?

I disagree. For me, I remember your name, your product, company & how special you made me feel. You became an unforgettable to me. Not only for your products but also the wonderful service I received.


6. In closing, would you recommend Naked Orchid Garters to your Bride-to-Be Friends and Family?

YES!!!! I have recommended you to friends & family since. I even did a review on Wedding Wire & I think the Knot as well. If I need anything else special that you make I will think of you also. I loved working with you.

What advice would you give Brides who want their Weddings to be exclusive, but might be skeptical about ordering handmade items on Etsy?
You can’t go wrong. I had several items made for my wedding from Etsy vendors. It started with my invitations, garters, headpiece, flower girl headbands, unity candle, wedding broom, flower girl baskets & ring bearer box.  I have no regrets at all, except I wish I could have ordered more handmade items for my wedding.  I am currently in the process of having a custom wedding album & wedding keepsake box made by 2 Etsy vendors.


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Offbeat Spotlight Featuring Krissy Cartwright

Welcome to the WedEclectic Offbeat Interview Series!  Here, we invite you to absolutely pay attention to (wo)man behind the curtain. And lucky you because they are all amazing artisans making amazing things in their fabulous shops.

Today, we’re chatting with Krissy Cartwright, Atlanta based owner of Make Believe’N Alternative Weddings LLC and captain of the wonderfully offbeat WedEclectic team on Etsy.

Krissy Cartwright, owner and designer extraordinaire at MakeBelieve’N

How did you come up with your shop name?

My shop name came from my theory that we should be the most authentic people we can be.  No make believin’ to fit someone else’s ideal version of you or your wedding. Being able to fill my days designing and daydreaming about ways to buck wedding traditions is awesome!

And what exactly are these tradition-bucking designs?

I take high quality fabrics and embellishments and transform them into personalized keepsake bouquets and accessories. Each flower is individually handcrafted out of satin, chiffon, organza, crepe, and tulle, and centered with any embellishment that can be imagined. My desire to create non-traditional wedding bouquets and accessories has enriched and fulfilled my life in ways I never could have imagined. My “art” allows me to focus on the style and personality of my clients. Every custom order is a window into a life I never would have known otherwise.

Rockabilly-inspired fascinator by Krissy Cartwright


How’d you get started?

A few years ago I started making hair doodads for a friend and the business snowballed from there.

Who would you say has had the most influence over your craft?

Etsy has influenced my work profoundly. Finding the right niche, and building my shop all came from learning from Etsy admins and my fellow Etsians.

Makebelieve’N collage postcard featuring photos by Darling Studios

What is your favorite wedding trend (now or past)?

Unique and quirky wedding details that represent the couple instead of the masses.

What would you like to see at more weddings?

I would love to see more programs that give additional background on the couple…how they met, favorite foods/songs, etc.

Which celebrity would you like to see sporting your designs?

If I had to choose a celebrity to work with it would be someone eclectic…a Katy Perry maybe.

A woman should always carry…?

Women should always carry a cell phone.  Keeps you safe and connected with those you love.


Krissy with her son, Brennon, in 2010.

What is your unicorn – that is, what is an object or skill that has eluded you so far?

My unicorn…so many things, but the biggest is web/graphic design.  Just ticks me off that I don’t have a clue how to do this!!!

If you are interested in bucking a few traditions of your own, Krissy is at your service.  Feel free to browse her shop on Etsy for a gallery of her offbeat designs, ready to purchase or to serve as inspiration for your custom order. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Interview by Janice J. Bear of  Never a Plain Jane Designs