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Wedding at the White Rabbit’s Cottage

By NeverAPlainJane

So far in our wedding adventure we’ve followed Alice down the rabbit hole and throughout a caucus race. Upon leaving the race, our wandering waif was accosted by the White Rabbit who had mistaken her for his house maid. Not wanting to disappoint the harried fellow, Alice scurried off to his cottage to retrieve a pair of gloves and his fan.

Alice found the White Rabbit’s abode “tidy” and “little,” but I prefer to think of cottages as wild and romantic, time-worn and iconic – all terms that describe love. Cottagey touches in your wedding décor classify your love in terms of forever.

Set the scene

Whether your festivities take place indoors or out, you can create an environment with a cozy, homey, rustic feel.

Long, flowing draperies lining the walls or hung from tree branches will define your space.  The curtains you choose will set the tone for the rest of your décor.  Chintz prints will have a shabby chic feel. Solid sheers in white or pastel shades will lend your event a sense of airiness, while curtains in darker, solid tones will create a cozy, cabin atmosphere.

Bunting is also a sweet way to define spaces. Go with pretty floral prints, earthy solids, or add punch with a novelty print such as this one from Cathy’s Shop.

Set the Table

The more nature in your table-scape, the better. Moss, branches, berries and vines add to that wild and romantic feel. Also romantic? Candles. Bring it all together with Marcie Forest’s handmade beeswax creations.

Your table linens are another place to create a cottage feel. Burlap and lace make an elegant study in juxtaposition and set a rustic tone.  Vintage linens are another way to go.  Like your curtains above, mismatched linens will feel shabby chic while a united color palette or style will lend airy charm. You can find a few different styles in Tina’s vintage shop, Cherry Corners.

Dress the part

Don’t forget the fan and gloves Alice was sent to retrieve! Making handmade paper fans and sipping iced tea will be a fun way to while away a summer evening with your nearest and dearest before the festivities begin. For the gloves, consider walking down the aisle wearing these summery mesh pretties from Little White Dresser.

A walk in the woods offers a chance to pick wildflowers for a woodland crown worthy of a quaint ceremony at a hidden cottage. Never a Plain Jane Designs offers a whimsical tiara fit for a woodland bride or her maids.

Speaking of your maids, how sweet they’ll look dressed in lace that looks like came from a hope chest in the cottage attic. The eco-fabulous designs from Amanda Rose Bridal never disappoint.

Your groomsmen can also sport quaint nods to nature with Victorian-inspired feather lapel pins handmade by DelightWorthyn or lichen cufflinks from Polkadile.

Details Details Details

Close your eyes and picture your dream cottage. The details tell the story, your story! Cottages are the perfect setting for found objects such as this set of vintage sewing machine parts from My Smitten Boutique.

Alice knew she’d reached the door of her curious new friend when she saw the “bright brass plate with the name ‘W.Rabbit’ engraved upon it.” Brass name plates would make a lovely touch for marking anything from your guest book to the chairs you’ll sit in.  As an alternative, consider a custom monogram designed by Rebekah. Many of her designs are reminiscent of common plate shapes and the effect will be just as charming!

And remember how Alice got into this predicament in the first place: a little door opened by a tiny key. Scattering a few of these tiny charms from El Costurero Real throughout your décor is the key to charming your guests.

Consider hiding vintage hatpins in flower arrangements, use them to accent updos, or cluster them in a holder nested amongst your appetizers. Wed Eclectic team member Allison offers unique hat pins and holders in her shop Vintage in Color. Click on the image below for details.

I love Wind Rosie’s shabby chic Wonderland props for photo ops or in place of table numbers.

When it is time to say goodnight, let your guests take little bits of cottage with them. Like the custom name cards above, Christina’s hand-stamped paper sacks make for a nostalgic parting gift. Fill them with jars of local honey, homemade preserves, and terracotta pot with a packet of wildflower seeds.

Janice A. Bear