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Serums vs. Moisturizers

By Rtisan


Sunlight, harsh weather, alcohol consumption, smoking, not enough sleep, all play havoc with your skin as you age.  Good skincare is never too early to start, even in your 20’s. Remember that your skin starts to age the day you’re born!

So what is the best hydrator to have in your beauty arsenal, serums or lotions?


Each serves a different purpose.  Serums contain no barriers, like wax, silicone or other emulsifiers, so ingredients are able to penetrate deeper and easier.  Serums are usually treatments for your skin, which contain cosmetic actives, like peptides, fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins and natural oils.


They moisturize your skin really well.  To apply, you massage a few drops onto your face and allow 5 to 7 minutes for it to absorb, before massaging in any remaining serum.


Moisturizers contain barriers, like wax, silicones, etc. which help protect the outer layer of your skin.  These barriers form a “transdermal  patch” to hold moisturizer to your skin’s surface.  These same barriers can also protect your skin from the elements.


Don’t be afraid to purchase moisturizers containing silicone.  Silicone molecules are too large to enter any skin cells.  Instead, the silicone stays on the surface of your skin.  Silicone is what provides a velvety feel on your skin.


Moisturizers also allow cosmetic actives to penetrate your skin cells, but not as well as serums.


So which is better for your skin?  Both, I would say!


Apply serum first, then moisturize.  If it makes your skin too oily, use moisturizers during the day and both at night before bed.


Look amazing for your special day!  Pay extra attention to your skin!