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Creating a Balanced Look

By Delaney Jewelry Designs

Creating a balanced look for your wedding day:

Choose the right earring and hairstyle for the shape of your face.

Many people believe that earrings are the single most important piece of jewelry that a woman can wear. When you greet someone they are likely to notice your earrings before any other piece of jewelry that you’re wearing. That is, with the exception of some facial piercings. For many women, putting on the “right” pair of earrings will do more for them than putting on make-up, but there is a lot to consider when determining which pair is the “right” pair for your special day.  A style of earrings chosen without considering the shape of your face can distort your features and create a lack of balance.  Knowing the shape of your face is the first step in determining the best earring style for you.  This will help you choose a pair of earrings that will accent your best facial features and bring balance to your appearance.

The easiest way to determine the shape of your face is to ask your hairstylist.  Another easy way is to pull your hair back off of your face and simply look.  If you’re going to rely on your girlfriend’s opinion make sure that she hasn’t had more than a glass or two of wine, as that tends to distort your features and her judgment.  Your face may be obviously round, square, or oval.  If it’s not obvious to you then try what I did; stand a foot or two back from a mirror and using your least favorite eye-liner trace the shape of your face on the mirror.  Then, holding a piece of paper over the outline, trace it onto the paper with a pen. Match it to one of the descriptions below as best you can.  Once you have defined your look you can choose an appropriate hairstyle.  Ask your hairstylist what styles are in fashion that would suit your shape of face or head.  If you already know the shape of your face; a simple rule is that your hair should be wide where your face is narrow and narrower at the points in your face that are the widest.  This will not only complete a balanced look but it can compliment your facial features and often accent your earrings.

Studs make a good earring for everything from work to working out.  But for some face shapes the stud can be the “right” earring for all occasions.  If the stud is your earring of choice, I recommend matching your eye color to a natural stone or a gem stone stud whenever possible, but diamonds and/or pearls are the go-to stud for a bride. Blue eyes will pop out next to stones like blue agate, or aquamarine.

Green eyes will light up next to a pair of jade, green agate, or Peridot studs, as shown here. Hazel eyes will glow next to amber, carnelian, or topaz stones.  You could even choose a stud that matches your wedding colors.

A pair of single pearl studs can be worn with absolutely anything from jeans to bridal gowns and they come in so many different sizes and colors.  I love the addition of the dangle like the pearl earrings shown here.   And now for some insight into creating a balanced look:

If you have a round face it will look about as long as it is wide. Your face will be a circle with a rounded chin.  For a round face long lines are best when it comes to earrings.

Dangles and drops like these Rose Quarts earrings, will help in elongating your face giving it a slimmer appearance.  But for an “everyday” earring, an angular stud will look good on any round face. You will want to balance the length and height of your hair to elongate your facial appearance.  Up do’s are good for round faces keeping the fullness away from the sides of your face. If you wear your hair up, leave some pieces dangling down.  A loose ponytail with wispy dangles will frame your face nicely and you can wear it higher for a more youthful appearance.  Chunky layering and a sweeping bang will also offset the roundness of your face.  An up do such as a twist is easy and it will show off your earrings as well.

If you have an oval face it will be about 1½ times longer than it will be wide.Your face will be the shape that many see for its graceful and symmetrical proportions.  Your forehead is usually wider when compared to your chin.  Oval is considered the perfectly balanced face, making it a favorite in the beauty industry so consider yourself admired. You will usually have a softly rounded hairline and a jaw line that is slightly narrower than the temples.  With an oval face, you’ll want to wear earrings with soft shapes like oval studs and teardrops.    

Earrings like these round garnet studs will add balance to your appearance & look fantastic.  People with an oval face shape can really wear almost any earring design and hair style.  So, if you’re lucky enough to have an oval face you should avoid hair styles that hide your fantastic features, thus making the right pair of earrings even more important.

If you’ve got a square face you most likely have a broad forehead, square hairline and jaw.  With a square face you will want to avoid wearing bulky earrings that will end up making your face appear wider.

Longer earrings like the amethyst earrings shown here will soften the appearance of a square face. Round earrings, such as hoops, are also a desired style for these features.  Try a hair style with long layers; this will be the key to softening your features.  A style that will compliment your face is an up-do with loose curls for height. You’ll want to avoid a center part, which will put an emphasis on the fullness of your face and go for a side part to slim your features.

If you have a heart shaped face you will have a narrow jaw line and possibly a pointy chin. Your face will be similar to the oval face but your cheekbones or forehead will be the widest part.  Longer earrings such as chandeliers with wide bottoms will work best for a heart shaped face.  And soft curvy teardrops or pyramids will add fullness to a slender jaw line and help balance your features.

I love the design of these garnet drop earrings for a heart shaped face.  You’ll want to avoid calling attention to your jaw line so layers of hair around your face will help make your chin look less pointy and the longer your hair, the better.

If you have a diamond shaped face you have a broad forehead with a square hairline and angular jaw. Your face will be wide at the cheeks and equally narrow at the forehead and chin.  You most likely have gloriously high cheek bones that will be admired by many.  For a diamond shaped face you should wear earrings that are less in length and more in width as the beautiful citrine circle earrings shown here.

But you will also look great in studs, like the Peridot earrings shown above, and small drop earrings such as a single gem stone.  You can wear shorter hair styles if you like; however you need to leave a weighty thickness in the back to achieve a balance between your dramatic cheekbones a delicate chin line.

If you have an oblong face it is very much similar to a square face but it is longer and narrow.  Studs and chandelier style earrings look very good on an oblong face adding width to the middle as a balance.

You won’t want to wear long dangly earrings as this will only lengthen your features, but something like the design on these garnet earrings will add width as well.  You will want a hairstyle that is short to medium in length with fullness at the sides of your face.  Not too long as you will want to balance the long and slender features.

Many women have a combination of face shapes happening all at once, and most of us do not have perfectly symmetrical faces.   You can always experiment with different earring and hair styles to decide what looks best on you.  Once you have your dress and colors picked out you can take this information and simple earring examples shown above and find what you really love. Check out these styles from the Wed Eclectic team on Etsy:

I hope that you are now better equipped to choose a pair of everyday earrings that will bring out your inner beauty and highlight your best features; and a fabulous pair of earrings that will be the perfect complement to the fashion statement you make on your wedding day. When you know you look good, it makes you feel good and feeling good may only be a pair of earrings and a new hair style away.  If that doesn’t work; try sharing your girlfriends wine.  After all, it is your right to look and feel good.

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