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Unique DIY Wedding Favors

We went to my niece’s wedding a couple years ago and her dad had created some very cool DIY wedding favors using upcycled forks. To make the napkin holders he twisted forks with plastic coated heavy duty pliers and brute strength. He glued on a few rhinestones and added a tag with the couple’s names and wedding date.

 michel fork

At another wedding my friend commissioned me to make wire silhouettes and she stuck them into the cork tops of tiny glass bottles. In the bottles she layererd colored sand. You could do the same thing and make simple wire heart shapes to stick into the lids. You could also add a tag with the couple’s names and wedding date.

wedding favor cat

There are some other delightful ideas available on the Internet. I found this cute idea to give a mini apple crisp kit. Perfect for a rustic chic wedding theme.

diy wedding favor apple crisp

I like the idea of the DIY bubble blowers. You can make your own and even form the pink pipe cleaner ends in to small heart shapes instead of circles.

 diy wedding favor bubbles

I also love the idea of making your own jam and putting them in small personalized jars.

 diy wedding favor jam

For the sewers and tea-lovers you can make simple re-usable teabags with cotton fabric and a simple straight stitch. You can print out “Drink Tea” or “Tea for Two” on one side of the tag and the couple’s names and wedding date on the other side. Fill them with some tasty bulk tea from a Specialty tea store or with herbal teas from your garden.

diy wedding favor tea bag

Unique Wedding Favor Trend: Donation Favors

By: The McDonuts

One of my favorite wedding trends right now is the wedding favor donation.  Favors donations are a truly meaningful way to give a charitable gift to a cause that is expressive of who you and your fiancé are as a couple – and all in honor of your wonderful friends and family!  In order to find the most meaningful donation favor for your wedding it’s important to ask yourself questions, such as what interests or hobbies do you and your fiancé share?  Are there certain causes that speak to you more than others?  What kind of difference do you want to make in your community, state, or even the world as a result of your donation?  Do you want to plant a tree, feed the homeless, save an animal, or promote education in third world countries?  The possibilities are endless and it is important to find the cause that means the most to you.

(Photo courtesy of

Many brides budget a certain dollar amount per guest that they want to spend on a donation favor.  For example, if you expect to have 100 guests at your wedding a $1 favor donation per guest will result in a $100 donation to the charity of your choice.  Additionally, donations can often be made online to many not-for-profit charities within minutes – it doesn’t get much easier than that!  Now, how do you let your guests know that you made a donation in their honor?  There are so many unique ways you can let your guests know that you’ve made a favor donation in their name for your wedding.  Creating a framed sign on an easel at the entrance to the reception with a personal note explaining that a gift has been made in honor of your wedding guests makes a bold, thoughtful statement.  These signs can be printed out or, for the more artistic types, can be drawn on a chalkboard or even hand-painted.  Another popular option I have seen is to place a personalized note on each table setting for your guests, where you would traditionally place a favor.

Looking for more inspiration?  Real couple’s share their favor donation stories and why they decided to have favor donations at their wedding:  Martha Stewart also has easy-to-follow DIY instructions for making personalized paper favor donation announcements for your wedding guests:

(Photo courtesy of

With so many great causes and non-profits out there that are facing critical funding deficits, the favor donation is a great way to give meaning and purpose to the gift you give your wedding guests.  You are literally giving back to a cause in their honor.  I can’t think of a more distinctive gift to give on your most special day.

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