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Renaissance is Romance!

By SteampunkWeddings

Regardless of the season or color scheme, one eclectic wedding theme always embraces romance, it is the renaissance era!  Craftsmen of wood, silver, lace, and even burlap create celebration scene only in fairytales. Enjoy a few candid pictures from a wedding of two talented musicians as they share their vows among family and friends.

Leah wedding

“As a cultural movement, the ‘renaissance’ encompassed innovative flowering of Latin and vernacular literatures…the development of linear perspective and other techniques of rendering a more natural reality in painting, and gradual but widespread educational reform.”

 renaissance dress

“In politics, the Renaissance contributed the development of the conventions of diplomacy, and in science an increased reliance on observation…Although the Renaissance saw revolutions in many intellectual pursuits…it is perhaps best known for its artistic developments and the contributions of such polymaths as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, who inspired the term ‘Renaissance man’.  There is a consensus that the Renaissance began in Florence, Italy, in the 14th century.”

wedding bands

WedEclectic is fortunate enough to have a renaissance man, Steve Riley, from New York, who creates amazing hammered silver wedding bands.  The bride and groom will treasure these each day throughout their years together.

 Leah and John wedding

 Eclectic brides can enhance their everyday tresses with gorgeous hairpieces in custom color matched braids.  On top, an elegant orchid crown is the perfect style for a more medieval or renaissance style.  This simple combination will create a distinctive look of centuries gone by which is very feminine and delicate.


“The middle class could usually afford to dye their wool and colors such as blue and green. The wealthy could afford to add elaborate designs to their clothing as well as dying it red and black, expensive colors for the time. Purple was also considered a color of royalty and was reserved for kings or religious figures such as the pope.”  The Pantene color of 2014 is ‘radiant orchid’ so our eclectic brides can feel more like royalty when using this warm tone.  WedEclectic artisan offers a stunning crown in this motif.

floral crown

In medieval and renaissance fashion includes high-waist dresses and possibly corsets.  These options allow for gorgeous dresses for many varying body types.  This might be helpful for the bridal party.  “Both men’s and women’s clothing was trimmed with bands of decoration, variously embroidery, tablet-woven bands, or colorful borders woven into the fabric in the loom. The famous Anglo-Saxon opus Anglicanism needlework was sought-after as far away as Rome. Anglo-Saxons wore decorated belts.”

Leah and John playing wedding

Natural whites and light silver colors from birch trees can elevate cakes, gifts, or centerpieces for the bridal shower and wedding.  After the ceremony, the new couple may continue to enjoy them as chargers for special occasions.


This rustic charm is enhanced by burlap silverware pockets. We lean toward the renaissance era and away from the medieval times, since flatware wasn’t always used by knights at round tables.


A wonderful gift for the bridesmaids would be long lace gloves, which would not require removal for touching up make up or even drinking champagne.  This long lace can also be used after the nuptials with a favorite blouse during the holidays or an well-dressed dinner party.

lace gloves

Romance in the Renaissance can include Italian food for the reception and lovely music.  Help your guests know what is in store by using fairytale ‘Save the Date’ cards, invitations, and Thank You Notes with golden crowns as found in this gorgeous custom collection.

fairytale print

The bride and groom can encourage their guests to participate or leave the fancifuls to the wedding party.  Regardless, this eclectic wedding would be an event to remember.

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