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The Vintage Wedding Trend for 2013

By A Bridal Touch

One of the trendy weddings for 2013 goes back to the wedding dress styles of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.  This post will focus on the 1930s wedding styles(my parents were married in 1936).

A. The bridal dresses in the 1930s were influenced by the royal weddings at the time(Princess Marina of Greece) and by old Hollywood glam.  The fabrics used were tight fitting, slippery and high sheen fabrics such as satin, silk and rayon with the colors being ivory, cream, a blue white or a pink white.
The styles could have cowl necklines, curved trains and long medieval sleeves with the bridesmaids wearing similar styles with Juliet caps.
B. The bouquets were varied ranging from posys to arm bouquets…usually roses as well as Madonna lilies.
C. The Groom’s attire depended on how formal the wedding was to be and from the semi formal dark suit to the formal tuxedo or tailcoat.  Buttonholes were stephanotis or lily of the valley.  The best man wore gardenias and the fathers and the ushers wore carnations. If you need to visualize the well dressed male of the time, think Cary Grant or Fred Astaire.

D. The  Color schemes of the 1930s were:
Cocoa brown with hyacinth blue
Prune with turquoise
Mustard Yellow with Gray

E. White vintage cars such as the 1934 Auburn 851.

F. Wedding cakes were multi tiered and used fondant and buttercream icing and topped with a wedding topper.

G. At the reception, cocktails from the time were …Sidecar, whisky sour, mint julep.
The dances of the time were Lindy Hop dances(like swing dancing), foxtrot, rumba and the congo lines.

The vintage weddings of the 1930s included many exciting touches for today’s weddings…take as little or as much as you desire in the authenticity….

Sign Me Up

Wedding signs don’t need to be typical.  I love the idea of using the couples personality to make a wedding unique.  Here are some sign ideas that can be customized to a couple.

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What is a Fascinator or Fascinator Hat?

By La Coco Rouge 

Now that Kate Middleton has taken the world by storm with her fabulous styled hats, I am asked less often “what is a fascinator?”

Fascinators and fascinator hats are setting a new trend for fashion on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.  Europeans have always had a special love for these dainty and bold headpieces and it looks as though the US is falling in line.

Mata Hari’s Daughter

There used to be a discernible difference between the term “cocktail hat” and “fascinator” but like all true melting pots the terms are merging to become one.  I rarely hear the term cocktail hat anymore and wonder if the term may be falling into disuse due to its upstart and trendy “new” cousin.

Today a fascinator and fascinator hat is attached to the hair via combs, pins, clips, headband or elastic.  If it requires fastening to stay on the head – chances are good it’s a fascinator.  If it has a brim or sidewalls it’s a hat.


Most fascinators and fascinator hats, not all, will start with a base of some kind and then other materials are added such as feathers, flowers, pearls, sequins, ribbons, brooches, etc.

It used to be that these were worn for formal occasions but today you can see them sold in stores as daily accessory wear.

These hairpiece accessories can be used to complement a fancy hairstyle or to dress up a simple and casual look.  Note that the more elaborate the headpiece the more attention will be focused on it so style light on the rest of the outfit and use accent pieces sparingly.


The flapper generation spawned a delicious flurry of headpieces and hair wear.  Their short hair styles and simply cut dress fashions encouraged elaborate hair accessories.

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